24 February 2011

Ben Grieme & Clarke Tolton - Forest Coast

Title: Forest Coast
Artists: Ben Grieme & Clarke Tolton
Type: Booklet
Number | Size: 32 pages, 9.75" X 14"
Edition of 1,000
Printing: Offset Newsprint / Cardstock Cover
$12.00 S&H include in US and CA
$16.00 Overseas with S&H included

"Dueling series of b/w images documenting the forests and coasts by Ben Grieme (forest) and Clarke Tolton (coast)."

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Roger Minick - American Biographics

Title: American Biographics
Artist: Roger Minick
Book of 86 digital offset B&W photographs
Hard bound with dust jacket, 8.75” x 11.25”, 96 pages
Edition: 100, including original 13”X13” signed archival pigment print
Price: $200

"American Biographics is series of black & white landscape photographs of the American landscape, made by Roger Minick over a four decade period of time. The emphasis is on landscapes that invoke America’s mythic past, ironic present and uncertain future."

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18 February 2011

Ian van Coller - Makarapa and Vuvuzela

Publication Title: Makarapa and Vuvuzela
Name of Artist: Ian van Coller
Contributors: Zachary Allan, August Cary
Type: soft cover Perfect bound book
128 pages, 100 color photographs
Edition: 250 hand signed and numbered
Four color offset printing
$34 plus shipping

This series of photographs focuses on South African national identity
expressed through portraiture of football fans as well landscapes of
football fields around the country during the FIFA 2010 World Cup.

Paul Paper - Lietuva. Stories of Everyday

Lietuva. Stories of Everyday
Paul Paper
32 Pages, 14cm x 20cm / 5.5"x8"
Poster 38cm x 26cm
numbered edition of 100
b/w digital [Cyclus Offset 80gsm]
£5.00 including shipping

"Only now, when I‘m abroad, I can make a book about Lithuania. It is personal and subjective (like everything I do) and not about how my country is or how it looks like. For that, check tourist leaflets. It’s about growing up in a young country full of new enthusiasm. As someone born in a nation that doesn’t exist (Soviet Union), I feel strange roots carving me and my creativity. In dialogue with tradition of romantic depiction of Lithuania, this small tribute tries to avoid telling highly-coloured visual stories of places that don’t look so nice once you actually visit them. It is here rather, through objects and moments of everyday, evoke clues and insights about land that is not easy to find on the map."

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15 February 2011

Lauren Henkin - Silence is an Orchard

Title: Silence is an Orchard
Artist: Lauren Henkin
Additional Contributors: Kirsten Rian (poetry), Sarah Horowitz (etching cover), Inge Bruggeman (letterpress printing), Sandy Tilcock (binding)
17pages, 11" x 15"
Edition size: 30
Type of printing: Inkjet, letterpress, etching
Price: $650

"Silence is an Orchard is a handmade book of photographs taken in 2008 and 2009 in a field within Acadia National Park in Maine. Printed on Japanese kozo paper, it presents the work of five Northwest women artists including Lauren Henkin (photography), Kirsten Rian (poetry), Sarah Horowitz (cover etching), Inge Bruggeman (letterpress printing), and Sandy Tilcock (binding) — whose contributions combine to create a beautiful meditation, a visual journal of solitude and quiet."

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14 February 2011

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13 February 2011

Andrew and Brent Phelps - Point Sublime

Point Sublime
Andrew and Brent Phelps
Zine with Print
Zine: 24 pages, 16 x 20 cm, 6 x 8 inches
Print: 30x40 cm, 12 x 16 inches, c-print,
Edition of 200 numbered and signed copies
Digital Offset printing
55 Euro
68 Dollars

"All proceeds go to the research of prostate cancer,which hit close to home last year. To celebrate its remission, I have put together this little book and print set of photographs made by my father at Point Sublime on the north rim of the Grand Canyon in 1984."

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12 February 2011

Yasuteru Kasano - Space Time Odyssey

Title: Space Time Odyssey
Artist: Yasuteru Kasano
12 Pages
attached one small digital archival print on the last page
Soft cover Zine, Inkjet printing, 2011
Price: 1,100JPY (Including worldwide shipping cost)
Edition: 150 signed & numbered

"It is a record that we live in the passage of time and the migration of space."

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08 February 2011

Sarah Duncan - There is Another Star

There is Another Star
Sarah Duncan
24 pages, 14 x 20 cm, 7 x 12 inches
Edition of 120 numbered copies
Laser printing on Recycled Paper
5 Euro

"This zine is a nod to the Geometry that has evolved throughout the universe in multitudes of structures both macro and micro."

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Dirk Wolf - Rubens Roommate

Title: Rubens Roommate
Photography: Dirk Wolf
Design: Philip Stroomberg
Editing: Dirk&Philip
Saddle stitched in a handnumbered and titled envelope
60 pages
20 x 26,5 cm / 7,9 x 10,4 inch
Full colour
Digital print (on Arctic Volume)
First edition of 150, signed and numbered
€27,50 (+ shipping)

"A photo diary in hallucinatory colors from the Dutch photographer Dirk Wolf about his trip to Los Angeles with the band Triggerfinger. They choose this town to record their third album and Dirk followed the band day and night with his camera. The book contains some written diary snippets."

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01 February 2011

Thomas Albdorf

Title: Thomas Albdorf
Name of artist: Thomas Albdorf
Publisher: The Velvet Cell Books
Type: Zine
Pages: 16
Size: 179mm x 120mm
Price: £4

“A collection of stunning works by Austrian photographer Thomas Albdorf, published by The Velvet Cell Books.”

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