27 August 2012

David O'Mara - Detritus issue two

Title: Detritus issue two
Artist: David O'Mara
16 pages
289mm x 380mm
Edition size : 100, signed and numbered
type of printing: digital newsprint
Price: £2 +p&p

"For the past ten years I have worked as a painter and decorator in London, both as a means of surviving and also funding my artistic practise. The two roles of artist and decorator are not always easily reconciled, time demands and budgets often lead to a conflict of interests. I started photographing my daily life as a way of negotiating this conflict. The publication contains a selection of colour and black and white images taken while at work."

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22 August 2012

David Schulz - Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf
David Schulz
94 pages
7.8 x 10″ (20cm x 25cm)
open trade edition (print-on-demand)
Color Laser Printer
$25, plus shipping

"Comprised of reality tv stills depicting violence in America in the military, police force, and local militia, Lone Wolf frames these institutional and fanatical expressions with excerpts of congressional hearings on the Lone Wolf provision of the Patriot act. The book is further framed by excerpted dialogues from a 1942 documentary on governmental strategies for treating post-traumatic stress disorder soldiers with psycho-hypnotic drug therapies."

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21 August 2012

Various Artists - At the Same Time

Title: At the Same Time
Artist: Zachary Ayotte, Steven Beckly, Ted Kerr, Dylan MacNeil, Colin Quinn, and Oisín Share
With essays by AA Bronson, Paul Mgapi Sepuya, and Sholem Krishtalka
62 pages
5.8″ x 8.3″ / 14.73 cm x 21.08 cm
Edition size: 500
Price: $25

"Drawing and expanding on a variety of photographic traditions, At the Same Time explores the nature and development of the romantic relationships of three couples from three different parts of the world: Steven Beckly and Dylan MacNeil (Toronto, Canada), Ted Kerr and Zachary Ayotte (Brooklyn, NY), and Colin Quinn and Oisín Share (Manchester, UK). The collaboration documents and details their lives as couples over the past three years, uncovering a collection of personal narratives and intimate realities."

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20 August 2012

Ryan Devore - Untitled

Title: Untitled
Artist: Ryan Devore
24 pages
Edition: 100
Price: $20.00

"film photography spanning backyards to back roads"

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16 August 2012

Laurent Champoussin - Zabriskiept 9 / Berlin_ Sommer_ Ohne Dominic

Title: Zabriskiept 9 / Berlin_ Sommer_ Ohne Dominic
Artist: Laurent Champoussin
24 pages
10x15 cm
type of printing : ink jet
Price : 15 euros + shipping

"the pictures of him I did not take"

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15 August 2012

Various Artists - Death Mirror

Title of publication: Death Mirror
Artist(s) : Sara Abruña, Heather Benjamin, Mikaylah Bowman, Nina Hartmann, Brittni Hessler, Jimmy Limit, Vinnie Smith
8 pages
8" x 12"
Edition size: 800
offset lithograph
Price: $5

"I curated this selection of artists with no distinct concept in mind, but the goal to document a certain attitude, aesthetic, and special quality that i saw in each artist. When i contacted the artists i told them that Kenneth Anger considered his film Scorpio Rising 'A death mirror held up to American culture.' Somehow the works in this publication are tied together by some sort of unspeakable connection, the mere fact that none of the artists cannot be easily grouped into a category, a general otherness."

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14 August 2012

Courtney Fitzpatrick - Maji Moto: Dispatches from a Drought

Title: Maji Moto: Dispatches from a Drought
Artist: Courtney Fitzpatrick
forewords by Harry Greene and Donna Haraway
88 pages
9 x 12 inches
Mix of hand-printed letterpress and Indigo printing
Each book comes with a photographic print housed in a translucent envelope and tucked inside the back cover
Price: $140

"Courtney Fitzpatrick spent 17 months in the remote Amboseli basin of Kenya during 2009 and 2010. As Amboseli descended into, suffered from, and eventually emerged from the worst drought in living memory, her evocative writing and photographs became a personal record of a fragile ecosystem. The acts of writing and making photographs for Courtney— while in a region and a situation few people will ever experience—were both a process of discovery and a means for reflection."

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13 August 2012

Phil Brown - Urban Zoo

Title: Urban Zoo
Artist: Phil Brown
40 pages
7 1/8" x 5 3/8", 180mm x 135mm
Edition size: 50
type of printing: digital b&w
Price: US$10 (USA), US$12 (overseas)

"A contemplation of the plight of some of the other sentient beings who share our built environments. Photographs from New York, Los Angeles, Winnipeg and Reading, England."

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Peter Mann - And Pray That All of Our Pain Be Champagne

And Pray That All of Our Pain Be Champagne
Peter Mann
64 pages
19 x 14.5 cm (7 1/2 x 5 2/3 inch)
120 copies
digital printing. Lay-flat binding

"Peter Mann’s new book is a celebration of vernacular advertising photography and a tragicomic look at the reality of branded luxury items away from the multi million dollar advertising campaigns normally used to sell them. The book is made up of photographs and copy used on ebay. Seen without the guile of the worlds top photographers and copywriters many of the things for sale seem absurd and often tinged with tragedy, especially in the current economic climate."

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Calin Kruse - Maria | Romania

Maria | Romania
Calin Kruse
Artist book
sewn by hand, 2 colours
48 pages in black and white + a 16-page booklet, full colour
13 x 18 cm
100 signed and numbered copies
10 Euros

"Maria is a 72 year old woman who lives in a small village in the South-West of Romania, right next to the Serbian border. Despite of her age, she keeps an enormous 6-room-house – that she inhabits after the death of her husband all alone – animals and several fruit and vegetable gardens. Maria never traveled. Only once she went to a circus to Bucharest, as she was 17 years old."

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08 August 2012

NastyNasty (Emiliano Biondelli, Valentina Venturi) - Lilliput

Title: Lilliput
Artists: NastyNasty (Emiliano Biondelli, Valentina Venturi)
zine, handbound and hand numbered
Size: A5 (21 x 14,8 cm)
Edition size: 100 copies
Type of printing: digital
Price: 15,00 euros

 "A selection of pictures on people in urban gardens; nobody goes to the urban gardens anymore in Italy, just a few 'strange' or 'creep' men. we wanted to show a kind of bizarre territory in which just zombies or ghosts live."

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Adam Smith - Cars Fixed

Title: Cars Fixed
Artist: Adam Smith
Number of Pages: 26
Edition: 50
Binding: Saddle-stitch
Price: $7.50 + shipping

"Today there is the kind of sunshine old men love..."  -Tom Hennen

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07 August 2012

Tammy Mercure - Coondogs

Title: Coondogs
Artist: Tammy Mercure
10 pages
Edition size: 30
type of printing: Pigment Prints, letterpress
Price: $12

 "TCB Press/Tammy Mercure is publishing a book a month for 2012 on a single topic. August 2012 is Coondogs."

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Yves Suter - Paper of Walls

Titel: Paper of Walls
Artist: Yves Suter
Photobook (2 in one Book!)
2x 64 pages
Edition: 500
Printing: Offset
Price: 30$

 "By showing a selection of pictures from two of his favorite cities, New York and Tokyo, Yves gives a personal view and documents the present urban structures, art and architecture of both cities."

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Edward Newton - Orange Days

Title: Orange Days
Artist: Edward Newton
Handmade photobook, sugar paper with handsewn binding
15 spreads
Size: 30cm x 21cm/12" x 8"
Edition: 50
Type of Printing: inkjet
Price: £22 +p/p

 "Taken over three days in the Spanish city of Valencia ‘Orange Days’ is part walking tour part journey to nowhere. With no map or fixed destination we travel from the centre to the scruffy edges and back again via wastelands, parks and anonymous districts. Through a combination of happenstance and rigorous looking ‘photographic opportunities’ slowly reveal themselves and as the sun beats down sanctuary is sought in the cities back streets and shadowy corners."

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Chris S. A. Gould - Rooftop Access

Rooftop Access
Chris S. A. Gould
Hand-bound photographic narrative
10 pages, approx. 5' x 8' x 1/2'
Edition of 12
Pages printed traditionally in the darkroom by the artist.
Price $25 + shipping

"On May 1st, 2012 the Occupy Movement took over an abandoned building in San Francisco "to house the homeless." Once the building had been secured, a small group of activists climbed on to the roof to display a banner. These photographs were shot on 35mm film, printed in the darkroom on single-weight fiber paper, and bound by the artist."

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