26 July 2015

Mariya Ustymenko - Fear of Disappearance

Fear of Disappearance
by Mariya Ustymenko
Cover design, production, and typography: Che Kevlin
20cm x 18cm / 56 pp
Digital printing
Edition:  40
Price £95.00

"In autumn 2014 the artist was awarded funding by Arts Council England to develop a sculptural photo book titled Fear of Disappearance under the guidance of the bookRoom, UCA Farnham, and Akina Factory, London. Completed in April 2015, the book presents a very personal response to the fast changing landscape of London."

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24 July 2015

Julie Hascoët - Le Jour où elle nuit

Le Jour où elle nuit
by Julie Hascoët
Design by Nadja Zimmermann
Published by AAENSP (Arles) and Monospace Press (Amsterdam)
24 pages, 30 x 37 cm
Offset printing
Edition 350 copies, numbered and signed by the artist
Price: €5 + shipping

"Collection of 8 artists portfolios / newspapers (here is number #04), published in limited edition for the exhibition WIP 2012 in Arles. Other artists published in the collection: Camille Amzallag (#01), Aï Estelle Barreyre (#02), Romain Beaujard (#3), Maïa Izzo (#05), Jonathan Llense (#06), Lenda Pessoal (#07) and Olivier Sarrazin (#08)."

22 July 2015

Nicole Mark - Desert Lands

Desert Lands
by Nicole Mark
5.5 x 5.5 in., 12 pages, full color 
solid wax ink, staple bound
first edition of 25
$6 + shipping

"In photographer Nicole Mark's second zine she takes us to some of the amazing desert landscapes found in the Western United States. This collection of medium format and 35mm color film images taken from Oregon's painted hills to California's Joshua tree will surely have you pining for your next roadtrip."

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Lukas Birk - 35 Bilder Krieg

35 Bilder Krieg (35 Pictures War)
Lukas Birk
18 x 23 cm, 76 p,  saddle stitched
English & German foreword
ISBN 978-3-9502773-7-1
Edition of 500
9 Euro / 10 $

"35 Bilder Krieg is an emotional part of my personal archive with images taken by my grandfather during World War 2 and an introduction reflecting on the odd relation my generation has to this period of time and the involvement of our grandparents in it."

Collective Photozine - Éden Volume I

Éden Volume I
Collective Photozine, with Bärbel Praun, Bogdan Gulyay, Dan Gemkow, Fábio Miguel Roque, Fritz Lichtenwagner, Gennadiy Chernega, Hayato Mizutani, Robert Ashby and Yanina Boldyreva.
28 pages, 230 x 150 mm
Black and White Digital Print
Edition of 50, numbered
6,00 € + shipping

"The main objective is to make a collection of global landscapes, and so we can see the differences, but also similarities of the places where we live."

14 July 2015

alan adri w - dalam gegas

dalam gegas ("rush")
by alan adri w
86 pages, A5 (14.8x21cm)
digital printing
$25 + shipping

"This photobook is about apartment building workers in Setiabudi, southern Jakarta Indonesia. The photograps tell the workers who rushed to their work during the morning, with all the entire zoom : face appearance, clothing, gestures of the body, skin, emotion, etc. These photographs try to look the workers with candid moment to show their rush to the workplace look naturally"

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Edo Bertoglio - New York Polaroids 1976—1989

New York Polaroids 1976—1989
by Edo Bertoglio
with a text by Mariuccia Casadio and an excerpt of the interview with the artist by Stefano Bianchi
232 pp, Size: 18,5 x 27 cm
offset printing
Edition: 500
Price: 35 €

"New York Polaroids 1976-1989 (Yard Press, 2015) is the culmination of Edo Bertoglio’s personal diary that covers more than ten years, in which the Swiss photographer and film maker used the instant camera as a pop and documentary tool at the same time, recording in one single copy snapshots, portraits, interiors and views full of rare poetism and power. In these scenes we find his friends and some of the most important artists of the New York of that era, including Arto Lindsay, Grace Jones, Maripol, Glenn O’Brien, Debbie Harry, Madonna, Andy Warhol and John Lurie."

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Mike Nelson - Connections

by Mike Nelson
40p, 8.5 x 6.5in
Digital printing
edition 35
$7 plus shipping

"This zine looks at the interrelatedness of things I have seen, with no regard for time or distance."

Andrew Hammerand - The Man Who Never Returned

The Man Who Never Returned
by Andrew Hammerand
48 Pages, 21 x 13.5 cm, 8.25 x 5.25 in
Digital printing
Edition: 250
Price: $14 + shipping

"The Man Who Never Returned is an image-fiction inspired by a folk tale about a man who disappeared. Utilizing digital methods to expand and collapse moments in time, these images regard photographs as pure information. The random disruptions in the photographic data point to the failures of surveillance and misguided belief in technological truth during a time of mass data collection."

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Marton Gosztonyi - B-Sides

by Marton Gosztonyi
28 pages, 148cm x 21cm
Digitally printed on uncoated, matt, recycled paper
£3.50 (+shipping)

"B-sides is a ‘light, summer’ zine featuring some of my favorite photographs. For various reasons these photos weren’t used in the final edit of my recent projects and have been waiting for their time."

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10 July 2015

Kaori Ono - Fleurs de Paris

Fleurs de Paris
by Kaori Ono
Design: Odd Eye Studio
Published by Odd Eye Press
Offset printing
110 pages, 21 x 29.7 cm, ca. 8.3 x 11.7 inches
First Edition of 100
Price: £28 (+shipping)

"Fleurs de Paris is a study of floral compositions which cross-references both the 18th century French Floral Still Life Paintings and the Pointillism of George Seurat through the use of a dot filter. Taking as a starting point the flower engravings of Jean-Baptiste Monnoyer from Le livre de toute sortes de fleurs d’après nature (The Book of All Kind of Flowers after Nature), the still life compositions are broken up with images of Paris allowing the book to flow into a dream-like narrative of the city."

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07 July 2015

Aaron McElroy/Charles Johnstone - Briney Breezes

Briney Breezes
by Aaron McElroy/Charles Johnstone
72 pages, 8x11 inches / 21.59 x 27.94 cm
digital offset
linen soft cover, Japanese stab bound
Edition of 100

"BRINEY BREEZES is S U N Editions second title in its Series 1 books. Series 1 is an experimental series of books produced in an edition of 100 that combine the work of two artists and photographers in a variety of different ways. Briney Breezes combines the black-and-white imagery of Charles Johnstone with the color work of Aaron McElroy. The pairing forms a natural but often elusive dialogue by contrasting Johnstone's topographical work with McElroy's often sexually charged interiors sexuality. It is a dialogue that works towards the creation of a new fictional space out of a place that was once real."

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06 July 2015

Ana Zaragoza - Waiting for Sophie

Waiting for Sophie
by Ana Zaragoza
Design & layout: Caravanbook
Published by Caravanbook
A6 size, 20 + 4 pages
Digital laser color print
Cyclus paper 90 grs. (100% recycled)
Price: 10 eur + shipping

"In February 2015, Gianluca and Suki invited me to Siena to accompany them on a major event: the birth of their baby. We shared a very pleasant time, with some sense of uncertainty and long walks through the city. Three days after I left Siena, a baby girl was born. They named her Sophie. This book is dedicated to her. To Sophie with love."

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05 July 2015

Everything Is Collective - Deliberate Operations 3 [Full Empty]

Deliberate Operations 3 [Full Empty]
by Everything Is Collective (Jason Lukas, Zach Norman, Aaron Hegert)
166 Pages 8.5"x11" or 21.5x28cm
Indigo printing
Edition 200
Price $35.00

"Deliberate Operations #3 [Full Empty] begins with a cut-up essay that combines an original text by the Everything Is Collective with fragments of the cult classic sci-fi novel Roadside Picnic. The premise of that novel, a society faced with the presence of powerful and often misunderstood technology, sets the tone for a series of photographs, digital images, and assemblage that approach the contemporary image landscape as a Zone of unexplained phenomena and a source of dubious economies."

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Angeniet Berkers - 15m2 of freedom

15m2 of freedom
by Angeniet Berkers
Design: Mark Holtmann / Kad.re
Lithography: Sebastiaan Hanekroot / Colour & Books
Editor: Angeniet Berkers, Mark Holtmann
Text: Angeniet Berkers
Translation: Marjan Berkers (English)
Size: 32 x 23 cm, 72 + 10 colored quote cards 
softcover, swiss binding with open back
Offset printing on Munken Lynx
Edition size: 750
Price: 30 euro

"There are just a few squatted terrains left in The Netherlands where people live in trucks, vans or trailers. It is fascinating to see how these people use their small spaces and by that ‘obtain’ their freedom because it isn’t always that easy to live this way."

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Eric Leleu - Light & blossom

Light & blossom
by Eric Leleu
48 pages, 21x22cm (8,26 inches by 8,66 inches)
offset printing
Edition: 300
Price: 200 RMB, 30 Euros, 30 USD

"Light & blossom is about spontaneity, about subjectivity, about lightness. All photos shot in Tokyo in March 2015."

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04 July 2015

Fred Cray - Cray Cray

Cray Cray
by Fred Cray
Number of pages, size (in cm & inches)
38 Pages / 5in (w) 12.7cm x 7.25 in (h) 17.78 cm
4 color digital printing
Edition: 100 copies plus 11 collectors' edition copies
Price: $35

"Cray Cray contains a single self-portrait which is repeated throughout this series of double printed works. Each book contains at least one unique print and adds another element to the ongoing unique photographs project. There also is an instagram component to the series. To date over 17,000 one off unique photographs have been made for the series."

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William Ash - Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Emptiness: Tokyo Landscape

Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Emptiness: Tokyo Landscape
by William Ash
Translations: Naomi Otsubo
96 pages, 8.5” x 11”
Digital offset
Price: $25.00 US

"Starting from the simple question of what is the natural landscape of Tokyo, Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Emptiness reveals the layers in space and time that make up one of the most artificial topographies in the world. The images weave a beautiful and quiet narrative of this remarkable city."

Russ Marshall - Woman

by Russ Marshall
Design / layout: Russ Marshall
Published by brassmajestykpress
31/5.5x8.5 inches, 45lb matte, 31 b&w photographs
Digital, laminated soft cover, perfect bound
Edition; Open
Price; $50+shipping

"Women I have known and encountered in various places and situations."

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Juan Hernández - I’m still looking for my own Jane Gallagher

I'm still looking for my own Jane Gallagher
by Juan Hernández
68 pages, 140x210 mm
B&W, Digital Offset
First edition of 100. Second edition of 50. Signed.
Price: 10€

"In "The Catcher in the Rye", J.D. Salinger book, the main character Holden Caulfield meets Jane Gallagher, who could be the love of his life. However, in the book underlies something I consider common in many people and many aspects of life: difficulties imposed by ourselves or by other people to access what we want. Despite having several opportunities to contact her, Holden self-sabotages his relationship. Jane Gallagher is everything we desire. Sometimes it's hidden in dark streets at night and other times it's waiting for us, seated at midday in any park. Elusive. Necessary. I'm still looking for my own Jane Gallagher."

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Tomé Duarte - Prefiro Uma Ferida do que Uma Borbulha

Prefiro Uma Ferida do que Uma Borbulha
by Tomé Duarte
44 pp / 21x29,7cm (8x11")
digital monochrome on 80g recycled / stenciled cover on 260g metallic green stock
edition of 70, signed and numbered, inc 1 test fiber print
Price: 9€ Europe / 11€ World

"Luisa is my aunt. She once told me that she prefers to have a wound than a zit."

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Christopher Manson - Riot Act : The G20 in Toronto

Riot Act - The G20 in Toronto
Photos by Christopher Manson
Words by Joel Elliott
32 pages, 27.94 x 38.1cm / 11 x 15 inches
Web-fed Offset Printing, Premium 80 Newsprint
Edition: 100 Signed and Numbered + 15 Special Edition with 11x14 inch Print
Price: $10CAN + postage ($75CAN + postage)

"Riot Act - The G20 in Toronto", is a short-run newspaper printed on the 5-year anniversary of the G20 Summit in Toronto. Containing an original essay by JP Elliott and photos by Christopher Manson, the publication looks back at the turmoil surrounding the 2010 G20 Toronto summit, offering a unique account of what the authors experienced that weekend, both directly and through surveying the media."

02 July 2015

Juan Santos - BCN Photem. After Rauschenberg

BCN Photem. After Rauschenberg
by Juan Santos
Design & layout: Juan Santos
Published by Caravanbook
21 x 13 cm size, 20 + 4 pages
Digital laser color print
Cyclus paper 115 grs. (100% recycled)
Price: 10 eur + shipping

"When we talk about cities, we are also talking about strata, layering, build-up of spaces, sounds and movements. Distillation of elements. Barcelona, one of the most known and recognized world cities, here becomes the essence, the raw material of these photems seeking to find a key, building the stage of symbolic representation of that other city which the traveler has come to glimpse."

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Martin Frey & Hanna Schimek - Vienna Windows – Auslage in Arbeit

Vienna Windows – Auslage in Arbeit
by Martin Frey & Hanna Schimek
92 pages, 21,0 x 14,5 cm / 8,27 x 5,71 inches
4c digital printing, 90g Munken
Edition: 130, signed and numbered
Price: € 15,- + shipping costs € 8,-
Description, no longer than 2-3 sentences:

"Vienna Windows – Display in Process is an artistic and urban-research photo project on the display windows of small shops and businesses along the streets of Vienna."

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