22 June 2016

Marco van Duyvendijk - Motsure Hotsure Tsumugu

Motsure Hotsure Tsumugu
by Marco van Duyvendijk
80 pages (20 by 25 cm) and two minibooks (12 pages, 14 by 18cm)
Offset printing, embossing on the cover
Edition 700
35 euro (plus 6 euro shipping costs outside the Netherlands)

"Motsure Hotsure Tsumugu tells the story of the kimonos of the Japanese island Amami. It is a poetic photo series about the beauty of kimonos and how they are traditionally produced. Combined with a series of intimate portraits and images of nature, the book has a gentle rhythm in which it shows a quiet and slowly vanishing world full of craft and dedication."

17 June 2016

Davide Palmisano - Timeless Persia

Timeless Persia
by Davide Palmisano
edited by Paola Riccardi
text (italian and persian) by Davide Palmisano, Paola Riccardi, Antonello Sacchetti
96 pages, 16,5x24 cm
digital hp indigo print on paper gardapat 13 kiara, 150 g/mq softcover
first edition of 150 copies, signed and numbered
28 euro + shipping

"Iran is a country with no time. The story becomes narration - when even poetry - up to often confused with the experience of the same narrator. Timeless Persia is a photographic story that expresses the contrasts and contradictions of Iran, and at the same time being a story of a personal journey."

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Fábio Miguel Roque - Thirteen

Fábio Miguel Roque
36 pages, A5
Black and White Digital Print
Inside Paper - Classic demimatt - Couché Mate 130 gr
Cover Paper - Classic demimatt - Couché mate 300gr
Edition of 40, signed & numbered
6 € + shipping

"The Miracle of the Sun (Portuguese: O Milagre do Sol) was an event which occurred just after midday on Sunday 13 October 1917, attended by some 30,000 to 100,000 people who were gathered near Fátima, Portugal."

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09 June 2016

Aurelija Maknyte - Burning Slides

Burning Slides
by Aurelija Maknyte
published by NoRoutine Books
48 pages, 15x16.5 cm
offset printing
Edition 99 + 1AP
25 Euros + Shipping

"Touched by the flame, images retrieved from strangers’ archives change their structure. The nature and urban scenes they originally depicted mutate into abstract glimmers of parallel worlds. Creative rather than destructive, the flame expands the borders of perception and interpretation of these images, opening up paradoxical depth in their surface seemingly out of nothing."

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Jeremy Gibbs - All is not lost

All is not lost
by Jeremy Gibbs (aka RomanyWG)
168 pp,  325 x 240 x18mm / 13" x 9 1/2" x 3/4"
Offset printing
Edition: 500
£29.95 /   $43.50 /  38 Euros

"All is not lost has been five years in the making and elevates RomanyWG’s work to a new level. Working with a select group of extraordinarily fearless models, his photographs capture a different kind of beauty in abandoned buildings. These exceptional and moving photographs of female beauty and power distil the essence of defiance against the ravages of time and open a new chapter in Urbex photography."

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08 June 2016

Rafael Tanaka Monzo, Fábio M. Roque & Peter Oey - Octave #1

Octave #1
By Rafael Tanaka Monzo, Fábio M. Roque & Peter Oey
Handmade, Japanese stab stitched
32 Pages, 14,8 x 21,0 cm
Laser printed
Edition: 30
Price €21,00 + shipping

"This book is the result of a jam session by three photographers. Images drawn from our photo archives. We liked to give our photo orphans a chance to show themselves."


Paul Musescu - s1xte6n

by Paul Musescu
editor and design Cristian Bassa
80 pages, 21*21cm, black and white, matte paper 170g
Digital Print, Selfpublished
Limited First Edition of 100 signed and numbered photobooks
Price: 25 € (international shipping included)

"The photobook "s1xte6n" represents the photographic journey imagined by Paul Musescu throughout his 16 years of existence. The experiences are essentialized then captured in black and white images full of emotions and subtle symbols revealing themselves to the viewer at every step into this journey. Beyond the narrative line the 32 photos in the book create a story about inadequacy and revolt, about the struggle to preserve one’s individuality, about the difficulties and joy of teenage life and about a dark future yet with much hope and beauty."

John Menneer - The Art of Ordinary

The Art of Ordinary
by John Menneer
Softcover, Saddle stitched
32 pages + cover, 200 x 140 mm / 8.27 x 5.83 inches
31 black and white photos
Digital printing, 130gsm Munken paper
1st Edition print run of 30

New Zealand: $15.00 NZD Incl. shipping
Rest of World: $17.00 NZD (~$12.00USD) Incl. shipping

"Here is a research monograph that searched out some beauty in our imperfect material world - a search for Form in simple expression. The book design and layout inspiration came from old handbooks and field guides that were prevalent during the early to mid 1900's. A particularly dry one called the Art of Delivery (for lawn bowlers) was used for the design of this book."


07 June 2016

Matt Plezier - Test Press.

Test Press.
Collecting Random Observations
by Matt Plezier
84 pages, 15*21cm
Digital print, soft cover, 170 gr biotop paper
Edition: 75
Price: €12,50 + postage

"Test Press. is Matt Plezier's first book. Based on work he did for the R/NDOM zine series. Ranging from urban photography to copied collages and posters. It comes housed in a sturdy silkscreened dust cover."

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03 June 2016

Yurian Quintanas - Indago

by Yurian Quintanas
Published by Editions 77, Ediciones Anomalas and Witty Kiwi Books
80 pages, 24*32cm
Offset printing, arcoprint milk 150g & gardapat kiara 200g
Edition: 1000
Price: 29€

"I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived." - Henry David Thoreau, Walden

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