30 November 2012

Israel Ariño - Atlas

Title: Atlas
Author: Israel Ariño
Graphic Design: Carina Garrido
offset printing
24 x 33 cm
52 pages
Edition: 300 (standard edition)
Price: 38€ + shipping

"Atlas is a personal response to the challenge of representing the nomadic nature of experience. Israel Ariño's gaze glides through reality and is transformed in an extraordinary and timeless world, caught and invented at the same time. Objects emerge and sensations are evoked in his photographs which were not there at first glance, and which only appear when the image materialises and the viewer then looks at it. Only then can we see the poetry that was waiting, crouched in the treetops, or in a half-seen figure, the reflections in a river, in a ghostly jellyfish or in the joy of momentary abandon."

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Toska Project - NetWorks

Title: NetWorks
Artist: Toska Project
12 pages
20x30cm / 7,87x11,81 in
type of printing: digital
Price: 10 euro + shipping

"The concept of this project was inspired by Ítalo Calvino's book: Invisible Cities. We explore the creation and construction of a network of relationships by the subject and the consequences to the surrounding space once the subject leaves those relationships."

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28 November 2012

Max Pinckers - The Fourth Wall

The Fourth Wall
Max Pinckers
Design by Christof Nüssli, Werkplaats Typografie, Arnhem
192 pages
195 x 273 mm
Edition of 1000
Offset on 45g newspaper
35 euro

"On a theater stage that consists of three walls; left, right and back, the fourth wall forms the imaginary screen through which the audience sees the scene unfold. The actors, conscious of this barrier, tend to break through it now and then by hinting at their own fiction, acknowledging the camera and the act. Nowhere else is there such devotion to cinema as in India. This fictional world seeps into reality and influences everyday life dictating the perception and imagination of its audience. A collection of quotes from newspapers is evidence of this synthesis. The people in these images become actors by choosing their own roles, which they perform for the camera and its western operator. Conscious of the power of images, they give it their all, reflecting on their silver screen dreams by embracing their collective visual world and creating their own brief moments of suspension of disbelief."

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S.A.Robinson - Botanic I

Botanic I
36 pages
135 x 190mm (5.5 x 7.5 inches)
Numbered edition of 100
b/w digital printing

"'Botanic I' contains selected images from my Botanics series which has been the subject of several exhibitions. I have reprocessed the images to look more grainy and contrasty. I have also heavily cropped some of them to further highlight the form of the plants."

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Camille Vivier - Veronesi Rose

Title: Veronesi Rose
Artist : Camille Vivier
20 pages
23 x 34 cm
Edition size : 500 copies handnumbered
type of printing : offset
Price : 20 euros

"Light as feathers, round as breasts, these images are voluptuous, straightforward, they swallow everything. A sentence by Henry Michaux fits them well: “In the warm mist of a young girl’s breath I found a place…”."

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27 November 2012

David Fonseca - Right Here, Right Now

Right Here, Right Now
David Fonseca
160 pages softcover
132 photos
22 x 17cm (8.7x6.7inch)
Edition of 2000
Full Colour Offset on 150g creator paper
€28 (Europe)
€31 (Rest of the world)

Right Here, Right Now is a collection of polaroids taken between 1998 and 2008 by the Portuguese musician/photographer David Fonseca. Caught by a sudden musical success that thrived to the date, he collected some of the key moments behind the scenes, although his images drift into a much more personal world, underlined by several short texts describing one-minute actions that took place on that period."

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Thomas Boivin - Portrait d'une jeune femme

Portrait d'une jeune femme.
Thomas Boivin
32 pages hardcover, 14x18cm portrait.
500 copies signed & numbered
18euro + shipping

"A collection of portraits."

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26 November 2012

Patrick Hogan - Still

Patrick Hogan
Essay by Colin Graham
Poem By Dermot Healy
96 Pages
240 mm x 190 mm
Hard Cover in Cialux Material Pages on Arctic Matt Paper
First Edition of 500
Offset Print

"'Still' presents a deeply personal and meditative visual novel. Shot over two years, the book offers an intimate view of the artists daily encounters and surroundings and presents a whole intra-relational photographic piece that addresses expansive themes of love, fragility, doubt and loss."

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Calin Kruse - Alles OK

Alles OK
Calin Kruse
Text by Olivier Pin-Fat
15 x 20 cm
88 pages (16 pages printed on red paper), poster as half-cover, open thread stitching
100 signed and numbered copies: 80 regular + 20 special edition (including a 13 x 18 cm signed and numbered C-Print)
20 € (with print: 30 €) + shipping

"Photos taken between January and June 2012"

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Latvian Photography Yearbook - 2012

Title: Latvian Photography Yearbook - 2012
Artists: Ieva Epnere, Roman Drits, Andrejs Strokins, Zane Fisele, Arnis Balcus
Texts by: David Bate, Sergei Kruk, Ekaterina Vikulina, Elina Ruka, Maija Rudovska, Vilnis Vejs
112 pages
19.4 x 28 cm
Edition of 620
7 Euros

"Ieva Epnere has taken photographs of school children on the first day of school, Roman Drits offers personal impressions on the life in emigration, Andrejs Strokins has documented the mundane everyday in Bolderāja, Zane Fišele has interpreted the attitude of Latvian towards Estonians, but Arnis Balčus has examined the provincial landscape of little Latvian towns. Each copy of the Yearbook also contains one limited edition print".

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Photographs by Carl Mydans for the U.S. Resettlement Administration, September 1935

Title: Photographs by Carl Mydans for the U.S. Resettlement Administration, September 1935 (Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information Collection, Library of Congress)
Photographs by Carl Mydans
Edited and with text by Tom Clark
Book design by Yanni Florence
33 Black and white photographs offset printed in tritone on uncoated paper
245mm x 210mm (9.6 x 8.2 inches)
Edition 500
27$ AUD + shipping

"“That ominous roominghouse-stairway interior, when I found it, became the signal that keyed this image search (for America, was it?). Having discovered that shot, and reflecting then upon the dark inner-sanctum descent it suggested, I went through the original Mydans “Lots” (the image groups — over a thousand images have survived in these scattered sets of “Lots”, preserved in the archive in random fashion, so that the ordering as we now have it represents my own editing selection and sequencing plan); one thing led to another, and…” - Tom Clark, IN THE SHADOW OF THE CAPITOL"

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Submissions - A Quick Comment

Lately, the number of incomplete submissions has risen sharply, resulting in an increase of work for us and in delays of listings. We're happy to list books as they come in, but please make sure to send complete listings. The ideal way is to send the information just as formatted in all of the listings on this blog already.

Thank you.

Various - Hexápoda

Leo Simoes, Helena Vigó, Neftalí González, Alejandro de Dueñas, Carmne Rivero & Javier Ballester
text by Zulema Aguirre
112 pages
edition numbered of 500
20 euros (+ shipping cost)

"The first book produced by Trapiche Editions, publishing project created for desktop publishing and distribution of photobooks. Hexápoda is a collective publication showing the work of photographers Leo Simoes, Elena Vigó, Neftalí González, Carmen Rivero, Alejandro de Dueñas and Javier Ballester. Six eyes of six different views and one thing in common: investigate the existence and life experience."

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23 November 2012

Erik van der Weijde: Set of 3 Zines

Set of 3 Zines
Erik van der Weijde
enveloppe with 3 handmade zines
3 x 28 pages
A5 size
numbered edition of 50
B/W Laser/ (alcohol) Mimeography / Silkscreen

"Women are the subject of these 3 zines. The first is dedicated to photographs of Van der Weijde's Mother-inLaw, the second to his wife's cat and the third to buildings and sites related to Eva Braun, Heidi and Maria (from The Sound of Music). Paper fetishists will love the combinations of sugar paper, fluor-, recycled- and bookprint papers."

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22 November 2012

Paul Greenleaf - Optimism Revisited

Optimism Revisited
Paul Greenleaf
20pp plus cover plus card insert
150 x 230mm (5.9 x 9 inch)
Edition 100 copies, signed by the artist
US $19 / EU €14.9 / UK £12.00 + shipping

"This work features new compositions derived from old postcards, many from the 1970s, and a series of new photographs. In each example the skies have been manipulated to appear almost uncannily blue and flawless. The skies in these pictures never really existed and perhaps neither did the mood they encompass but in these pictures both can be revisited."

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21 November 2012


Artist: David Fratkin
54 pages
8 inches by 10 inches; 20.32 centimeters by 25.4
Price: $20.00

"A vision of weird dolls in the pure light of a scanner—the perfect stage for dreamlike juxtapositions. The results? An attractive creepiness satirizing the unwitting—the unconscious made manifest and visceral."

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19 November 2012

Vicente Paredes - Furtivos

Vicente Paredes
text by Luis Lopez
84 pages
edition of 1000
20 euros (+ Shipping cost)

"In Furtivos, Vicente Paredes tells about those behaviours that are written into our own DNA. Even in the absence of earth, a dog will always try to bury his bone; even when walking over subway tunnels, cement and glass, a man will dig holes through them to plant seeds"

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Robert Dunn - Angel Parade #1 and #2

Title of publication: Angel Parade #1/#2
Artist: Robert Dunn
92 pages
5 inches by 7 inches; 12.7 centimeters by 17.78
Price: $20.00

"Angel Parade #1 and #2 are the first in an ongoing series of new-style street photography (mostly in New York City). New-style? The photographer blends vividly-framed character street shots with more abstract street visions; he's chasing a Provoke-era sensibility, but this time in color."

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16 November 2012

Michiel Burger & Max Pinckers - Mamihlapinatapai

Michiel Burger & Max Pinckers
140 x 190 mm
80 pages
Offset on 80g recycled paper
Black and white
ed: 1200

"Produced on the occasion of the exhibition Mamihlapinatapai: A look shared by two people, each wishing that the other will initiate something that both desire but which neither one wants to start, Flemish Arts Centre De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, October 2012"

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Alexandre Lemire - Évidences II

Évidences II
Alexandre Lemire
36 pages
8.5"x5.5" (21.5cm x 14cm)
Edition of 40
Montréal $6, Canada $7.50, USA $8.50, Int'l ~$11

"Évidences II is a series of beautiful and bizarre sights, events and objects collected over the course of 2011-2012."

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Mayumi Hosokura - Transparency is the new mystery

Transparency is the new mystery
Mayumi Hosokura
36 pages 200×297mm
B&W Copy
Edition 100

"Transparency is the new mystery. I wanna see the world which is crystalized like the novel "Crystal world" by J.G.Ballard."

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Chris Mear - Photography for the Preservation of Disintegrating Histories

Photography for the Preservation of Disintegrating Histories
Chris Mear
48 pages
edition of 210

"'Disintegrating Histories' is a revealing portfolio of landscapes and portraiture from the English county of Leicestershire. It is the result of four years of expansive exploration, documenting the changing social and environmental landscape since the 1980’s (Thatcher’s Britain)."

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Elisabeth Tonnard - The Man of the Crowd

The Man of the Crowd
Elisabeth Tonnard
48 pages plus a foldout sheet
23.5 x 19.5 cm / 9.25 x 7.7 inches
50 euro

"This book is a reflection on Edgar Allan Poe’s short story ‘The Man of the Crowd’ and a street occurrence photographed in Paris. The main part of the work is a series of 56 photographs, tracking a 21st century flâneur, followed by imagetexts based on linguistic analyses of Poe’s story. Each book is marked with a distinct word from Poe’s story, which limits the edition to the number of different words in the tale."

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Various - 3

title: 3
artists: Ariana Ferreira, Joana Valente, Matilde Viegas
publisher: O Panda Gordo
24 pages
Edition of 30
Digital print
€4,5 + shipping

"Six eyes, three mouths and the fingers of two hands triplicated. The three routines displayed in black and white were recorded throughout three days by three different cameras. Together, they came up with nine photographies - three extracts of each quotidian -, which can be detached, so they can leave the limits of the form towards your walls."

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09 November 2012

Gábor Arion Kudász - Middle

Gábor Arion Kudász
booklet (30 color images plus 14 stickers)
68 pages, 15 x 21cm
Edition: 100
Color offset
Price : 25 Euro + postage

"As we struggle to attain some ill-defined summit, hidden behind the clouds, days go by in a hectic and often uncontrollable congestion that accompanies the construction of a self-image incorporating family, career, home improvements and self-reproduction. This era, sparked by the conception of my oldest son, ended sharply when my mother passed away in 2010. At that time Bogi was again carrying our child."

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06 November 2012

Aleix Plademunt, Juan Diego Valera and Roger Guaus - Untitled

Authors: Aleix Plademunt, Juan Diego Valera and Roger Guaus
Publisher: Ca l'Isidret Edicions

Book, rotary printing press
12 pages, 39 cm x 59 cm
Edition of 3000
ISBN 978-84-615-9488-7
Price: 4 euros + shipping

There is a Special Edition of 50 copies with an original BW fiber print 27 cm x 35,5 cm signed and numbered available for 60 euros + shipping.

Ca l'Isidret in Sant Martí Sarroca

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04 November 2012

Tammy Mercure - Kudzu

Title: Kudzu
Artist: Tammy Mercure
10 pages
Edition size: 30
type of printing: Pigment Prints, letterpress
Price: $12

"TCB Press/Tammy Mercure is publishing a book a month for 2012 on a single topic. November 2012 is Kudzu."

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Bridgette Ashton - 103 Monkey Puzzle Trees of Kent

103 Monkey Puzzle Trees of Kent
Bridgette Ashton
53 pages
Edition of 103 (numbered)
3 colour risograph printing, perfect bound

"This new edition of the Monkey Puzzle Tree book presents 103 specimens growing in mostly domestic gardens in the Garden of England. The images were collected and collated over the last two years with the public’s help."

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02 November 2012

Christina Lange - Portraits and Voices of the Salton Sea

Title: Portraits and Voices of the Salton Sea
Artist: Christina Lange
112 pages
type of printing: digital

"In the spring of 2011, I concluded a portrait project photographing residents, visitors, workers, scientists, park rangers and environmentalists who work and/or live at the Salton Sea and interviewed them on their personal backgrounds and stories and on their hopes for the future of the Salton Sea and their fears. They share their stories and knowledge and give the reader an idea of the cultural, historical, environmental and natural aspects of this area."

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Problemata physica One

Title: Problemata physica One
Artists: Collin Avery, Jordan Baumgarten, Miklos Boros, Karianne Bueno, Ricardo Cases, André Cepeda, Andres Gonzalez, Gregory Halpern, Cosima Hanebeck, Ben Huff, Ani Kington, You Li, Eamon Mac Mahon, Nina Poppe, William Rugen, Andy Sewell, Maurice Van Es
additional contributor: Andy Adams (Essay)
40 pages
190 x 290mm
Edition size: 200
type of printing: digital
Price: 13€ Germany / 15€ Worldwide

"Problemata physica is a blog on photography and One it's first printed zine."

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Lorenzo Durantini (ed.) - Brush it in

Brush it in
Text and selection of work by Lorenzo Durantini
Editing by Rebecca Lamarre
Design by Chris Littlewood
34 x 24.5 cm (14 x 11")
Four colour offset
16 pages
Edition of 250
£5 EU/UK £7 USA/World

"This publication is a companion for the group show Brush it in curated by Lorenzo Durantini at Flowers East in London open until Nov. 24th 2012. The exhibition features Joshua Citarella, Fleur van Dodewaard, Christiane Feser, Darren Harvey-Regan, Antonio Marguet and Anne de Vries."

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