29 May 2014

Elena Ayllon - Summer with Sakura

Summer with Sakura
Elena Ayllon
32 pages
12 x 16,5cm
Hand sewn binding
Limited edition of 50
Eur. 8.00

"This little zine was created when Sakura flew from the mountains in Japan to the city to spend the summer in Madrid. Days of exploring, cooking, talking and creating. You can find my work with a 35mm camera and illustrations by the Japanese artist inspired in our summer days."

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28 May 2014

Fabrizio Musu, Lomìno + E.Ruggeri - A Forest. Vol.III

A Forest. Vol.III
Fabrizio Musu (photographs), Lomìno + E.Ruggeri (soundtrack)
32 pages + cd-soundtrack
A5, 21x15 cm
edition of 30
digital printing, black and white
10 € + shipping

"Why do I talk about these people? I do not know them at all. And on the ship almost all of them are foreigners, with faces on which are stamped many border crossings. They come from all over the world. And I know them all. Because the survivors always seek refuge in the islands."

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Noe Lavado and Helena Rovira - Treehouse

Noe Lavado and Helena Rovira
12 pages
14,8 x 21 cm
Second Edition: 25 laser black and white print
2 € + shipping

"Apartment for birds"

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26 May 2014

Jan Banning – Down and Out in the South

Down and Out in the South
Jan Banning
English text by James Swift + Artist’s Statement by Jan Banning
Design by Peter Jonker
Color offset printing
Hardcover, 96 pages, 23.5 x 32 cm (9.25 x 12.6 inches)
+ inserted ‘Giveaway Edition’ (magazine), 8 pages, 32 x 47 cm (12.6 x 18.5 inches)
Edition: 1000
ISBN 978-90-77386-09-5
Published by Ipso Facto (Utrecht, NL)
€ 35 + shipping

"In Down and Out in the South, Banning has photographed 42 homeless men and women in Atlanta, Ga.; Columbia, S.C.; and in the Mississippi Delta. Eschewing caricaturizing depictions, Banning places his subjects in a studio setting without their stereotypical belongings, focusing instead on their individuality — on who they are rather than what they are."

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Bridgette Ashton & Nicole Mollett - Caves, Follies, Grottoes & Hermitages

Caves, Follies, Grottoes & Hermitages
Bridgette Ashton & Nicole Mollett
30 pages
Edition of 15, numbered
b&w and colour digital printing
 £10 (UK + 1.90 p&p)

"An ongoing obsession with caves, follies, grottoes and hermitages."

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Jennifer Haley - Junrei

Jennifer Haley
40 pages
Digital printing
£7 plus shipping

"Junrei (巡礼 / Pilgrimage)follows the loose narrative of a journey, both physical, from England to Japan, and emotional as a series of personal experiences following an innate gravitation towards Japanese culture. The series of fragmented snapshots hint at the process of travelling yet offer neither an indication of a final destination nor an explanation of anything achieved. Dealing with the conflict between estrangement and comfort found in the isolation from the culture and places visited, the series is motivated by the spiritual pilgrimages common in the cultures represented."

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23 May 2014

Various Artists - Matter

Matter, 2014
Caleb Charland, Matthew Gamber, Johan Rosenmunthe, Bill Sullivan
Text by Dick Lyon
Design by Mary Voorhees Meehan
Edited by Lodret Vandret
Colour offset printing
Edition of 200
21.21 x 27.36 cm, 88 pages
ISBN 978-87-92988-07-2
Published by Vandret Publications
€25.00 + shipping (€8.00)

"Written by Ralph Eugene Lapp, a renowned Manhattan Project physicist, Matter was the inaugural title of the Life Science Library Series, published in 1963. Utilizing the content of Lapp's Matter as a vessel for reinterpretation, a new book was created by utilizing the thematic arc of the original book to highlight photography's ability to illustrate ideas."

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21 May 2014

Koji Kitagawa - Hello

Koji Kitagawa
172 pages
18.2 x 25.7 cm
Edition of 100
B/W laser print
3,000 JPY + shipping

"She said hello to me. This book is made up of two elements. A variation of the dog, multiple visual screens."

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20 May 2014

Fabrizio Musu/Lomìno - A Forest. Vol.II

A Forest. Vol.II
Fabrizio Musu (photographs), Lomìno (soundtrack)
28 pages + cd-soundtrack
A5, 15x21 cm
edition of 30
digital printing, black and white
5 € + shipping

"-From one part to the other, the city seems to continue, in perspective, multiplying its repertory of images: but instead it has no thickness, it consists only of a face and an obverse, like a sheet of paper, with a figure on either side, which can neither be separated nor look at each other.- Italo Calvino, Invisible cities"

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Noe Lavado and Helena Rovira - Parque Nacional

Parque Nacional
Noe Lavado and Helena Rovira
28 pages
13 x 19 cm
Edition: 30
laser black and white print
6 € + shipping

"Sierra Nevada National Park. Spain"

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Felipe Hernández - That's All I Know Right Now

That's All I Know Right Now
Felipe Hernández
18 pages
14,5 x 21 cm
Edition of 25, hand numbered
Digital Print Paper Munken 150gr
8 € + shipping

"That's all i know right now is just that, all that is now"

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19 May 2014

Chad Moore - Anyone in love with you (already knows)

Anyone in love with you (already knows)
Chad Moore
Photo book
158 pages, 14 x 20 cm, open thread stitching, book in a printed slipcase
600 copies
offset print
35 € + shipping

"Whenever I move to a new city on my own, I have the same sort of experience within my first few days. I go to a bar, I sit down, stumble my way through ordering a beer in whatever language is spoken (often with lots of hand gesturing) and take a look around. Inevitably, I end up with a similar scene in front of me: a couple fighting, a couple in love, an awkward date, an older man alone. [...]" – Gabi Manga

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18 May 2014

Erik van der Weijde - Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear
Erik van der Weijde
48p, 20x28cm / 8x11"
ed. 400
1 color offset (green)
€ 8 + shipping

"Teddy Bear contains heavily rasterized reproductions, taken from a book on collecting stuffed animals.  For those interested, you can get this zine together with a 20x30cm plastic bag, silkscreened in an edition of 50."

17 May 2014

Norman Beierle - City Souvenirs

City Souvenirs
Norman Beierle
104 pages / 80 black & white images on glossy paper
210 x 150 mm  (ca. 8 1/4  x 5 7/8 inch)
Numbered edition of 75 copies
Xerographic publication (Print On Demand)
soft cover, assembled and bound by hand
€ 32 + shipping

"City Souvenirs is an ode to books and maps with images about a specific region or city, which were popular during the twenties till fifties of the last century. I made my own, contemporary version of Copenhagen, Berlin, Antwerp and The Hague. Instead of collecting touristic hotspots, I stepped on my folding bike for a detour together with my old Rolleicord and some rolls of black and white film."

16 May 2014

Nicolas Guiraud - Anthropocène

Nicolas Guiraud
Text by Marie Darrieussecq
114 pages, 19,5 x 24,5 cm
700 copies
offset 4 colors
28 euros

"In less than 200 years man has altered life on earth forever. The Anthropocene is the new geological age, an age in which the human species has become the prevailing geophysical force dominating all other natural forces that have hitherto impacted upon the earth. (….) The fact that humanity has become the dominant force for the planet augurs the death of this idea of nature and, paradoxically, dissolves the frontier that has hitherto separated us from the natural world. Ours is now a world rid at last of the very idea of nature; a purely artificial world, innocent, fragile and hazardous. Eden is right here and now. To accept this idea is to accept a kind of serene jubilation before the enigmatic beauty of a world in decay."

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14 May 2014

Film 9 Collective - F/9 Issue 2

F/9 Issue 2
Film 9 Collective (Ian F. G. Dunn, Monica Damron, Nick Pironio, Miller Taylor, & Georgia Ponton)
68 pages
22 x 28 cm (8.5 x 11 inches)
Edition of 100 (signed and numbered)
$20 plus shipping

"Film 9 is a collective of photographers devoted to the analog process. On display are large format portraits of sons as they recount memories of their deceased fathers, images of the American West taken from a moving car, NYC street scenes, industrial landscapes, and portraits of summer seen through the lens of a disposable camera. Photos vary in style, content, and format, but all begin with an analog process."

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13 May 2014

Fabrizio Musu - A Forest

A Forest
Fabrizio Musu
28 pages
A5, 15x21 cm
edition of 30
digital printing (black and white)
5 € + shipping

"to lose oneself in a city as one loses oneself in a forest"

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Various artists - Minor

Diego Etxeberria, Hye Min Kwon, Marta Delatte, Alba Yruela, Carlos J. Navarro, Bea Bascuñán
48 pages
A4 - 21x29,7cm.
500 copies
Offset - full colour
12€ + shipping

"Moments with no beginning or end that are open to any interpretation.Moments where homes, cities, routes and people intertwine, intending to go further. Minor is a staging of moments captured by Diego Etxeberria with his private collection of disposable cameras, and something more. An instant, two, three: a story."

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Christopher Day - Turves

Christopher Day
28 pages
148 x 210 mm (A5)
First Edition of 250
Saddle-Stitch, Colour Offset

"'Turves' explores the world of greyhound racing and it's struggling to withhold mainstream appeal in todays society. The project observes relationships between greyhound and trainer, offering something that exists beyond the track."

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Jason Jaworski - Rome Alone

Rome Alone
Jason Jaworski
112 pages w/ one double-sided insert
140x216mm / 5.5"x8.5"
Edition of 50 (signed & numbered)
Laser Printed, w/ hand-painted mylar cover & additional Fuji Noritsu color print

"Debuting at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA for the 2014 Los Angeles Art Book Fair, Rome Alone is the first book in a new SSK Press project wherein one new photobook / zine will be published every month throughout 2014 featuring a collection of images created in various cities around the world. The pictures in this publication were taken on a two-week trip in Taiwan, the title being the same as a bootleg Home Alone sweatshirt found in a night market in Kaohsiung."

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Keith Ingham - Up The Workers! 1970’s Glasgow

Up The Workers! 1970’s Glasgow
Keith Ingham
40 pages
135 x 190mm
Numbered edition of 120
b/w digital printing
£8 (inc UK postage)

"‘Up The Workers!‘ features photographs of Glasgow and it’s people taken between 1976 and 1980. Keith Ingham was one of four photographers commissioned by The People’s Palace to photograph Calton, an area in the east end of Glasgow, which was about to go through major urban renewal."

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