31 December 2016

Nathan Pearce - i took a train trip with my grandma

i took a train trip with my grandma
by Nathan Pearce
8 pages, 8.5 x 5.5 inches
Price $5

"In the summer of 2016 I took a train with my Grandmother from southern Illinois to Seattle."

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20 December 2016

Björn Allemann - Am Platz ein Baum

Am Platz ein Baum
by Björn Allemann
Design: Lars Egert
32 pages, 16,5 cm x 21,5 cm
Offset printing
30 CHF + international shipping costs

"All photographs were taken between 2011 and 2013 at Paradeplatz in Zurich."

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Matt Borruso - Wax House of Wax

Wax House of Wax
by Matt Borruso
112 pages, 10.25 X 8"
digital printing, full color, handmade, screen printed cloth hardcover, hand sewn binding
First edition of 150
$50.00 + shipping

"Images are incised, effaced, and reoriented, their figures redacted, and their seams amplified. Replicated in mirrors, they enter the reaching non-space of multiplied reflections."

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Joseph Wilcox - Hall Pass #1

Hall Pass #1
by Joseph Wilcox
34 pages, 21.6 x 14 cm, 8.5 x 5.5 inches
No Edition
$5 US / $20 International

“In Mr. Wilcox’s art classes at Lane Tech High School, the hall pass is a Canon AE-1 35mm camera. If a student needs to use the pass, they are asked to trade a photograph for use of the pass. Mr. Wilcox then curates these photos into a zine. Students suggest ideas for how to spend the profits and then vote for where the money goes. The profits from this issue will be donated to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe - Dakota Access Pipeline Donation Fund.”

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Manca Juvan - Guardians of the Spoon

Guardians of the Spoon
Manca Juvan
Saša Petejan, Urška Strle, Slavoj Žižek
112,  21,1x26,8cm
Offset printing
300 copies
49 Eur

"This book sheds light on some fragments of the destinies of Slovene victims of Italian Fascist camps; it is an attempt to give voice to the politically induced loss of historic memory and it represents an act of remembrance - a way to pay respect to the past victims and survivors of Italian camps and their relatives.

Award on 32. Slovenian bookfair (2016) for best design among monographic and bibliophilic books."

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11 December 2016

Marton Gosztonyi - Airlift to Berlin

Airlift to Berlin
by Marton Gosztonyi
50 pages, 200mmx141mm
Digital print
Edition of 50
£10 + shipping
"For me the interesting thing about Berlin was the similarities to my hometown Budapest, as both cities share quite a few post communist features. Looking at the streets and the buildings, I had this weird feeling of being somewhere new but very familiar at the same time."

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Thomas Boivin - A Short Story

A Short Story
Thomas Boivin
22x31 cm, 108 pages
Digital printing, 380 copies (second edition)
25 € + shipping

"A short story. A love story. A dialogue. Love on the left bank meets Before sunrise. Playful, delightful, sad and heartfelt. Wonderful text and wonderful images work so wonderfully well in the cinematic layout." - Stefan Vanthuyne

Matthias Kümpel - Wenn es dunkel wird, kommst du nach Hause!

Wenn es dunkel wird, kommst du nach Hause!
by Matthias Kümpel
40 pages, 8.25" x 10.75“
Zine, 24 + 1 black&white photographs
limited edition of 36 numbered copies
8 EUR (Germany) / 12 EUR (incl. worldwide shipping)

"A short story taking you into the darkness, told in 24 black&white photographs."

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06 December 2016

Fábio Miguel Roque - Awaken

by Fábio Miguel Roque
Design & Sequence: Fábio Miguel Roque
Production: Peter Oey
44 pages, 210 x 148 mm
Softcover, Japanese four hole stab binding
HP Indigo Print
Cover: Pop'set recycled black 240grs
Inside: Biotop recycled off white 250grs
Edition of 25 copies
30,00 € + shipping

"Awaken is a strange and mysterious journey through the night."

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various artists - LDOC Collected Edition

LDOC Collected Edition
featuring Kirsten Aguilar, Yuan Changming, Philip Dembinski, Amy Giacalone, Liz Grear, Eric Hazen, Alex Jaros, Rachel Jump, Rita Koehler, Jennifer B. Larson, Megan Magill, Hannah McHugh, Sahar Mustafah, Meg T. Noe, Nathan Pearce, Carly Ries, John Steck Jr., Natalie Unger, Pablo Vindel, Guanyu Xu, Victor Yañez-Lazcano, Lauren Zallo
24 issues, 4 pages each, 34 x 17.75 cm, 13.375 x 7 inches
Offset Prints
Edition of 50
$25 US / $40 International

“LDOC was a free creative writing and photography publication distributed to Red Line train riders in Chicago through newspaper boxes and hand-to-hand distribution. Each month’s issue featured two installments of an emerging Chicago artist and writer. The publication was co-created by Danielle & Joseph Wilcox with the hope of bringing art to audiences that might not otherwise engage with it.”

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05 December 2016

Fergus Coyle - Don't Stop Now

Don't Stop Now
by Fergus Coyle
44 pages, 255mmx210mm, wire stitched
Digital printing
Edition of 50
£10 + shipping

"A collection of photograph taken crossing the US on a cycle road trip."

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