25 July 2012

Wakaba Noda - Blink

Photographs and texts by Wakaba Noda
54 pages
22.0 cm × 20.0 cm
Edition of 500
Full color, offset printed, perfect bound
$20 + Shipping

"The idea of the book is taken from Noda's 'Blink', a series of diptychs. This series was given an honorable mention by famed critic Kotaro Iizawa at the 2006 Canon 'New Cosmos of Photography' competition. About this work, Noda says that she 'tried to make the physical body reaction (blink) into a photographic image. To blink is something that we can not really control. (Of course we can blink intentionally.) I wondered and visualized what I am missing in the little moment when I blink. So that is why I used two pictures to show a little difference and moment between there.'"

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Aljaž Celarc - I wish I was alone, so I travel

Title: I wish I was alone, so I travel
Artist: Aljaž Celarc
32 pages
A5: 210 x 148 mm, 8.3 x 5.8 in
22 b&w photographs, 2 posters edition of 40, hand numbered and signed digital print
7 euros + shipping (2 euros worldwide)
Limited edition of 10 zines available for 10 euros with original B&W single edition darkroom print sized 14x21 cm.

"I wish I was alone, so I travel is a document about my attempt to climb Armenia's and Georgia's highest peaks. I also wanted to document the life there, yet I was only a beginner with no ideas. Two years later I edited the photos once more: it felt like I was emotionally blind at the time, since I missed my loved one so much. I learned that one associates with landscape and people nearby: if I don't have a home I am s stranger."

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24 July 2012

Lisa Rovner - Poems

Lisa Rovner
60 Pages (43 Plates)
13.5 cm x 19 cm
Color & B/W
Signed Edition of 100

"Lisa Rovner is not a photographer but a storyteller. Her first photography book entitled 'Poems' is meant to evoke. This book is about pleasure, the pleasure of looking and the pleasure of seeing."

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Jo Schwab - Habitual Grace

Habitual Grace
Jo Schwab
Hardcover book, cloth bound, thread stitching, photo application on the cover
56 pages
13 x 18 cm
70 numbered copies
20 Euro

"A supernatural quality infused by God into the soul at the moment of justification, perfecting the soul in a supernatural way, establishing it in justice and sanctity, making it a sharer in the Divine Nature, truly constituting it an adopted son of God with a title to eternal life, and consecrating it as a living temple of the Most High God. By habitual grace, a free gift of God, the soul is privileged to enter on a state of friendship with God, which is of its nature permanent, but may be broken temporarily or forever by the abuse of free will and the introduction of sin. Cherished and guarded in the soul it is an unfailing pledge of everlasting life with God. - New Catholic Dictionary"

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23 July 2012

Tiane Doan na Champassak - Father of Pop Dance

Father of Pop Dance
Tiane Doan na Champassak
64 pages, spi­ral bound
17 x 21,50 cm
Off­set printed
Self Pub­lished in France 2012
First edi­tion, 700 copies
Printed in Hol­land
28€ + shipping

"The book is in effect a repro­duc­tion of a photo album that shows his father, who also went by the name of Tiane Doan na Cham­pas­sak, danc­ing in a photo stu­dio in Los Ange­les in 1967."

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21 July 2012

Michela Heim - Anteroom

Michela Heim
Artist Book
Self Published
80 pages, 148mm x 210mm
Edition of 200

"A selection of photographs taken between 2002 and 2012."

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18 July 2012

Marget Long - Flash + Cube (1965-1975)

Flash + Cube (1965-1975)
Marget Long
Book, 160 pages
9 x 6.69 inches
23mm x 17mm
Edition of 250
Four color, offset print
"Flash + Cube (1965-1975) is a book about the Sylvania flashcube—the space-aged, flash photography device, revolutionary in 1965 and nearly obsolete by 1975. Assembled from a wide range of archival materials—a “terrorist letter,” G.I. photographs from Vietnam, Sylvania flashcube advertisements, as well as Marget Long’s photographs and photomontages—the book explores the links between light, war, history and photography."

Calin Kruse - Skin

Calin Kruse
40 pages, color and black&white, with Velcro fastener
70 numbered and signed copies
12 Euro

"In some very special cases, there is no difference between skin and leather, clothes and feather. Animals in captivity / (un)natural environments, 2011-2012"

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C.L. Rogers - Activities

C.L. Rogers
20 pages
9x12 (12 x 18 folded and stapled)
50 zines available
Laser printed, color cover, black and white photographs

"These photos were taken at the 'National Barrel Racing Competition' in Central Florida. I recently moved to Florida from New York City for a job internship and have had to seek out events to get my photographs. In New York there is always action on the streets but down here there is not so you have to look a bit harder. Includes audio cd of barrel racing announcer."

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Gordon Sean Magnin - M.O.C.A

"M.O.C.A.<><>Magazine of Contemporary Alchemy"
Gordon Sean Magnin
20 pages, 8.5"x5.5"
Edition: 150
Price: $5

"A new collection of collaged works as magical devices, a language of visual alchemy, powerful and direct. turning shit into gold and visual ephemera into lasting symbols of contemporary magic."

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Lena Grass - Nachtigall/ Nightingale

Title: Nachtigall/ Nightingale
Artist: Lena Grass
60 pages
Edition: 100
Digital print
24 €

"My pictures are traces of intuition. I recognise them when they cross my path. In the act of photographing people or places, I do not take portraits of individuals, nor do I capture landscape sceneries. I rather use them as a medium to convey feelings we all share. Like the sensation of being out at night, when darkness embraces you. Like the search for one’s identity, for what is left in solitude. When one is scared of loosing oneself, or even, finding oneself."

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16 July 2012

Fette Sans - Peripeteia

Fette Sans
48 pages, self cover
13 x 18 cm / 5 x 7 in
Edition of 50 (numbered)
Color digital

"A sequence in sudden reversal."

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Hiroshi Takizawa - A rock of the moon

Title: A rock of the moon
Artist: Hiroshi Takizawa
Edition: 50 laser print

"A rock on the Earth takes me to the moon, and then on to another place.Like this image, everything in the universe is linked. However, it may only be that our minds are wondering from one to another between the common images of the memories and histories of the object. That is what lies under how you connect with society, how you think, how the world passes around you, how and where you live your life, who you meet, talk, and feel. Humans are lonely beings from birth, but in this image, we are connected."

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12 July 2012

Kristof Guez - Antikira

Kristof Guez
56 pages, size 16,5 X 21,5 cm
edition of 600
offset 4 colors
16 euros

"Antikyra is a Greek town located on the Gulf of Corinth. As a child, Kristof Guez used to spend his summer holidays there with his parents, and then he stopped going ; his parents got a divorce. However Antikyra has remained imprinted on him as the place of his first stirrings of emotion and his first fears, so much so that he feels as though he was born there and the Mediterranean sea was his cradle. In 2008 he went back there for the first time with his father. Photographing Antikyra to give substance to this idealized past once again."

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11 July 2012

Adam Murray and Theo Simpson - Road and Rail Links Between Sheffield and Manchester

Road and Rail Links Between Sheffield and Manchester
Adam Murray and Theo Simpson
Design: Mass Observation Book
80 pages
170mm x 124mm
Edition of 500
Offset printed

"Road and Rail Links Between Sheffield and Manchester engages with the current and historic transport routes between the two cities; intent on encouraging discovery and investigation of the infrastructure and landscape it traverses."

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10 July 2012

Ye Rin Mok - Lauterbrunnen

Ye Rin Mok
24 pages
8.5 x 5.5
full color laser, staple bound
Includes a fold out 10.5 x 13.125 in poster
Edition of 100 (Hand-numbered and signed)
$17.00 US / $20.00 Int'l (Shipping included)

"Photographs from Lauterbrunnen and its surrounding areas."

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Jean-Michael Seminaro - At Night

Jean-Michael Seminaro
At Night
16 Pages
21 x 26 cm
Color Offset
€ 10,00

"Those night pictures originated from a fail, a miss shot. The picture was way too dark so i decide to push the digital process with shadow level. The end result of that picture was kind of a revelation for me and I start to love the digital noise that most photographers try to avoid. I also start to shoot everything with the built in flash. Intrigued with all the reflection that I can produce at night on all kind of things like glass, trees, rain, etc... Things seems to reveal after. One of the main theme for this book is the garden, the urban one, the suburb. I look on how people can decorate their front house, the backyard or a middle street. Everywhere we go, we try to control and organize nature all around us. I look for trace that we left. But this project is also about the walk. I like walking at night, especially in the winter time when everything seems in wait of a new life, a new beginning. I try to work with the relation between nature and digital reproduction. Focusing on the digital result itself and how it´s going to react in front of a certain situation."

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Alexander Moerland - Paradijsvogels #1

Paradijsvogels #1
Alexander Moerland
32 pages
297x200 mm
First edition; 60 pieces. then print on demand
Digital printing

"It's about the eccentric people that i found on markets, shopping streets, squares, etc. An ode to those people who are different towards the grey mass. I photographed them in the Netherlands, Berlin & St. Petersburg (Russia)."

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Squale - Paris

Title: Paris
Author: Squale

13 x 20 cm
54 pages
24 images
Black & white

Offset printed

ISBN 978-2-918837-01-5

First edition of 100 copies

Self-published in 2011

Price: 9 € (free for a period of time)

A book about Paris.

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Olya Ivanova - Kich Gorodok

Kich Gorodok
Olya Ivanova
88 pages
17 cm x 22 cm
digital offset
30$ + shipping

"This book is made of photographs of North Russian villages, as well as family archives of local people in Vologda area."

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09 July 2012

Tomé Duarte - Always Winter in Zahar

Always Winter in Zahar
Tomé Duarte
56 pages
21 x 15cm
black silk hand sewn, xerography
Edition of 100, signed and numbered
Price: 6€ europe / 7€ world

"NYC December 2010, just before the blizzard, insert coin, see something, say something, I could tell you it was an accident or I could have made it look like an accident, does it make any difference? But no, it was an accident, really."

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Ori Jauch - We Want To Be Loved

Title: We Want To Be Loved
Author: Ori Jauch
Digital Printing
67 pages
184 x 235 mm / 7.24 x 9.25 inches
1st Edition of 50 Copies
15 Euro + Shipping

"The work focuses on young people of a generation which differs considerably from the archetype of past generations. Globalization, commercialization and digitization are changing society and, in particular, the part of society growing up with these influencing factors. The individual portraits show this world in which loneliness and angst, suppression and the craving for personal prestige intermingle with narcissism and self-discovery, and the question of recognition and love becomes a raison d’être – we want to be loved."

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David O'mara - Detritus issue one

Title: Detritus issue one
Artist: David O'mara
16 pages
289mm x 380mm
digital newsprint
Edition: 100
Price: £2 GBP +p&p

"detritus is a new self-published title by David O’Mara. Each issue will concentrate on a different series of work from the artist’s practice. Issue one (May 2012) incorporates a selection of images found together in the form of negatives at the abandoned Heygate housing estate in South East London. The publication proposes a re-interpretation of these damaged images with their secondary accretions, and considers them in relation to the failed housing experiment that was Heygate."

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É. Yumul - Photographs I Took (from Facebook) 日本語

Photographs I Took (from Facebook) 日本語
É. Yumul
20 pages
13 x 18cm (5 x 7in)
Edition of 25
Color digital on cyclus
Price of postage (3USD)

"Film (title here) of individuals I've met in Japan, scanned and compiled in booklet format."

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08 July 2012

Yosuke Yajima - Wild Nature

Title: Wild Nature
Name: Yosuke Yajima
Type of publication: Zine
40 pages
laser print
Edition: 50
Price: 1,500 JPY / 19 USD / 15.50 EUR + shipping

Subject matter of my work ethic is how to really see things that are visible. I remember clearly, as a child, I got surprised by the fact that the miscellaneous trees near my house were planned to be planted. Now, most of the nature in the world is controlled, well-kept by human beings and becoming "artificial". It made me question, "What is 'nature' in modern days?". We have a misperception of human beings. We think we are in control of everything. At the same time, we use our power to take things out that are out of our control. The wild "nature" is there not to be touched. Although, it is a very narrow and limited world.

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04 July 2012

Pablo Casino - La traite

La traite
Pablo Casino
40 pages
12,5 cm x 19 cm
Edition of 20
Handmade binding, laser printing
18 € plus shipping

"Milking goats to forget love"

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02 July 2012

Jian Wei Lim - Places Inbetween

Title: Places Inbetween
Artist: Jian Wei Lim
68 Pages
Edition Size: 20
Printing: Digital Print, Full Colour on Recycled Paper
Price: £12 + Postage

"A collection of photographs of various locations, from Kuala Lumpur to Amsterdam by way of London, the book seeks to use the linear form of the book to open up the photograph and create links and threads by way of colour and form. The photographs document aspects and details of the everyday urban environment, extracting the common amongst difference with an aim to instil a sense of place."

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Bobby Abrahamson - North Portland Polaroids

North Portland Polaroids
Bobby Abrahamson
5 x 7 in.
100 pages
Edition of 150
Price: $25

"Ampersand is pleased to present this collection of photographs by Portland photographer, Bobby Abrahamson, who spent the better part of a year shooting Polaroid Type 55 portraits of the people he encountered on the streets of St. Johns, a distinct neighborhood in North Portland. 'Abrahamson meets these people exactly where they are,' notes Julia Dolan in the foreword, 'precisely where they want to or should be. Himself a resident of St. Johns, Abrahamson is not only their photographer, but their neighbor, and his subjects respect this—notice how close he manages to get to so many of them. Their command of space and direct gazes attest to an undistracted presence, a strong link to their environment, and a wary trust in the artist ... this place isn't just anywhere. It is St. Johns, and these are it's people, quietly yet eloquently described by Bobby Abrahamson and his photographs.'"

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Christopher Young - five - fremantle prison

Title: five - fremantle prison
Artist: Christopher Young
105mm x 130mm (~ 4" x 5")
Edition size: 500
Type of printing: Digital (Indigo)
Price: AUD5 (including P&P)

"Description: Over the course of a number of visits in 2010 and 2011, Christopher Young was given access to the World Heritage-listed Fremantle Prison to produce a new series of images. Closed in 1991, it was a place where normal processes occurred with protagonists eating, sleeping, working and playing. As such, it could be seen as a highly concentrated microcosm of the outside world."

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