31 July 2010

Hasisi Park - HASISI PARK

Artist: Hasisi Park
First Edition, 500 copies
32 Pages
14,8 x 21 cm (5" x 8")
Full Color Offset
Saddle Stich Bound
€ 8,00

"Photo-Zine #002 of PogoBooks shows the work of Photographer & Filmmaker Hasisi Park"

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C.H.Paquette – In These Hard Times

In These Hard Times
Photographs by C.H.Paquette
Hand Made book, staple bound
Archival pigment prints on Matte paper
14cm x 20cm, 5" x 8"
20 pages
Edition of 50
signed, dated & numbered
$20 USD plus $3.25 shipping

Ten images from the photo series "In These Hard Times", a study of current architectural economic context.

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29 July 2010

Ofer Wolberger - Highly Important Jewels & Distinctive Fur Fashions

Highly Important Jewels & Distinctive Fur Fashions
Ofer Wolberger
Artist Book
6.5 x 9 Inches/165 x 230 mm
Saddle Stitch
2-Color Offset
36 Pages
Soft Cover with Front and Back Gatefolds
Edition of 100
$25 US
$27 Canada & Mexico
$30 All other countries

"Highly Important Jewels & Distinctive Fur Fashions is the fourth book in The Photographic Book Project of 2010."

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28 July 2010

Kerim Aytac - To See Here

Title: To See Here
Artist: Kerim Aytac
Edition size: 300
Digital Offset
£3 +pp

"In the street photography of Kerim Aytac there is no decisive moment, or any moment at all it seems, but instead a focus on the details and abstractions that support our public lives. Aytac searches for the hidden language of the city; one that does not manifest itself visibly, obviously, and one that speaks most clearly when there are no people to hear it."

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Various artists - Circulación

Paula Barbetti • Leandro Ibarra • Leticia Lahitte • Martina Maffini • Soledad Manrique • Victoria Onassis • Tomás Ruiz
16 pages, 14,8x21cm
500 copies

"Circulación is a publication of photography. We are 7 photographers editing a selection of everyone’s material. Everyone edits other’s photographs; all together we edit other’s photographs, everybody’s photographs. Circulación is an editing process."

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27 July 2010

Florian van Roekel - How Terry likes his Coffee

Title: How Terry likes his Coffee
Photographer: Florian van Roekel
Design: SYB
Hardcover book, 80 pages
Edition: 500, handnumbered by the author
Offset-printed by Mart.Spruijt, Amsterdam
Price 38 euro/ 49 dollars

In “How Terry likes his Coffee” I examined the consequences of professionalization on the way we cope with reality and each other.

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Craig Atkinson - Someone Else's Holiday

Someone Else's Holiday
Craig Atkinson
Book, published by Café Royal Books
28 Pages, 14cm x 20cm 5"x8"
Edition of 50. Hand numbered.
b/w digital [Xerox Recycled 80gsm]

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20 July 2010

Alexander Binder - Niflheim

Alexander Binder
Book, published by Café Royal Books
24 Pages, 20cm x 29cm 8"x12"
Edition of 50. Hand numbered.
b/w digital [Kaskad 80gsm]

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Mike Terry - Ezra

A monthly zine to promote creative endeavors of artists, photographers and writers primarily here in Utah and SLC
Mike Terry
16 pages, 5.5 inches by 4.25 inches
Color laser copy

"In the summer of 2009, I traveled to Northern India to find the legacy of a book written in a language I don't understand. I hoped to find a culture within a culture as well as answer my own personal set of questions regarding religion, travel and their ability to permeate and stretch the venturing heart."

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17 July 2010

Samuel Hodge - Pretty Telling I Suppose

Title: Pretty Telling I Suppose
Artist: Samuel Hodge
Additional contributors: Foreword by Gert Jonkers
72 pages
20.3 x 26.6 cm
Full Colour Offset

"Bound in soft blue cloth, Samuel Hodge's Pretty Telling I Suppose feels as cozy as the photographs of unmade beds, rumpled lovers and friends, and springtime picnics that fill its interior pages. Hodge's work has a spontaneous and unselfconscious quality, as though his images were coming straight from his memories of the sublime little moments of everyday life."

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15 July 2010

Rob McDonald - Birdhouses

Rob McDonald
60 pages, 9” x 11”
Edition of 135 hand-sewn copies, each presented with an original signed and numbered gelatin silver print. The deluxe edition (copies 1-25) is presented in a handmade box with an additional original exhibition-size print unique to this publication.
Indigo reproductions; letterpress text
$145 US limited edition/$295 US deluxe edition

"'Rob McDonald’s photographs here are an affectionate response to the variety and beauty of birdhouses. The honesty and purity of his eye are to be savored.' –William Christenberry"

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11 July 2010

Max Doyle – Pop Pop

Max Doyle
Pop Pop
26 pages 5.83" x 8.27" (14.8 x 21cm)
black & white offset
Printed in an Edition of 1000 copies
$18 AUS including postage worldwide

"A collection of recent photographic works by Max Doyle, work which formed the basis (and partly constituted) his recent solo exhibition. The exhibition took form at Cecil St. Gallery in Sydney Australia in December last year. Max Doyle is Editor in Chief of doingbird Magazine and has also shot for the likes of Vogue, GQ, The Face, i-D, Dazed & Confused, Raygun, Interview etc. He also fronts and is the primary songwriter in Sydney band Songs."

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10 July 2010

Some Ways to Disappear

Some Ways to Disappear, Volume I, Issue I, Summer 2010
Contributors: Anthony Blasko (Featured Photographer), Hin Chua, Alistair Dickinson, Peter Eavis, James Hendrick, Kirill Kuletski, Carles Rodrigo, Nastya Tailakova, Kevin Finley, Ethan Joella, Michael Lee Johnson, Helena Kvarnström (Featured Writer), Sayre M. Quevedo, Mary Sheffield.
36 pages, A5, soft cover, saddle stitched, full colour litho printing.
Limited Edition of 150 copies, each hand numbered.
£11 (free worldwide shipping)

"Founded in the United Kingdom in 2010 by Michael D. Brown, and co-edited alongside Josepha Sanna, Some Ways to Disappear is a biannual publication of new photography and literature. Issue I casts a long, sideways glance at the nature of intimacy, loneliness, and abandonment."

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09 July 2010

Isa Newby Gagarin - Location - Vol.1

TITLE: Location - Volume I
ARTIST: Isa Newby Gagarin
EDITED BY: Scott Nedrelow + Ruben Nusz
TYPE: Artist's book (original and appropriated photography)
SIZE: 9" x 11" ( 22.8 x 27.94 cm)
PRINTING: Case bound, double-sided pigment ink prints with sewn signature, hard-cover, linen-wrapped, foil stamped (comes with signed, editioned print on Hahnemuehle silver rag paper)
PRICE: $99 (For subscribers to quarterly books $81.25 each)(includes shipping)

"Location is a quarterly publication of limited edition artists’ books featuring idea-based work in an array of two-dimensional media. Essentially a gallery between two hard covers, Location focuses on book-form installations and group exhibitions in print. Our mission is to collaborate with visual artists to produce new work specifically suited to a page-based format."


08 July 2010

Stephanie Bolt - Littlehamptons Lobsters

Title: Littlehamptons Lobsters
Artist: Stephanie Bolt
Type: Book
Number of pages: 40 x A4 pages
Edition Size: available for one year only June 25th, 2010, 5pm to June 25th, 2011, 5pm as a pdf download
Digital prints
Free for one year as above

"A photographic chronicle of journeys taken following in the footsteps of Laszlo Moholy-Nagy who created the film 'Lobsters' in the town of Littlehampton in 1936. Featuring a host of original material donated by townsfolk and created by Moholy-Nagy. Celebrating the somewhat eclectic maritime heritage of the town."

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13 postcards
size: 12x17 cm / 4.7 inch x 6.7 inch
offset printing
price: 8€

"The photographs collected here were conducted between 2008 and 2009 in Strasbourg, specifically in the suburbs. They form a portrait subjective and not exhaustive, a city seen through its margins. Beyond complete visual record of the territory of Strasbourg and witness the constant renewal of the city limits, this project is primarily driven by the pleasure of surveying and getting lost in those places"


07 July 2010

Phil Underdown - Grassland

Title: Grassland
Name of Artist: Phil Underdown
Type of Publication: Book
Number of Pages, Size: 50 pages, 4x6 in, 10x15.25 cm
Edition Size: 50, signed and numbered
Type of Printing: Bound digital c-prints with inkjet print tipped in
Price: $60

"When an abandoned airstrip was turned into a national wildlife refuge, photographer Phil Underdown began a 5-year process of documenting the contours of this artificial grassland. An archaeology of the present, the images depict the landscape of this time - managed but wild, planned yet unpredictable, expressed not through traces that have left their mark for centuries or millennium, but through phenomena that are more fleeting and ephemeral, some playing out over seasons or years, others lasting a mere afternoon."

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05 July 2010

Squale - Mauerreste

Title: Mauerreste
Author: Squale

46 pages, 13 x 20 cm, 5×8 inches
First edition of 100 copies
Black and white
Offset printed

7 € (free for a period of time)

A book about the remains of the Berlin Wall, 20 years later; a book trying to answer the question : « Was bleibt ? ».

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04 July 2010

David Potes - The Genesis

The Genesis
David Potes
Photo zine
32 Pages
Edition of 100
Printed on a Risograph RP 3105UI

"An exciting new piece of photographic ephemera from one of America’s premiere contemporary photographers. Presenting new images inspired by self-discovery, origins, and modes of formation."

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