30 December 2012

280 and counting... to 2013!

This year we listed 280 independent photo books. Another record broken, but we are still missing quite a few submissions of newly published titles, so please spread the word and help us make the Independent Photo Book Blog an even better resource and one stop shop for special edition books next year! Thank you for directly supporting the photographers and small publishers that make this happen. A wonderful new year to all.

Ian van Coller - Mali Monuments

Mali Monuments
Ian van Coller
Rory Sparks (Bookbinding and Letterpress)
Mary Hark (Handmade Paper for cover and end-sheets)
Handmade Artist Book, drum leaf bound
Inkjet on Asuka
70 pages, 41x26cm (16.5"x21")
Edition: 15
Price: $450

"A series of B&W photographs from Mali focusing on 'monumental forms' in a handmade artist book."

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Gabriele Harhoff - Pelikan

Gabriele Harhoff
artist book
22 pages, 210 x 297 mm (8,26 x 11,69'')
100 copies, signed and numbered
digitally printed, hand stitched
€ 28 (€ 2 shipping within Germany, € 4 international)

"The images in this book were made in March 2011 while travelling from Bangkok, Thailand, to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, using local transport: slow trains, old busses or makeshift boats. I named the series „Pelikan“ because of the fascinating use of color in South-East-Asia - after the little Pelikan paintboxes that every schoolchild had to have when I grew up."

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27 December 2012

Sikap Collective PH Asia Vol. 1

Title: Volume One
Artists: Sikap Collective - A.G. de Mesa, NVM Monsalud, Iver Aldas, Miko de Vera
36 pages
A5 size (148mm x 210mm, 5.875" x 8.75")
B&W Laser printed
6 USD + shipping

"s´ikap - v. to strive, to persevere, to work diligently. The word behind the name is what the members of this collective stand by. We are driven by perseverance as a platform to showcase our work. This allows us to focus and produce on what is important and on what is beautiful to us: photographs."

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Michele Buda - Tricks and Falls

Tricks and Falls
Michele Buda
edited by Francesco Zanot
80 pages
23x33 cm
500 copies
offset printing

"The images in this series are part and parcel of Buda’s research career, which does away with all that which is striking in favour of a well-honed process of re-valorising that which is marginal or banal. Instead of the liberation of a victory (or a defeat), here we sense the ongoing burden of practice. And that’s a matter of resistance."

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Ryan Mungia - Pot Shots

Pot Shots
Ryan Mungia
28 page zine
Digitally printed
5.5 x 8.5 inches (14 x 21.5 centimeters)
Edition of 250

"The past few years have seen an explosion of medical marijuana dispensaries throughout the Los Angeles Basin, the result of relaxed but conflicting state and federal laws. Pot Shots documents this uniquely Californian phenomenon by showing a wide range of these transient storefronts."

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25 December 2012

Gustavo Di Mario - Interior

title: Interior
artist: Gustavo Di Mario
88 pages
24 x 20 cm
Clothbound hardcover.
First edition: 1.000
58 U$S + shipping

"Photo essay about argentinean gauchos, made during the last five years."

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21 December 2012

Doug Barber - Living The Life

Living The Life

Doug Barber, Photographer 

Sorez The Scribe, Poet

Hardcover book
180 Pages
9" x 9", 13cm x 13cm

limited edition of 3000

"Old school biker photography/poetry book. Thirty plus years in the making. Two artist, one hard life."

Daido Moriyama - PARIS 88/89

title: PARIS 88/89
artist: Daido Moriyama
interview with Jena-Kenta Gauthier
64 pages
150 X 210 mm
edition: 1000
offset duotone + Pantone
18 euros + shipping

"In 1988 and 1989, without speaking a word of French or know anyone except a fellow fellow countrywoman, the photographer lived in Paris with the project a bit crazy to start a gallery apartment. Above all, the trip was the opportunity to live this dream from when his was a teenager and navigate the world of Eugène Atget he had discovered a few years later."  (Rémi Coignet)

PARIS 88/89 contains 21 of the Moriyama's Paris photographs accompanied by the translation of his memories chapter dedicated to Paris as well as an unpublished interview with Jean-Kenta Gauthier.

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18 December 2012

Martin Stöbich - Wo nehmen wir nur jeden Tag aufs neue diese Zuversicht her?

Title: Wo nehmen wir nur jeden Tag aufs neue diese Zuversicht her?
Artist: Martin Stöbich
52 pages
Edition of 500 numbered copies
Offset printing
10 Euro

"The title translates to: Whence do we take this confidence every day anew? Recycled pictures on recycled paper."

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Juan Valbuena - Noray

Juan Valbuena
128 pages
210 X 165 mm
200 copies (english edition)
30 euros

Book of travels through the Wide Frontier, a territory which coincides approximately with the Mediterranean Sea.

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Paul Greenleaf - R.275 Modern House

R.275 Modern House
Paul Greenleaf
8pp booklet which folds out to single sheet ‘poster’ plus card with introductory text, 145 x 195mm, (5.7 x 7.7 inch), folding out to 578 x 380mm (22.7 x 15 inch)
Edition: 1000 copies
Digital on 55gsm recycled paper
US $9.5 / EU €7.5 / UK £6.00 + shipping

After purchasing a discontinued model house made by Hornby model railways, Paul Greenleaf tracked down the original building the kit was based on, a semi-detached house in Margate, Kent, built in 1971. The resulting work is a visual deconstruction and subsequent reconstruction of the ubiquitous suburban house."

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14 December 2012

Valentina Abenavoli - "It's a lovelly morning"

"It's a lovelly morning"
author: Mr G. (found photographs)
editor: Valentina Abenavoli
A5 format
32 pages
160gsm silk, ivory linen thread, edition of 100
LED printing
price: 8£

"It all started with a found note. A creased and half-faded feel-good message signed 'mum', found on the London’s Regent’s Canal on a sunny day. 'Hi J. Life is what you make, It so get out of bed and go shopping. Its a lovelly morning (sic) chill out and enjoy it .. Mum xxx'."

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Taylor Weidman - Mongolia's Nomads: Life on the Steppe

Title: Mongolia's Nomads: Life on the Steppe
Photographer: Taylor Weidman
Writer: Nina Wegner
120 pages
Edition of 500
Printing Type: Offset printing
Price: $40

"A look inside one of the world's last truly nomadic cultures"

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12 December 2012

Thomas Boivin - Marseille / Mer

Marseille / Mer.
Thomas Boivin
88 pages softcover, 20x26cm portrait.
500 copies signed & numbered
24euro + shipping

"A walk around the city of Marseille, mostly near the sea."

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Andreas H. Bitesnich - Deeper Shades #02 Tokyo

Deeper Shades #02 Tokyo
Andreas H. Bitesnich
96 pages
24cm x 32cm (9.4in x 12.6in)
Edition of 960 numbered copies
Limited slip-cased edition of 20 signed & numbered copies including original signed print
Euro 55

 "“The flawless and the raw” are Andreas H. Bitesnich’s defining elements of Japanese culture, and the way it is reflected in his own work. A master of the controlled studio composition, Bitesnich demonstrates that he is equally at home producing perfect compositions from random street situations, where the rawness of bare flesh is replaced by analogue roughness thrust over the bare bones of urban living. Images which in themselves are surprising, almost surrealistic, become even more bizarre through the book’s use of juxtaposition, lending meaning, distorting meaning, or as with most street photography, leaving meaning entirely open to the interpretation of the individual."

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Luke Stephenson - An Incomplete Dictionary of Showbirds

Luke Stephenson
An Incomplete Dictionary of Showbirds
5.94" x 8.9"
Edition size: 2000
type of printing: Litho
Price: £15

"‘An Incomplete Dictionary of Show Birds’ is a book by British photographer Luke Stephenson, created in collaboration with the London based design studio YES. This unique project documents the very British subject of show birds through a series of meticulous and striking photographs."

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10 December 2012

Clint Woodside - People / Places

Title: People / Places
Artist: Clint Woodside
44 pages each volume (88 total)
8.5" x 7" (half legal)
Edition size: edition of 150 signed and numbered
type of printing: Color Xerox
Price: $20

"New 2 Volume Zine composed of work by Clint Woodside. Book 1: People. Book 2: Places, Packaged and sold together. Signed and numbered"

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Thomas Bonfert - Herrenreise 2012

Title: Herrenreise 2012
Artist: Thomas Bonfert
32 pages
Edition: 10 (signed and numbered copies)
type of printing: Color-Laser Print, stapled
Price: 2€ + 1€ shipping

"'Herrenreise 2012, is the photo story of a bike ride of 3 friends, from Breclav along the March and the Danube to Tatabanya"

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09 December 2012

Stefano Marchionini - I see around me tombstones grey

I see around me tombstones grey
Stefano Marchionini
self-published book
48 pages 
15 x 20 cm
digital print

printed at Deux-Ponts | France
first edition: 100

"After having spent some years far from my parents I have understood that wherever they are it is their nearness that gives me the feeling of being at home. 
It could be in my hometown on the Lake Maggiore, that I left almost ten years ago, or where my father used to work. 
As I started taking picture of them, of my family, I noticed that there was a different atmosphere compared to the feel my life away from them has.
 It is true that whenever I stay home for a few weeks I realize that their/our reality is becoming more dramatic every year: oldness, sickness, retirement and a general feel of inquietude. 
However it is thanks to this that I know where I come from and where I want (or don't want) to be.


07 December 2012

S.A.Robinson - Mexico City Dress Shops

Mexico City Dress Shops
24 pages
95 x 190mm (3.75 x 7.5 inches)
Numbered edition of 100
b/w, colour

"A couple of years ago my girlfriend won a holiday to Mexico. We spent a few days in Mexico City and, whilst walking the city streets, we came across an area of dress shops. Communion dresses, prom dresses, wedding dresses and ball gowns – the shops were full of these vibrant and extravagant creations."

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06 December 2012

Zisis Kardianos - A sense of place

A sense of place
Zisis Kardianos
Self-published, PhotoMine editions
Soft cover, 17×26 cm, 96 pages, 87 images
Printed in Offset Duotone on Tatami 150gr
Edition of 1000

"The photographs collected in this book aim to take you on a personal path to a different view of Zakynthos. They suggest a tour, off the beaten track, where the personal exploration of my native island is shared in the hope you are left with an emotional awareness of the place rather than a literal understanding of a location. A sense of the place."

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05 December 2012

Paula McCartney - As If Everything You Imagined Were True

As If Everything You Imagined Were True
Paula McCartney
Case-bound artist book
11x9 inches (27.94x22.86 cm)
48 pages
color and b/w archival inkjet pigment prints
Edition of 100
$150 USD

"Photographs of birds in the aviaries at the Bronx Zoo contrast with images of birds in flight and storm clouds."

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03 December 2012

Teresa Eng - Speaking of scars

Title: Speaking of scars
Artist: Teresa Eng
Edition: 500
68 pages including various folds and inserts
Offset print
170 mm x 228mm
Cloth-bound hardcover with debossed front cover
Price: £31.95 + shipping

"'Speaking of scars' deals with trauma and memory. During a 3-year period, photography was used to process an experience that couldn’t be processed. In the book memory takes the form of images, as it repeats and reconfigures itself around new and existing experiences."

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Tammy Mercure - Rebels

Title: Rebels
Artist: Tammy Mercure
10 pages
Edition size: 30
type of printing: Pigment Prints, letterpress
Price: $12

"TCB Press/Tammy Mercure is publishing a book a month for 2012 on a single topic. December 2012 is Rebels."

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Various - Sunday Mornings at the River

Sunday Mornings at the River
Featuring photographs by: Santa Katkuté, Rebecca Rijsdijk, Sanne Poppeliers, Cody Cobb, Noortje Knulst, Lonneke van der Palen, Sam van Grinsven, Taufiq Hosen, Victoria Schilperoort, Nicholas Hance McElroy, Roberto Rubalcava, Jeff Luker, Stine Sampers, Katherine Squier, David Meskhi
Text by: Rebecca Rijsdijk
48 pages
Edition size: A5, softcover
Price: 10 euros.

"Sunday Mornings is about exploration. The photographers selected for this zine are people who take their cameras with them on the road and into the mountains. They are escapists, travellers, lovers."

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Louis Porter - The anatomy of business

Louis Porter

64pp unbound 52gsm newspaper print
19.5 x 25 cm (black and white throughout)
1st edition 1000
ISBN: 978-0-646-57963-4

"The Anatomy of Business aims to present a distorted compendium of the gestures and motifs that make up the visual language of modern business. This is achieved by linking de-contextualised elements from the photographic archive of a 1980′s financial newspaper, to images produced in direct response on, the streets of Melbourne."

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