30 October 2012

James O Jenkins - United Kingdom

United Kingdom
James O Jenkins
Text by Wayne Ford
118 pages
170 x 240mm
Limited edition of 500
Digital print. (Inner - smooth, high white 150gsm (printed 4 colour litho). Cover - colourplan 350gsm, mist, buckram embossing)
£28.00 (inc p&p)

"A photographic study of annual traditional customs in the United Kingdom"

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29 October 2012

Jane Burton - Other Stories

Other Stories
Jane Burton
Essay by Ingrid Periz
Designed by Darren Sylvester
72 pages
270 x 210 mm
Edition of 1000
$AUD 50 + postage

"Other Stories is a collection of photographs that are intended to be experienced as a series of loose associations rather than determined narratives. Structured with five chapters like a fairy-tale collection, each series is toned in a different colour – reminiscent of old photographic processes and hand-colouring techniques. Whether depicting a figure, landscape, interior, or object, the photographs are imbued with a weight of meaning and emotional intensity."

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Taylor Weidman - Mustang: Lives and Landscapes of the Lost Tibetan Kingdom

Title: Mustang: Lives and Landscapes of the Lost Tibetan Kingdom
Photographer: Taylor Weidman
Writer: Nina Wegner
Foreword: His Holiness the Dalai Lama
120 pages
Edition of 500
Printing Type: Offset printing
Price: $50

"A documentation of the culture of Upper Mustang, its history, and its possible future."

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Ingvar Kenne - Citizen: Portraits 1997-2012

Title: Citizen - Portraits 1997-2012
Artist: Ingvar Kenne
Additional contributors: Andrew Sayers (foreword), Carla D Stang (essay), Mark Mordue (interview)
140 pages
270x 300 mm/10.63 " x 11.81"
Edition: 1500

"In 2004 Kenne published a monograph from a 2 year journey around the globe, btwn 1994-1996, called Chasing Summer. Meeting his future wife on the trip he settled in Australia. Citizen is the second instalment showcasing his portrait work spanning 15 years and several continents across the globe."

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24 October 2012

Andrew Youngson - 間 Aida

Title: 間 Aida
Artist: Andrew Youngson
Introduction by Sayoko Nakahara
28 pages
Edition size: 450 (Standard Edition) 50 (Special Edition)
type of printing: CMYK Lithographic
Price: Standard Edition = £15 Special Edition = £35

"Photographs that record the space between Japanese houses."

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Don Hudson - From The Archives

From The Archives
Don Hudson
Book, 128 pages
Size: 19 x 26 cm
Edition: 700
Duo tone offset printing
Price: 28 euros excl. shipping

"Don Hudson is an amateur photographer born in 1950 in Michigan, USA. From The Archives shows nearly fifteen years of personal archives and presents for the first time these photographs as a collection edited."

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Roger Guaus - The unreachable

Title: The unreachable
(Original title in Catalan: L'inassolible)
Author: Roger Guaus
Publisher: Ca l'Isidret Edicions
Graphic Design: Bildi Grafiks + Roger Guaus

Book, offset printing
112 pages, 16,5 cm x 14 cm
Edition of 500
Text in English, Catalan and Spanish

Price: 25 euros + shipping

"The author uses his experience to highlight the family values of his predecessor generation. At the same time, the work serves as a tribute and gratitude to his parents and his entire generation who has sought to find the most effective way for their children to achieve happiness. Based on the text "Thoughts of a fifty-year-old father" by Manel Guaus, father of the author."

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Lucy Helton - Fire

Title: Fire - Rockne, Bastrop County, Texas
Photographer: Lucy Helton
Designer: Nico Bishop, NY
Printer: Ditto Press UK (Risograph)
Size: 7" tall x 4.3/4" wide (when closed)
Edition: 300
Price: $13 (inc. p&p)

"September 2011, I returned during the biggest wildfire Bastrop County had ever seen, instigated by yet another drought. The fire burned 50 square miles and consumed 1,600 homes and was declared a National Disaster. Nothing was left alive; it was like being on a very quiet and mono-toned planet. Experts predict the present course of climate change will eventually turn this area of Texas into a desert."

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22 October 2012

Maíra Soares - Este Seu Olhar

Title: Este Seu Olhar
Author: Maíra Soares
Co-edition: Maíra Soares, Siete de un golpe and underbau
Graphic Design: Underbau
Production and Coordination: Siete de un golpe
Pre-printing: Victor Garrido
Offset Printing
Book, 44 pages (B&W), 10,4 x 13,8 cm
English and Portuguese
Limited Edition of 500 (signed and numbered copies)
Price: 18 € + Shipping

"Este Seu Olhar (This Look of Yours) is a photographic essay created from photographs of my mother taken by my father during their honeymoon. I found these images after my mother’s death, 35 years later, and I felt I was looking at another person. The purpose of this body of work is to reveal my mother by visiting her past, while inserting myself into the memories of my father."

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Paula McCartney - On Thin Ice, In a Blizzard

On Thin Ice, In a Blizzard
Paula McCartney
Softbound book with die cut cover, saddle stitched
36 pages
10 x 8 inches (25.4 x 20.3cm)
off-set press printed duotones 
Edition of 500
$25 USD + shipping

"Snow begins to fall, grows denser, and obliterates the view while echoing the cosmos. Ice shifts, opening a beautiful black void. A wondrous view as I begin a descent into a winter of my imagination."

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Erik van der Weijde - Die Wolken

Title: Die Wolken
Artist: Erik van der Weijde
set of 3 zines
3 x 24pages
17x30cm / 6.7x11.8inch
edition of 200
Offset printed, each issue in a different color
€ 18

"RE-photographed fighter planes, from a 1982 yearbook. Printed in Red, Blue and Black."

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20 October 2012

Jeff Hahn - The Next Best Thing to Loving You

The Next Best Thing to Loving You
Jeff Hahn
Designers: Peter Ainsworth + Andrew Osman
Foreword: Ying Ang
8 double-sided posters
300 x 229mm when folded
100gsm offset, 115gsm silk
A5 300gsm Cyclus Offset tip-in card on cover (2 options)
Limited edition : 150
Price: £22.00 + shipping

"This book explores the idea of staged vs. reality in photography, how a camera can be used as an excuse to create moments that never could have existed. A collective of both staged and ‘real’ intimacy, the 16 photographs feature my projected desires onto models, friends and lovers, exploiting the camera’s ability to curate memories and using it to immortalise desired realities."

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Andrew Smith - Vélo

Title: Vélo - adventures of the peloton
Photographer: Andrew Smith
Publisher: bymyi
Contributors: Bill Strickland (introduction), Tim Krabbé, Harrison Birtwistle (quotations)
Casebound, 80pp, 210 x 150mm, colour and b&w digital print, 170gsm silk paper
Edition of 100 signed copies
Price £20 + postage and packing

"On my bike, and in my head, the words of Tim Krabbé on imperfect recall, they won't leave.
The miles roll on by. I selfishly construct the ideal of my ideal cycling photobook. 'Cycling was mythical, but it survived its visibility. In 'Vélo', it becomes a visible myth' - Tim Krabbé"

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19 October 2012

Matías Costa - The Family Project

#1 Bokeh Collection
Matías Costa
15 x 21 cm
64 pages [Color & BW]
Offset printing, paperback binding
Paper: Olin Regular Natural White 120 gsm & 300 gsm
English and Spanish
Photo editors: Matías Costa, Carlos Albalá
Collection coordination: Carlos Albalá
Graphic Design: Pilar Rojo Peso
Printing coordination: Joanna Osiewicz-Lorenzutti [Fundación de Artes Visuales, Cracovia]
Production: Antonio Pérez Río [LENS Escuela de Artes Visuales, Madrid]
limited Edition of 500 (signed and numbered copies)
20€ (+ Shipping cost)

"The Family Project explores family memory, but also memory  lapses and oblivion. I returned to the 20th century to piece  together the traces that my family has left on maps in the course of a century of migrations. I compiled thousands of photographs and documents from institutional and family archives, and in each place I tried to photograph a mood that captures what happened  there. This is a process of infinite connections, which opens up like Russian dolls. Each layer of history rests delicately on the previous one: to disclose its layers in order to narrate them is, in a sense, to change history."

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18 October 2012

Kazuo Yoshida - Air Blue

Air Blue
Kazuo Yoshida
parapera / Uhr Publishing Laboratory
A collection of 10 prints from Yoshida's "Air Blue" series, packaged in a sealed metallic envelope.
10 prints, size:145×220mm
Edition 75
Inkjet print
Price:1,500 JPY

"After “3.11,” I took pictures of Fukushima and Tokyo, the inhabitants of which have been polluted by the radioactivity from the sky. “Air Blue” was created through digital collage of a few thousands of images of sky."

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17 October 2012

Kohei Oyama - Ghosts

Kohei Oyama
24 pages
14.8 x 10.5cm / 5.8 x 4 in
75 copies
b/w risograph
Free- cost of shipping US2.50

"Ghosts is a bootleg of Kohei Oyama's Ghosts in Surroundings. The sequence is developed in structured tension."

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Karine Versluis - Enkeltje Schiphol/One-Way Ticket to Schiphol Airport

Title: Enkeltje Schiphol/One-Way Ticket to Schiphol Airport
Artist: Karine Versluis
Additional contributers: Francio Guadeloupe (writer)/ Remi Bouwer (graphic design)
152 pages
Edition Size: 1500
Type of printing: offset
Price: Euro: 24,50 / US Dollars: 40

"Enkeltje Schiphol (One-Way Ticket to Schiphol Airport) is a photo project about young people from the Antillean island Curaçao who leave their families and come to the Netherlands to study. Karine Versluis followed some of them in their daily lives between 2008 and 2010 in both Curaçao and in the Netherlands. Enkeltje Schiphol is a portrait of an era. A personal story about young people from different backgrounds who all are trying to find their way in Dutch society."

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Christopher Harris - Spent

Title: Spent
Artist: Christopher Harris
Book, perfect bound
32 pages
5 ½” x 8 ½” (13.97cm x 21.59cm)
Edition: 50, signed
Printing: digital b&w
Price: $20

“Death is the mother of beauty, mystical,
Within whose burning bosom we devise
Our earthly mothers waiting, sleeplessly.” - Wallace Stevens

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14 October 2012

Ian van Coller - Butte Chrome

Butte Chrome
Ian van Coller
Single Signature Book
16 pages
Size: 21x27.5cm 8.5x11inches
Edition Size: 30
Price $30 + shipping
Inkjet on Rag Paper

Butte Chrome is a series of photographs of cars set in the town of Butte, America, which as home to the onetime largest copper mine on the planet was known as the ‘richest hill on earth.’ The theme of cars, set against the rich vernacular architecture of the town, serves as a figurative symbol of American destiny.

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13 October 2012

Craig Taylor-Broad - The Earth is a Cold Dead Place

The Earth is a Cold Dead Place
Craig Taylor-Broad
a5, 12 pages
Price - £4

"Shot mostly in Cornwall, a place renowned for it's idyllic and natural landscape,The Earth is a Cold Dead Place is a collection of photographs that showcases the ugly constructions that we offer little attention to in our every day lives."

Karl-Johan Stigmark - Loose Ends

Loose Ends
Karl-Johan Stigmark
17 x 22 cm
Edition size: 1000
type of printing: offset
Price: 25$

"Loose Ends is an accurately-titled compilation of photographs and text describing the experience of different kinds of string, coiled or sprawled through many settings, without a beginning or end. 'All the staples, silks, cords, flax, flosses, strands, ligatures, shreds, wires, lisles, threads, piles, ravels, shoelaces, thrums, twines, warp, wool, yarns, cilia, fibrils, grain, hair, shreds, strips, tendrils, threads, cotton, stamens, tissue, veins, web, braids, strings, fibers, gossamer, filaments, ribbons, lints, woof, wefts, bands, ropes, thongs, ties that come my way'"

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12 October 2012

John MacLean - New Colour Guide

New Colour Guide
John MacLean
Designed by Wayne Daly
16.3 x 24cm
68 pages
edition 500
4-colour, perfect bound, screen printed cover

"John MacLean's eighth self-published photobook. New Colour Guide is a wholeheartedly digital photo-guide. It acknowledges the parallel natures of the human light-eye-mind image and the photographic light-lens-processor image."

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10 October 2012

Bruno Quinquet - Salaryman Project business schedule 2013

Title: Salaryman Project business schedule 2013
Artist: Bruno Quinquet
Text by Bill Kouvenhoven, Kotaro Iizawa, Bruno Quinquet
Photobook designed as a Japanese professional agenda
64 pages
B5 size (18.2 x 25.7cm or 7.2 x 10.1 inches), soft cover
offset printed in Japan
Edition size: 900
Price: €38 EMS international shipping included / ¥2310 in Japan.

 "In the shape of a Japanese professional agenda, the book is a parallel exploration of masculine identity and the sense of the season in Tokyo's corporate world. The photographic style is an attempt to adapt in a creative way to the increasing constraints of portraits rights on candid street photography. As a result, mystery and poetry seem to blossom around the supposedly boring business scene."

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09 October 2012

Liam Tickner - Sticks and Stones (II)

Sticks and Stones (II)
Liam Tickner
A0 poster + insert in cardboard folder
1 poster (folded) + 1 insert + 1 folder
120 x 80 cm (poster) and 44 x 32 cm (folder, closed)
50 + 2 A.P., numbered
Silkscreened by hand (both poster and folder)
Price: 30€

"Artist's multiple, reproduction of a work by Liam Tickner on a scale of approximately 1:5.
Poster printed by hand on billboard paper, suitable for wallpaper glue.
Folded and cased by hand."

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08 October 2012

V/A - The Legacy

Title: The Legacy
Artists: Mitja Berdajs, Jost Bukovec, Aljaz Celarc, Matko Mioc, Dejan Kralj, Sara Erjavec Tekavec
52 pages + 3 postcards
A5 paper size (8.3 x 5.8 in)
digital print, saddle stitched
10 euros + 1 euro shipping

"Vernacular monument is a project that offers opportunity for young authors from Slovenia to publish and promote their work. This edition is presenting our speculations about our legacy in the future. It is dedicated to the archeology of today, the state of presence, where this moment represents the past."

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Stephen E. Strom - Sand Mirrors

Title: Sand Mirrors
Artist: Stephen E. Strom
Poet: Richard B. Clarke
104 pages
size: 8" x 8" (20.32cm x 20.32 cm)
printing: offset
price: $35 + $5 priority mail shipping

"Sand Mirrors is a marriage of poetry by Zen teacher Richard Clarke and photographs by Stephen Strom. The poems beckon the reader to explore the inner and outer richness of sand and ocean — richness beyond all imagination and dream. It speaks to fleeting and timeless patterns on Northern California and Oregon coasts, and through understated but powerful words, reminds us that all our life is now, and has nothing to do with transience or duration."

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Filipe Casaca - Blue Mud Swamp

Title: Blue Mud Swamp
Artist: Filipe Casaca
56 pages
237 x 314mm / 9,33 " x 12,36 "
Edition 270 Signed Copies
Type of printing: Offset Color
38€ (Edition 30 Numbered and Signed Copies + 20x30cm Inkjet Print - 120€)

"'Blue Mud Swamp' is a series made in Dalian. This city is among 'the best cities to live in China', what raises her to a promising level. The shoreline, hot and humid, is a postcard that attracts and invites Men. Although surrounded by natural beauty, beaches and entertainment facilities, the city and its urban spaces transmits, as a whole, a feeling of artificiality. A certain melancholy is present, as happens with all that was new, colorful and perfect but perished with time."

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Tokimaru Tanaka - Imamura

Title: Imamura
Artist: Tokimaru Tanaka
23×29 cm
40 pages
Digital printing
120 US$, 9,300yen (¥)

"Is Imamura your friend? Is Imamura my friend? We don't know. By the way, who is he?"

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06 October 2012

Alex Bocchetto & Valentina Abenavoli - You Win!

You Win!
Alex Bocchetto & Valentina Abenavoli
74 pages
A5 (210 x 148 mm)
edition: 100
type of printing: digital printing Black & White &
Pink perfect bound softcover with flaps
10 £

"The fool's guide to the Olympics: a reportage gone wild, an action-packed race of unscrupulous competitors and dirty tricks. And masked gunmen too. Comic humour at its worst. All pictures taken during London 2012 summer Olympics. Any similarity with people, events or reality itself is purely coincidental."

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05 October 2012

Andres Gonzalez - Some(w)here

Andres Gonzalez
Design by -SYB-
20 x 16 cm
84 pages
color offset
Price: 35€

"Somewhere is a book about a journey in the most concrete and abstract sense of the word. the work spans nearly 10 years of photography, and across as many countries as varied as Norway, Tajikistan, Mexico, and Namibia. However the narrative steers away from a travelogue, and into something less defined, crossing between documentary and abstraction."

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Tammy Mercure - Dolly Parton

Title: Dolly Parton
Artist: Tammy Mercure
10 pages
Edition size: 30
type of printing: Pigment Prints, letterpress
Price: $12

"TCB Press/Tammy Mercure is publishing a book a month for 2012 on a single topic. October 2012 is Dolly Parton."

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Incandescent Issue Two

Incandescent Issue Two: Magic Hour
Contributing Photographers: Carlos Cancela Pinto/ Michael Cardiello / Marissa Csanyi / Jeff Downer / Noaa Dye / Robert Hildebrand / Brooke Holm / Esther Jung / Phil Jung / Sarah LaPonte / Erin McCown / Aria Mikkola Sears / Trevor Powers / Nadia Sablin / Aline Smithson / Andrew Stanbridge / Hayden Thomas / Camila Verdiyeva
60 pages
Full color, solid wax ink
6.5 x 8 in
Open edition
Price: $14.00

"Pine Island Press is pleased to present the second Issue of Incandescent. Issue Two includes photographs by 18 photographers from the United States and beyond. Incandescent is a bi-annual color film zine showcasing emerging photographers curated and produced in Portland, Oregon"

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03 October 2012

AM projects - Nocturnes

AM projects (Aaron McElroy, Daisuke Yokota, Ester Vonplon, Gert Jochems, Olivier Pin-Fat and Tiane Doan na Champassak)
6 books in a slipcase
224 pages + poster
20 x 26 cm
600 copies
Six books with silkscreened covers in slipcase | offset printing | different papers, different bindings | silkscreened (phosphorescent + white) fold-out booklet surrounding the slipcase
72 € incl. shipping worldwide

"Nocturnes is a unique boxed set of 6 books by the new photography group ‘AM projects’ and published by dienacht Publishing. This book is printed using different papers for each photo essay – one even has an enormous fold-out poster. It is a landmark in photobook production. Nocturnes is the first ‘AM’ project and explores 6 different photographic journeys into ‘the night’."

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02 October 2012

Louis Perreault - Ces oiseaux noirs

Ces oiseaux noirs
Louis Perreault
44 pages
5.5 x8.5 inches
Indigo color printing
Edition of 50
15 $ CDN + shipping

"The book Ces oiseaux noirs presents a photographic project exploring the urban landscape of Saint-Henri neighborhood in Montreal. This exploration takes root in the discovery of some black birds painted on the walls and surfaces of the Saint-Henri. This resulted in a quest that led the photographer to walk every street of the neighborhood, photographing the place, the people and the many distinctive visual aspect of the territory he covered."

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01 October 2012

Dan Gluibizzi & Zefrey Throwell - Folding Space/Pressing Time

Folding Space/Pressing Time
Dan Gluibizzi & Zefrey Throwell
5 x 7 in.
90 pages
Printed on Mohawk Superfine paper
Wrapped in Ultra Sheer panty hose
Edition of 200
Price: $25 (signed with original art $100)

"Folding Space/Pressing Time is a conceptual exploration in which Gluibizzi vibrantly distorts sexually charged Tumblr archive grids & Throwell gives photographic form to the erotic chaos that plagues his recurring dreams of time travel. Designed to be read in opposing directions for each artist, the book is a two-in-one, front-to-back or up-and-down distortion of what we commonly think of as a typical visual reading experience. In this, it mimics well the dynamic space-time jumble of disorienting dreams or the increasingly authorless & temporally indeterminate web space that is rapidly redefining what we think of as image archives."

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