31 August 2014

Achraf Baznani - Through my lens

Through my lens
Achraf Baznani
62 pages – 21 x 21 cm
Offset / Indigo - Digital offset
Edition size: 150
Price: $12

“Through my lens” has expressed very well the thought that pictures speaks louder than words. Every picture is deeply expressing individual’s happiness, sorrows, loneliness and those through moments which remains closed to ones thoughts and never get expressed to others. In short the photo book has summarized the human life in very impressive manner."

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Adriano Zanni - Red Desert Chronicles

Red Desert Chronicles (Postacrds from Ravenna)
by Adriano Zanni
Published by: Boring Machiens
61 single A4 Risograph prints, printed on recycled 215gr paper
housed in a thick carton brown box with screeprinting + Booklet with texts (Eng/Ita)
Edition: 200 copies
Price: 35 euro + shipping

"A photographic investigation about Michelangelo Antonioni’s masterpiece “The Red Desert”. The movie was shot in 1964 in the valley of Piallassa, an area north of the city of Ravenna which has a ghostly and suggestive aspect. Fifty years after the film's release, this collection of photos titled “Red Desert chronicles represent a temporal journey on the original location of the movie."

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24 August 2014

Otto Kaan - The Story Of Lulu

The Story Of Lulu
by Otto Kaan
graphic design: Xavier Fernández Fuentes
size: several/of picture=148x210cm/5.8x8.3in
20 pictures + booklets
printing: digital on glitter paper
edition: 15
price: 200 euro - collection of the 7booklets in box

"Box with seven booklets documenting our search for the duke of magenta and the origins of the color."

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Laurent Champoussin - Berlin, Sommer, Efrén

Berlin, Sommer, Efrén.
by Laurent Champoussin
32 pages, size : 14,5 cm x 21 cm (A5)
Edition: 20 regular edition, 10 special edition with an additional print
pigment print (digital)
price: 35 euros (regular edition) /  60 euros (special edition)

"A book about Berlin, woods, red fruits and moustache."

23 August 2014

Fabrizio Albertini - The Mecca of Coney Island

The Mecca of Coney Island
by Fabrizio Albertini
published by Skinnerboox
52 pages, 19,5x30cm
150 copies signed and numbered
Bw Indigo print on Fedrigoni Arcorpint
16,00 eu.

"A series of polaroids about the famous handball's court of Coney Island."
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14 August 2014

Ruth van Beek - Dancing Figures (The Manuals #2)

Dancing Figures (The Manuals #2)
Ruth van Beek
28 pages, 30 x 12,5 cm (11,8 x 4,9 in) 
Edition of 100, numbered and signed
Digital black and white
18€ excl. shipping

"The Manuals is an ongoing series; an attempt to showcase the work methodology behind the artist's practice. Dancing Figures reproduces photograph crops from a vintage dancing manual, using the book's spine as the formation axis of unexpected combos and impossible dance moves."

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13 August 2014

Various - Born Yesterday, Næver // Antenner, Horisont

Born Yesterday, Næver // Antenner, Horisont
Names: Jonas Greve Handskemager, Christian Klintholm and Bertil Trolle
Size: 3 x 40 pages, 21 x 29,7 cm, perfect bound
Edition: 3 x 60 numered copies
full color digital print on Scandia 2000 white paper
£: 20

"To capture the everyday life to tell stories about the unseen aspect of life, in a personal and poetic way.
By contrast, made the prosaic subject of our interest and curiosity and thus becomes itself something out of the ordinary."

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Various - Private

Adam Kencki, Alexandra Melean, David Kregenow, Fábio M. Roque, Frederic Dorizon, Hisashi Murayama, Hu Manu, Lucia Kuklisova, Maria Vasilkova, Mário Venda Nova and Mariya Ustymenko..
Photozine, 52 pages, 210 mm x 148 mm
Editon of 100 numered copies
Digital print
6 € + shipping

"Private show eleven different approaches on the subject, private space."

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12 August 2014

Various - Sunday Mornings at the River #2

Sunday Mornings at the River #2
Sanne Poppeliers & Rebecca Rijsdijk, Michael McCraw, Gerard Weitering, Alec Soth, Simon de la Court, Maarten Boswijk and Ariel Rosenbloom
44 pages
Edition of 200

"Sunday Mornings at the River is about exploration. The zine contains work of photographers that take their camera's with them on the road and into the mountains."

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11 August 2014

Anna Meschiari - Atlas

Anna Meschiari
5 Books, each 28 pages in a handmade cardboard box
b&w digital printing
140 x 170 mm
Edition of 10
96 € + shipping costs

"Atlas is the name of the well known Titan that carried the heaven on his shoulders. It is also the name of the vertebra that supports the skull, one of the craters of the Moon, a satellite of Saturn, the largest butterfly of the world, a bodybuilder, a pizza, a condom, a car radio, a chain of mountains, of the well known work of Gerhard Richter,… Things and beings, places and works of art, by the name of Atlas through the world are countless – and more the images representing it circulating on the Internet. Some have retain me. A collection took shape. But what to a such a profusion? Titanic task… as infinite."

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Paula Prats - Northwestern wild

Northwestern wild
Paula Prats
24 pages
140mm x 195mm
Edition of 100
Colour laser print on cyclus recicled paper
5,60 Euros (shipping included) or £5,6 (shipping included)

"In trip to Canada, in a small island near Vancouver, Paula Prats begins a visual narrative story in a subjective way, shooting all the incidents that happen around focusing on elements that make the place unique."

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João Cruz - Persona

João Cruz
36 Pages
215 x 275 mm
Hardcover, hand stitched
Digital Printing
Price: €16 + shipping

"The actor is a cornerstone of Theater, being the target of several considerations through the twentieth century, acquiring a relevant place in today’s society. The fact that the actor plays others than himself, taking the name Persona, leads us to question values of personal identity and truth."

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Rene de Haan - Mooi

Rene de Haan
152 pages
245 x 345mm
numbered edition of 1000
Offset printing
€30,95 (without shipping costs)

"Mooi (the Dutch word for beauty) is a selection of my uncommissioned work, mostly nudes, from the past 15 years. So yes, the pictures in this book contain nudity for sure, but nudity is not the main subject, they're more portraits of young women than erotic displays. The majority is shot without styling and make-up, pure and honest, mainly shot with daylight, and very little photoshop used."

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