28 May 2013

Joachim Schmid - Menschen des 20. Jahrhunderts

Menschen des 20. Jahrhunderts
Joachim Schmid
16 A4 booklets in a box, 24 pages each
edition of 25 copies
digital offset
120 €

"The photographic project Menschen des 20. Jahrhunderts (People of the Twentieth Century) began as an experiment to see if there was any logic behind which newsworthy photographs make it to the front covers of newspapers, and how this may correspond with the diversity of photographs of the respective event. Created between August 1985 and March 1987, the final collection consists of fifteen chapters, each containing repetitive images of a particular person that, for some reason or another has made it onto the front covers of German newspapers."

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24 May 2013

Various photographers - 'back' and white

Title: "Back" and white
Contributions by: Guido Gazzilli, Michela Palermo,Tommaso Parrillo, Pietro Firrincieli, Giangiacomo Pepe, Michela Fabbrocino and David De La Cruz
Limited edition of 100
36 pages, 28 photos
digital print on 150gr paper
15cm x 21cm
price 5 EUR

" 'back' and white is a collection of 7 photographers, where each author participates with 4 pictures , since there is a specific theme, with the exception of black and white, the result is an evocative collection of all kinds of photography."

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23 May 2013

Various artists - Rheum

Various artists
200x 270 mm
104 pages
edition size: 250
35 Euro

"An essay on a contemporary understanding of authenticity and authorship. A collection of images representing things we think are quite interesting. An ode to Thomas Bernhard. Much more."

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Nemanja Pančić and Marco Risović - If I exorcise my devils, my angels may leave too

If I exorcise my devils, my angels may leave too
Nemanja Pančić and Marco Risović
50 pages (22+28), BW, printed on Fedrigoni Freelife Cento 140 gsm
cover: black cardboard 180gsm
Dos a Dos hand-made binding with red linen thread
200×150 mm
price: 13£ + P&P
edition of 100

"When the going gets tough, people have to believe in something, reinvent themselves and everything goes. Dusko chose the French Foreign Legion. Too weird to live, too rare to die.
Two Serbian stories: photo reportage at its best."

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20 May 2013

Marco Ugolini - Approximately 50%

Approximately 50%
Marco Ugolini
16 pages & insert
13x18cm / 5x7in
Edition of 50
color digital

"Using everyday objects, Marco Ugolini designates a material economy, imaging critique both in and of static figures. "

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Riccardo Nava - La Cuisine

La Cuisine
Riccardo Nava
60 pages
15,7x21 cm
Price: 10€

"La Cuisine is a project that show some meals made in 1 year in the kitchen of the author. The photos are simply and raw as they appears to show better how real is the meal."

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Jacopo Benassi - Slippers

A work by: Jacopo Benassi
Editor: Antibtomic/self-publishing
Size: 21,05 x 29,05 / B&W+ Box in wood
Edition: 1000
Digital printed /Publisystem
Price: 40€ + shipping

"When I first found out about my homosexuality, the boy whom I was attracted to, was wearing slippers. The oddest thing is, that I was attracted by them more than I was by the guy himself. This book collects all the slippers I have used and treasured since then. It is a work about a part of my life, formerly private and now become public. They represent a significant element of my coming out."

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Christophe Le Toquin - Éléments d'une typologie de l'urbanisation contemporaine d'un village français de deux mille huit cent trente neuf habitants - Vol #2

Title : Éléments d'une typologie de l'urbanisation contemporaine d'un village français de deux mille huit cent trente neuf habitants - Vol #2
Name of artist : Christophe Le Toquin
Number of pages 24
Size : 18 x 24 cm
Edition size 50
Digital printing
Price 15 euros plus shipping

"This book is the second in a series of 10 books about a French village. After the evocation of vegetation in volume #1, we closely follow the water, source of life, through the village"

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19 May 2013

Ye Rin Mok - Travis Heights

travis heights
Ye Rin Mok
24 pages
14 x 20.5cm
staple bound cardstock cover, color laser
 numbered edition of 50

"these photos were taken in a neighborhood of south austin one afternoon"

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Dimitri Karakostas and Sonia D'Argenzio - Sometimes I Think of You Everyday

Sometimes I Think of You Everyday
Dimitri Karakostas and Sonia D'Argenzio
176 pages
b/w laser on recycled paper
spiral bound
price: $20

"Nine exhibitions / nine countries / three months / 2012."

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Marco van Duyvendijk and Xiaoxiao Xu - Love Doll Factory

Title: Love Doll Factory
Artists: Marco van Duyvendijk and Xiaoxiao Xu
32 pages
16,5 cm by 20,5 cm (6.5 inch by 8.1 inch)
Edition: 500
Type of Printing: offset, full colour
Price: 17 euro including shipping (19 euro outside the Netherlands)

 "In early 2012 Marco van Duyvendijk and Xiaoxiao Xu visited the Ya Mei Plastic Factory. This small factory in China produce love dolls. The book Love Doll Factory is a small tribute to the factory and it’s workers. It is a delightful little book, made in loveable pink colours and with a highly enjoyable soft touch cover."

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15 May 2013

Kensington Leverne - Powerful Morning Energy

Powerful Morning Energy
Kensington Leverne
56 pages including cover
edition of 100
£8.20 including postage within the UK

 "A collection of black and white photographs taken backstage at London Fashion Weeks"

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14 May 2013

Conny Fornbäck - Delicatessen

Conny Fornbäck
128 pages
170x240 mm / 6.69" x 9.45"
1.000 copies
240 SEK (appr. $34 / €26) + shipping

"A fashion book without clothes, a food book without recipes."

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Rebecca Welsh - Wandering through Woods and Fields of New Hampshire

Wandering through Woods and Fields of New Hampshire
Rebecca Welsh
One of a kind handmade book
3.25" x 4.25"
14 pages
$45 plus shipping from New Hampshire, USA

 "Rambling through the woods and fields of New Hampshire, I gather images from the natural world that speak to me. At home I play with the images and research the natural wonders and write down what interests me into book form"

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13 May 2013

Erik van der Weijde - Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise
Erik van der Weijde
Tabloid zine
16p / Tabloid size
1000 (100 for sale)
Rotation offset printed in NY
€8 + shipping

"Birds of Paradise is a project made especially for Brooklyn Shelf Life, commissioned by Brooklyn Academy of Music. This tabloid sized paper shows a cut-and-paste re-interpretation of a book on War Tanks, based on a sketched version made in Japan during a long night."

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Mariya Ustymenko - Kievbound

Mariya Ustymenko
24pp, A5
Edition: 50
Printing: Digital
Price: £5.00

‘Faulty, blurry and grainy, departing far from traditional standards of black and white photography, these images convey a state of mind rather than document a certain place or time. Beauty or ugliness is beyond equation here. The story, I guess, is about the humanity of its characters – dogs, birds, people, and buildings.’

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airi - SABAKU -lesson.1-

SABAKU -lesson.1-
36 pages
16cm x 23cm
Edition size: 400
Type of printing: Offset
Price: 16 € + shipping

 "‘Sabaku’, in Japanese, means the desert. The desert may confound; judgment suspended. Images and words blur, in front of you. And you may see other things, if you can come again: lessons 2, 3 …"

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Jurgen Maelfeyt - Breasts

Jurgen Maelfeyt
13,5 x 19 cm
32 pages
Risograph print edition of 250 + special edition of 250 copies for The Word Magazine
€ 10 + shipping

"'Breasts' is 32 page Riso zine by Jurgen Maelfeyt collecting a series of found images edited from vintage erotic magazines. The zine is not a reproduction of an existing collection but the result of a research project. The (Riso) printing method is a very important part of the process for altering the quality of the pictures."

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08 May 2013

Helena Rovira - No los conozco

Title: No los conozco
Artist: Helena Rovira
12 pages
14.8 x 21 cm
Edition size: 18 numbered copies
type of printing: laser black and white
Price: 2 EUR + shipping

"Lack communication in third person"

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Joseph Wilcox - Permanent Record

Permanent Record
Joseph Wilcox
42 pages
27.9 x 21.6 cm, 11 x 8.5 in
Black and White Laser
$18 US / $22 International (shipping included)

"For the last three years, I have been working at a suburban high school as a teacher. During my first year, when cleaning out a storage closet in my classroom, I came across hundreds of incident reports that had been stored there. I made copies of these documents and returned them to their original location in the closet. As I read through the texts, I immediately noticed the subtle details describing the high school experience. I felt as if these incidents should be given visual representation. Over the subsequent years, I created photographs to illustrate each account."

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airi - Histoire of R

Title: Histoire of R
Artist: airi.
44 pages
19,5cm x 25cm
Edition size: 400
Type of printing: Offset
Price: 18 € + shipping

"In the images, the spaces and between the pages lies an invocation; story of R."

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Martin Stöbich - We used to dream

Title: We used to dream
Artist: Martin Stöbich
40 pages
300 numbered copies
Offset printing
10 Euro

"Although wherefrom do we know what the world is in need of. Vienna, Edinburgh, Budapest, Karlsruhe, Berlin, Barcelona and Göttweig. Originated in the years 2008 and 2009."

Juergen Schmidt - Sensible Heat

Title: Sensible Heat
Artist: Juergen Schmidt
36 pages
17 × 21 cm; 6,7 × 8,4 inches approx. (unfolded Leporello: 306 × 21 cm; 120,5 × 8,4 inches)
Edition size: 200 numbered copies
Type of printing: offset duotone
Price: 42 EUR + shipping

"»Sensible Heat« is a series of 33 black and white portraits of young people photographed spontaneously open-air on occasion of several Hip-Hop sessions (2006-2012) and other social events. Taken before a black background the portraits concentrate upon the models faces and their individual expression. The term »Sensible Heat« indicates the exchange of warmth between two systems – in this case referring to the interaction between photographer and model."

06 May 2013

Maggie Harrsen - Solidago

by Maggie Harrsen
32 pages, 6 x 8 inches
saddle stitched, soft cover
edition of 100, signed
25 USD

"A collection of photographs documenting the native, maritime flower Solidago (seaside goldenrod) through its various life cycles and relationship to Mother Earth by way of the sea, insects, sun and wind. As all living beings carry an individual etheric vibration, these works aim to study this single yellow flower, its essence and healing capacity."

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03 May 2013

Paula Holtz - Les enracinés

Title: Les enracinés
Artist: Paula Holtz
68 pages
23 x 29 cm, 9.1 x 11.4 inch
Edition size: 50
Type of printing: digital
Price: EUR 25 + shipping

"'Les enracinés' is about the close attachment that young people from Princeville (Québec, Canada) have to their remote home town. Princeville is situated in the countryside between the towns of Québec and Montréal. The representation of traditional and modern appears again and again in my work. As if standing before a backdrop where time has stood still the young people, who appear modern and globalised, are in stark contrast to their surroundings, to scenes of an ideal world where tradition is still evident."

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Eddie Major - Lust & Swagger

Title: Lust and Swagger
Artist: Eddie Major
42 pages 
5.25″x8.25″ (13.3 x 21cm)
Edition: 100 copies, numbered and signed
Printing type: Digital, full colour
Price: $15AUD includes postage

"In late November each year, thousands of Australian high school students celebrate their graduation with a festival of indulgent drinking and partying. It represents Australian youthful exuberance and barbarian drunkenness at its peak. A summer landscape awash with drunken swagger, lithe bodies completely bereft of any intellectual engagement whatsoever."

01 May 2013

Chris Anthony - Seas Without A Shore

Seas Without A Shore
Chris Anthony
144 pages, 10" x 12.25", 25cm x 30.6cm
1000 copies (200 limited edition)
Offset printing
$50 for standard edition / $95 for limited edition

"SEAS WITHOUT A SHORE is a magical, mysterious photography book of tintypes, portraits, still lifes and seascapes."

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