31 December 2016

Nathan Pearce - i took a train trip with my grandma

i took a train trip with my grandma
by Nathan Pearce
8 pages, 8.5 x 5.5 inches
Price $5

"In the summer of 2016 I took a train with my Grandmother from southern Illinois to Seattle."

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20 December 2016

Björn Allemann - Am Platz ein Baum

Am Platz ein Baum
by Björn Allemann
Design: Lars Egert
32 pages, 16,5 cm x 21,5 cm
Offset printing
30 CHF + international shipping costs

"All photographs were taken between 2011 and 2013 at Paradeplatz in Zurich."

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Matt Borruso - Wax House of Wax

Wax House of Wax
by Matt Borruso
112 pages, 10.25 X 8"
digital printing, full color, handmade, screen printed cloth hardcover, hand sewn binding
First edition of 150
$50.00 + shipping

"Images are incised, effaced, and reoriented, their figures redacted, and their seams amplified. Replicated in mirrors, they enter the reaching non-space of multiplied reflections."

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Joseph Wilcox - Hall Pass #1

Hall Pass #1
by Joseph Wilcox
34 pages, 21.6 x 14 cm, 8.5 x 5.5 inches
No Edition
$5 US / $20 International

“In Mr. Wilcox’s art classes at Lane Tech High School, the hall pass is a Canon AE-1 35mm camera. If a student needs to use the pass, they are asked to trade a photograph for use of the pass. Mr. Wilcox then curates these photos into a zine. Students suggest ideas for how to spend the profits and then vote for where the money goes. The profits from this issue will be donated to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe - Dakota Access Pipeline Donation Fund.”

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Manca Juvan - Guardians of the Spoon

Guardians of the Spoon
Manca Juvan
Saša Petejan, Urška Strle, Slavoj Žižek
112,  21,1x26,8cm
Offset printing
300 copies
49 Eur

"This book sheds light on some fragments of the destinies of Slovene victims of Italian Fascist camps; it is an attempt to give voice to the politically induced loss of historic memory and it represents an act of remembrance - a way to pay respect to the past victims and survivors of Italian camps and their relatives.

Award on 32. Slovenian bookfair (2016) for best design among monographic and bibliophilic books."

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11 December 2016

Marton Gosztonyi - Airlift to Berlin

Airlift to Berlin
by Marton Gosztonyi
50 pages, 200mmx141mm
Digital print
Edition of 50
£10 + shipping
"For me the interesting thing about Berlin was the similarities to my hometown Budapest, as both cities share quite a few post communist features. Looking at the streets and the buildings, I had this weird feeling of being somewhere new but very familiar at the same time."

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Thomas Boivin - A Short Story

A Short Story
Thomas Boivin
22x31 cm, 108 pages
Digital printing, 380 copies (second edition)
25 € + shipping

"A short story. A love story. A dialogue. Love on the left bank meets Before sunrise. Playful, delightful, sad and heartfelt. Wonderful text and wonderful images work so wonderfully well in the cinematic layout." - Stefan Vanthuyne

Matthias Kümpel - Wenn es dunkel wird, kommst du nach Hause!

Wenn es dunkel wird, kommst du nach Hause!
by Matthias Kümpel
40 pages, 8.25" x 10.75“
Zine, 24 + 1 black&white photographs
limited edition of 36 numbered copies
8 EUR (Germany) / 12 EUR (incl. worldwide shipping)

"A short story taking you into the darkness, told in 24 black&white photographs."

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06 December 2016

Fábio Miguel Roque - Awaken

by Fábio Miguel Roque
Design & Sequence: Fábio Miguel Roque
Production: Peter Oey
44 pages, 210 x 148 mm
Softcover, Japanese four hole stab binding
HP Indigo Print
Cover: Pop'set recycled black 240grs
Inside: Biotop recycled off white 250grs
Edition of 25 copies
30,00 € + shipping

"Awaken is a strange and mysterious journey through the night."

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various artists - LDOC Collected Edition

LDOC Collected Edition
featuring Kirsten Aguilar, Yuan Changming, Philip Dembinski, Amy Giacalone, Liz Grear, Eric Hazen, Alex Jaros, Rachel Jump, Rita Koehler, Jennifer B. Larson, Megan Magill, Hannah McHugh, Sahar Mustafah, Meg T. Noe, Nathan Pearce, Carly Ries, John Steck Jr., Natalie Unger, Pablo Vindel, Guanyu Xu, Victor Yañez-Lazcano, Lauren Zallo
24 issues, 4 pages each, 34 x 17.75 cm, 13.375 x 7 inches
Offset Prints
Edition of 50
$25 US / $40 International

“LDOC was a free creative writing and photography publication distributed to Red Line train riders in Chicago through newspaper boxes and hand-to-hand distribution. Each month’s issue featured two installments of an emerging Chicago artist and writer. The publication was co-created by Danielle & Joseph Wilcox with the hope of bringing art to audiences that might not otherwise engage with it.”

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05 December 2016

Fergus Coyle - Don't Stop Now

Don't Stop Now
by Fergus Coyle
44 pages, 255mmx210mm, wire stitched
Digital printing
Edition of 50
£10 + shipping

"A collection of photograph taken crossing the US on a cycle road trip."

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29 November 2016

Kramer O'Neill - Stills From Imaginary Movies, no. 3

Stills From Imaginary Movies, no. 3
by Kramer O'Neill
42 pages, 14.8 x 21cm / 5.8 x 8.3 in
Digital Printing
Edition of 60
$10 + shipping

"The latest installment of life as cinema as life."

Jessie Churchill - Dawn.

Jessie Churchill
44 Pages
21 x 29.7 cm / 8.3 x11.7 inches
Colour offset

"Dawn. Is the time before noon, with the early risers and quiet light. Dawn. Is compiled of photographs (35mm) taken early in the day, over a 2 year period, 2014-2016."

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25 November 2016

Nuno Ferreira Monteiro - Impressões / Impressions

Impressões / Impressions
by Nuno Ferreira Monteiro
74 pages, A4
Black and White Digital Print
Edition of 500
15,00 € + shipping
Bilingual text in both Portuguese and English

"Impressions documents a photographic journey through Southeast Asia featuring photos from cities and small villages in Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam."

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Christian Reister - DRIFTWOOD 3 | Berlin

DRIFTWOOD 3 | Berlin
by Christian Reister
32 b/w pages
14.8 x 21 cm / 5.83 x 8.27 inches
digital printing, saddle stitch
Edition: 50
€ 40 + shipping for 4 issues of Driftwood
€ 12 + shipping for this zine alone

"Berlin - dark, grainy, dirty and blurred black and white photography"

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Various artists - Mythologique

by Elena Anosova, Ekaterina Ashitkova, Natalia Baluta, Anastasia Bogomolova, Varvara Kuzmina, Sergey Poteryaev, Juliana Semenova
Introduction: Anastasia Bogomolova
Design: Tungus Bodr
16 pages, 21 × 28 cm (8,2 х 11 inches)
Digital print, two types of paper
Edition: 60 copies
Languages: English, Russian
€ 8 + shipping

"The collective project of seven artists from Russia, dedicated to the study of the regional mythology. The space cold in Yakutsk, the search for traces of collision with the Universe, the myth of the space pioneer, the story of the pilot-spy, unreal urban landscapes, people who departed from the shore of the Aral Sea and the life of hunters from the Nizhnaya Tunguska are the parts of this zine."

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Arnis Balcus - Victory Park

Victory Park
by Arnis Balcus
84 pages, 23×29 cm
Section-sewn, swiss-bound
Offset print
Published by Brave Books
Edition of 500
€30 + shipping

"Arnis Balcus’s photobook Victory Park focuses on a particular location in the Latvian capital of Riga, a park with a complex history overlaid with the policies of former regimes and cumbersome social realities. This photographic work is more than just documentation or research material – the spontaneity of the shots and the juxtaposition of the images in the book creates an impression of an artistic experiment carried out in-situ."

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18 November 2016

David Gonçalves - Where the Wound Lies

Where the Wound Lies
by David Gonçalves
36 pages, A5
Black and White Digital Print
Inside Paper - Splendorgel Extra White 100 gr
Cover Paper -Splendorgel Extra White 300gr
Edition of 40, numbered
7,00 € + shipping

"To speak of the wound in times of terror. The time of the photographs is later than the end. Nothing left to see, if not the decay in an eternal return."

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Dennis Neal Vaughn - Betwixt and Between

Betwixt and Between
by Dennis Neal Vaughn
66 pages, 55 color plates, 8.5" x 8.5" (21.59cm x 21.59cm)
digital 4 color press, printed on 176 gsm uncoated paper.
Cover is printed 4/0 on uncoated cover stock.
limited edition of 100, signed and numbered with unique print
$19.95 + shipping

"Betwixt And Between is a conversation about seeing the Sisyphean struggle to survive. The ability to live in the cracks, the edge of life, underfoot and overlooked. The unobserved."

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16 November 2016

Algis Griskevicius - TADA

by Algis Griskevicius
Additional contributor: Leonidas Donskis
21×24 cm. / 64+16 pages / + silver gelatin print (15x12 cm.)
offset printing
Edition: 99+1AP
60 Euros + shipping

The book reveals photographs taken in between 1985 – 1995 (last decade of Communist regime in Lithuania) and were used as visual material and inspiration for paintings. The constructive look of the author purifies the Soviet architectural landscape towards the symmetric compositions ant turns them into certain sculptural compositions. The introductions essay by philosopher Leonidas Donskis “Started and unfinished reality” fits few possibilities for interpretation."

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Neil Trefor Hughes - Swn-y-Don

by Neil Trefor Hughes
58 Pages
210mm x 148mm (A5)
Offset printed
Edition of 44

"Swn y Don translates as sound of the wave."

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Mark Anthony Brown Jr. - The Way Light Works: Vol. 1

The Way Light Works: Vol. 1
by Mark Anthony Brown Jr.
Editors: Joi Sears, Mark Bricker and Austin Radcliffe.
8''x10'', 58 pages, color and black & white images\
soft cover, perfect bound
Digital printing
Edition of 50
$26 +shipping

"The Way Light Works: Vol. 1 is the first print collection of artist, photographer Mark Anthony Brown Jr., known on the internet as @markbwavy. The collection of photos explore the phenomenon of light. The book offers over 50+ colour and black and white photographs ranging from the artists start as a photographer up to the year 2016."

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Philipp Zechner - Tokyo Radiant

Tokyo Radiant
by Philipp Zechner
84 pages, 30x20cm (11.6x8.3 inches)
Color infrared photographs
Digital print, Hardcover
€ 30 + shipping

“Tokyo Radiant” portrays the Japanese capital following the Great Tohoku Earthquake that struck the country in 2011. In color infrared pictures, it captures the uncertainty and eerieness that struck the country following the triple catastrophe of earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear meltdown at Fukushima Daichi power plant.”


Chris Daly - Soap and Rocket

Soap and Rocket
by Chris Daly
48 pages, 14.8 x 21.0 cm & 5.83 x 8.27 inches
Digital printing
£9 + postage

"Soap and Rocket, Episode 3 – The Beautiful Game. Pictures depict a single game from the 1972 World Chess Championship, held in Reykjavik Iceland - Game No. 6, Sunday 23 July, Fischer (USA) v Spassky (USSR). Queen’s Gambit Declined: Tartaktower Defence Exchange Variation (D59)."

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06 November 2016

Jonathan Levitt - Mawooshen: Life & Landscape of the Maritime Archaic

Mawooshen: Life & Landscape of the Maritime Archaic
by Jonathan Levitt
200 pages, 8.375” x 10.75”
Offset printing
300 edition includes four-color lithograph signed on verso

"Among the islands and coastal mountains of Penobscot Bay in Maine, Jonathan Levitt uncovers a mythological ecology of place— a map of the uncanny."

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05 November 2016

Shane Lavalette - One Sun, One Shadow

One Sun, One Shadow
by Shane Lavalette
Afterword by Tim Davis
124 pages, 9 x 10.75 in. / 22.86 x 27.31 cm.
Offset printing
Edition: 1500

"Shane Lavalette was commissioned by the High Museum of Art in Atlanta to create a new series of photographs for their 2012 exhibition, “Picturing the South.” Lavalette’s monograph, One Sun, One Shadow, is an extension of this body of work."

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03 November 2016

Stefano Vigni - An archaeology

An archaeology
by Stefano Vigni 
Seipersei / Self published
24×30cm, Softcover, 48 pp.
Indigo - PressUp printing
Color and B/W,  2016
€18 + shipping

"An archaeology is a trip through time; it’s about how an old object once found by an archaeologist’s gets to us and communicate the real signs of its time, the information about the people who have used it, and in particular the time travel that this object had to do to bring us valuable information."

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31 October 2016

Peter Oey - Lisboa

by Peter Oey
68 pages, 21x14,8 cm
HP Indigo Print
Cover Paper - Gardapat Kiara 250 gr
Inside Paper - Gardapat Kiara 135 gr
published: October 2016
15 € + shipping

"The pictures were made in 1996, so it is very interesting to see the differences that operated in the city since then."

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30 October 2016

Marte Aas - Sitters (Angle 16°)

Sitters (Angle 16°)
by Marte Aas
24 pages, 14,8 x 20 cm
Booklet, saddle stitched
Offset print
Published by Multiples
Edition of 360
€ 11 / free shipping

"Aas shows a series of portraits of Norwegian artists posing more or less undressed in front of her camera in positions they have worked out together. The photographed artists, who themselves possess much knowledge of visual codes and esthetic expression, are given a major say in how they will be presented. The boundary between subject and object is blurred; power relations are disturbed, dislocated."

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29 October 2016

Simon Becker - Otherland

by Simon Becker
Numbered edition of 100
b/w digital printing / stapled
52 pages, 294 x 214mm
£10.00 (inc UK postage)

"I came to otherland to see a country at a critical crossroads. I came home with a completely different story: one about its youth, its heritage, its people’s rough edges and soft spots; and also one about myself, about my love and frustration, and why I chose to show no evidence of what and where otherland actually is."

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28 October 2016

various artists - Rabbit Rabbit

Rabbit Rabbit
by Mika Aono, Nathalie Brilliant, Rachelle Bussières, Joanne Easton, Marshall Elliott, Camden Hardy, Elise Kirk, Natalie Krick, Victoria Maidhof, Takako Matoba, Aram Muksian, Anh-Thuy Nguyen, Michelle Ott, Özlem Ayse Özgür, Megan Reed, T. Rios, Anna Rose, Ileana Tejada, Dr. Marcy Willard, Dr. Cori Wong, and Raheleh Minoosh Zomorrodinia.

104 pp, 14 x 21.5cm, 5.5 x 8.5in
Digital printing, Indigo press
Edition of 500. First 200 copies sold include a limited edition collectable postcard beautifully crafted from a 1940's illustration sourced from Big Bad Bettie's archive.
 $40 USD + shipping

"Rabbit Rabbit is an annual curated journal of emerging artists and innovators.  RR01 Transition brings together recent graduates in a variety of fields, each of them in the midst of navigating their own transition from the boundaries of graduate school to the murky lines of the “real world”.   Conceived as a "portable exhibition", Rabbit Rabbit boasts a luxurious cover, compact size, high-quality printing, and unique design that interweaves imagery, essays, exclusive interviews, and even a guided tour."

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Letícia Lampert - The Color Scale of Things

The Color Scale of Things
by Letícia Lampert
86 pages, 6 x 28 x 2 cm
offset printing
edition of 1500
R$ 135 /international shipping included ( approx USD 40)

"Inspired by the Pantone Color Guide and other color books, The Color Scale of Things is an artist book that translates and plays with the relations between colors, words and images. There are 70 colors presented through the photos of elements that we use in common language to name colors, like “leaf green”, “egg yellow”, “navy blue” and so on."

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24 October 2016

Daniel Donnelly - Conveyor to the ceiling

Conveyor to the ceiling
by Daniel Donnelly
28 pp, Folded 12 x 8 cm
Museum gift shop bag: 21 x 15cm
Museum gift shop ruler: 15cm
Offset printing
Edition: 250
Price: £10.00 + shipping

"A little book about trying to visit a big ceiling in the Sistine Chapel."

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23 October 2016

Jude Star - Do You Believe In Magic?

Do You Believe In Magic?
by Jude Star
60 pages, 8.5" x 10.5"
Inkjet printing
Numbered edition of 200
Price: $25

"Jude Star is a Toronto-based photographer whose work involves immersing himself in fringe cultures to explore psychedelic experiences and/or mystical states. His new book Do You Believe in Magic? captures the "weirdness and self exploration" of the music festival scene in British Columbia."

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Christophe Le Toquin - Éléments d'une typologie de l'urbanisation contemporaine d'un village français de deux mille huit cent trente neuf habitants - Vol #9

Éléments d'une typologie de l'urbanisation contemporaine d'un village français de deux mille huit cent trente neuf habitants - Vol #9
by Christophe Le Toquin
24 pp, 18 x 24 cm
Digital printing
Edition size 50
€15 + shipping

"This book is the eighth in a series of 10 books about a French village. After the evocation of vegetation in volume #1, water in volume #2, public places and equipment in volume #3, typology of networks in volume #4, fences and boundaries in volume #5, housing and residential estates in volume #6, signs and typography in volume #7, industrial estate in volume #8, volume #9 is dedicated to the decayed areas with a text by Ian Bamford, PhD from the Ulster University - Belfast."

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Kerstin Flake - Replaces (Angle 15°)

Replaces (Angle 15°)
by Kerstin Flake
24 pages, 14,8 x 20 cm
Booklet, saddle stitched
Offset print
Published by Multiples
Edition of 360
€ 11 / free shipping

"Flake has photographed installations in her studio space in Leipzig in the former East Germany. This region is marked by the confluence of new capital in the form of real-estate speculation and the decline of old industrial complexes. The photographs show spaces where the original function of the interiors has been altered and reorganized."

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20 October 2016

Jonathan Levitt - Mawooshen: Life & Landscape of the Maritime Archaic

Mawooshen: Life & Landscape of the Maritime Archaic
by Jonathan Levitt
200 pages, 8.375” x 10.75”
Offset printing
edition of 300, includes four-color lithograph signed on verso

"Among the islands and coastal mountains of Penobscot Bay in Maine, Jonathan Levitt uncovers a mythological ecology of place— a map of the uncanny."

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19 October 2016

Eden Lai - Monochrome

by Eden Lai
40 pages , 210 x 297 mm
Black and White Laser printing
Edition: 20
Price: 600 twd ( approx USD19)

"Eden Lai's photography is a continuing process. It's about collisions between the unexpected and obscure. His photographs collect the resonance of my inner self, containing a mix of memories and curiosity in a daily dose."

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Michelle Abadie - In and Out of the Venice Biennale

In and Out of the Venice Biennale
by Michelle Abadie
48pp, 148mm x 205mm (approx)
Inkjet printing, hand bound
£20 plus delivery

"Photographs of Venice and its Biennale. The desaturated and saturated images represent the lack of response of the eyes’ iris as the visitor moves in and out of Venice’s bright squares and dark corridors."

Letícia Lampert - 拆 [chai]

拆 [chai]
by Letícia Lampert
80 pages, 21 x 15 cm
offset printing
edition of 200, signed and numberd
R$ 135 /international shipping included

"[chai] To demolish, to destroy, to dismantle: action scheduled to happen in large residential areas in Chinese cities such as Shanghai. The ideogram, sprayed on the walls, announces that soon nothing will remain. The recurrence and scale of these scenes astonishes the passersby, and amidst those debris, almost as a last breath, signs of private life, now exposed, invites us to fill those sites with invented memories while we still can witness them."

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17 October 2016

Anna Meschiari - Are We Alone?

Are We Alone?
Anna Meschiari
80 pages, 21 x 29,7 cm
Offset printing
200 copies + 25 special edition
24 € + shipping
special edition : 86 € + shipping

"The publication Are We Alone? is jointly based on a preparatory documentation to Mulhouse Biennale of Photography (Public Library of Mulhouse, 4.06 - 03.09.2016) and views of the exhibition, the first stage of an itinerant project. It comes in the form of an observation and investigation notebook (in the standard format of an A4 notebook) but also museum documentation of the current project. Beyond the iconographic material chosen for the exhibition of BPM, it offers a number of extensions to this work in progress. Glossy paper refers to the processes of the spectacular industry that probe, in part, this work of appropriation."

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16 October 2016

Various artists - Rooted12, no. 3

Rooted12, no. 3
by Jacob Byk, Lathan Goulas, Eric Ginnard, Ed Glazar, Isaac Smith, Daniel Brenner, and Nathan Pearce.
52 pp, 8.5" x 5.5" / 216 x 140 mm
Xerox printing
$7 + shipping

"Rooted12 Magazine just dropped our third issue. We are a zine focussed on supporting up-and-coming talent in the world of documentary photography. Each issue presents different images and stories from throughout the 12 Midwestern states in the US."

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Susanne M. Winterling - Photographs des buttes (Angle 14°)

Photographs des buttes (Angle 14°)
by Susanne M. Winterling
24 pages, 14,8 x 20 cm
Booklet, saddle stitched
Offset print
Published by Multiples
Edition of 360
€ 11 / free shipping

"Winterling has photographed a small group of people based in Paris. At the center of this group is an older intellectual named Alain, and with his small apartment as a main base they carry out an underground fellowship involving free thought with a philosophical approach to political and economic questions. The group documents its activity via camera and pen on various closed internet platforms."

Pascal Anders - CCTV

by Pascal Anders
40 pages, 16 images
13 x 20 cm, 5×8 inches
Color Offset printed
First edition of 100 copies

“CCTV features 16 portraits of video surveillance cameras.“

06 October 2016

Sanja Bistricic - 1.

by Sanja Bistricic
design by Jan Pavlovic
64 pages, 63 pictures, 21 cm x 14,8 cm
120 g/m2 maxi offset paper
Edition: 200 signed copies
Price: 15 €

"Sanja Bistričić's book "1" includes photos from her various professional projects and personal archive which were taken in a period from 2009 to 2014. The book is a mixture of fashion, documentary and art photography that not only records her recent work but focuses on the human body as a natural sculpture in its interaction with various natural and artificial environments."

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Michael Ast - a musing from the rocking dock

a musing from the rocking dock
by Michael Ast
74 pages, 21x14,8 cm
HP Indigo Print
Cover Paper - Gardapat Kiara 250 gr
Inside Paper - Gardapat Kiara 135 gr
Edition of 100
24,00 € + Shipping

"Michael Ast’s “a musing from the rocking dock” takes the viewer on an unabashed reverie through coastal landscapes, nude beaches, mountain plains and lakes, conflating both traveled terrain and vantage point."

03 October 2016

Chantal Rens - Kanada

by Chantal Rens
self-published / Pantofle Books
28 pages, 20,5 x 14,5 cm
photocopy (b&w) on coloured paper, different colour range in each book
softcover, staple bound
edition of 250, signed and numbered
€ 12 + shipping

"Collection of collages reproduced on coloured paper. Including (a.o.): 'Head and Shoulders', 'Pincode' and 'Common sense is a hungry bitch'."

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Fabrizio Musu - The Silence Between Darkness And Light

The Silence Between Darkness And Light
by Fabrizio Musu (photographs) & Lomìno (music)
15x21 cm, 60 pages, black&white
digital printing on 120gsm recycled paper
cover on 300gsm recycled paper
50 hand-numbered copies - each copy comes with additional cd soundtrack
13 € + shipping

"An intimate mapping of nonexistent places."

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28 September 2016

Hart+Lëshkina - Beyond the Clouds

Beyond the Clouds
By Hart+Lëshkina
Designed by Hideki Nakajima
Published by Total Visual Shop
Hardcover, Smyth sewn binding
96 pages, 72 color plates
19 x 26cm
Printed in USA. Full color offset
Edition of 500

"In their new book Beyond the Clouds, the photographic duo Hart+Lëshkina explore the many layers that comprise desire, longing, fragility and hope. With a book design by the acclaimed Japanese art director and graphic designer Hideki Nakajima, Hart+Lëshkina use such ephemeral materials as ice, snow, flowers and human detritus (nails, hair, teeth, bodily fluids) to allude to the transience of life. The pictures examine the human body burdened by its own impermanence, speaking to the most primal of human experiences: mortality, pain, elation and the desire for intimacy."

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Rachel Woroner - Excerpts from 2013

Excerpts from 2013
by Rachel Woroner
16 pages, linen soft cover
digital printing
15 CAD + shipping

"Excerpts From 2013 is a small collection of statements from an ex partner paired with my photography. A brief peek into some of the violence I’ve faced in our patriarchal society. This is a scrapbook, excerpts from my digital paper trail, an attempt to heal, re-grow, re-evaluate."

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