30 March 2016

Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson - Portraits by Waiters

Portraits by Waiters
By Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson
Text insert by Sara Rundgren Yazdani
110 pages, 56 photographic illustrations
14,8 x 20 x 1,2 cm/5,83 x 7,87 x 0,47 inches
Digital print
Edition of 250

"Portraits by Waiters contains images of Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson posing in front of his own camera in different rooms, on different occasions. When reading the photos one will follow his private daily life and may soon notice that he appears as bored, isolated and eager at the same time. In his exploration of photography as a means of documentation and the contemporary use and status of the medium, Jóhannsson has created a visual diary of himself."

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Rodrigo Ramos - Ex Corde

Ex Corde
by Rodrigo Ramos
Additional contributors: Emiliano Molina, Alejandra Magdaleno
8 diptychs of paper in a folder (32 pages), 38 x 27.5 cm
offset printing
edition of 500
$21 + shipping

"Inspired by the pictorial image of the martyr San Sabastian, Ex Corde (Latin phrase that means “from the heart”) is a documentary project with boxers; however, I wanted to distance myself from the representation of the sport by way of images that made reference to pain and fragility."

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29 March 2016

Julius Smit - Tramp

by Julius Smit
Published by Eyeglass
48 pages (including 230gsm card cover & 4 experimental text pages)
14.8 x 21 cm  /  5.83 x 8.27 inches
Saddle stitch binding, 90gsm matt
B/W digital printing
Edition:  25 numbered copies
£7.50 UK / £9.00 International

"Walking in rural and urban landscapes can be compared to peeling back layers of a life and its accumulated experiences and conversations. Perhaps the paths, tracks and pavements we walk on are the traces and routes of earlier marking and re-creation, offering themselves to a trail of almost limitless reinvented narratives. As we tramp our different paths we are also exploring our personal archives as a means of relating our own memories and histories to the spaces we walk in."

28 March 2016

Erik van der Weijde - Nina

by Erik van der Weijde
32p / 17x24cm
Full colour offset
ed. 300

"Nina' contains photographs of a sleeping dog. Sleeping figures have been present in several of Van der Weijde’s publications in the past and it is, as he states, ‘an unconventional but pure and intimate form of portraiture, where the viewer becomes more of voyeur."

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Vlada Krasilnikova - Little Funny Story

Little Funny Story, issues #1,2,3,4,5
by Vlada Krasilnikova
Design by Lena Kholkina
Each issue is 13x18cm, 64 pages, soft cover, hand bound, inkjet printed
Limited edition of 50 copies each issue, signed and numbered
20€ each issue \ 100€ all five (all five come in a box) + shipping

"New series of zines by Vlada Krasilnikova tell funny stories about men, women, boots, horses, trees, houses, fences, good & bad weather in and around Moscow (and other nice cities)."

26 March 2016

Julia Borissova - Dimitry

Julia Borissova
Self published
88 pages, 145 mm x 190 mm
Die-Cut Hardcover, hand bound
Digital print
First edition of 100 signed and numbered copies
55€ + shipping

"An incident that happened in the end of XVI century Russia became a starting point for this work: Tsarevich Dimitry, the last son of Ivan the Terrible, died under mysterious circumstances from a knife wound to his throat, with people speculating on the possible various causes for his death. Historians are still trying to find the guilty party 400 years later in order to put an end to this confusing historical detective story. I was intrigued by how images of the past can reform in our minds today."

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24 March 2016

Morten Gjerde - Vade Mecum

Vade Mecum
By Morten Gjerde
Published by 4you publishing - Norway
40 pages,21 x 14,8 cm, A5 landscape
Digital print
Paper: Multiart 150 gram silk
ISBN: 978-82-999365-1-4
First edition limited to 50 copies
$ 19.99 - free shipping world wide

"This publication shows 28 black and white photographs in pretty rough character style. The motives are mainly in the street genre, but some pictures are from the comparable genres. You will still recognize the style consistently throughout the release."

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Kazuma Ogaeri - Moso

By Kazuma Ogaeri
144 pages, 15 x 20,5 cm (5.9 x 8.1")
color offset printing
Edition: 500

"Moso poetically explores the traditional representations of the Japanese eroticism in four chapters: 少女 la fille – 自然 la nature – 鉄道 le train – 女性 la femme."

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23 March 2016

Julie Hascoët - Rebuts, charognes, décombres

Rebuts, charognes, décombres
by Julie Hascoët
Published by Editions Croque-Madame
32 pages, A4
Digital printing
Popset cactus green 240gm
Cyclus offset 115gm
Edition: 100
Price 12€ + shipping

"Folio I is the first part of a new series of photobooks treating specifically about the work of a unique photographer gently selected by Editions Croque-Madame team. The selected works have been picked to catch a particular atmosphere. For this first edition, we decided to show the work of Julie Hascoët: a research around remains, ruins, rubble - and a reflexion on the still life."

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21 March 2016

Jack French - Nordic Songs & Fairytales

Nordic Songs & Fairytales
by Jack French
38 Pages, 20cm x 22cm
Digitally printed on Fedrigoni Arcoprint paper 300/170
Hand-sewn binding
Edition of 24, signed and numbered
£17 / €21

"I took these photos on a trip last summer to the Åland Islands. Across the archipelago I came across these hidden, mysterious and dreamlike landscapes: a high rocky outcrop, a lonely stony shore, a deep woodland thickly furred with lichen. All found by chance, guided by curiosity and what catches the eye."

various artists - Road

by Camille Renée Devid, Elisabetta Del Giudice, Fábio Miguel Roque, Filip De Smet, Frédéric Dorizon, Mariya Ustymenko, Peter Oey, Rogier Ten Hacken, and Stavro Papadopoulos
Published by Preto Collective
132 pages, A5. Perfect Bound
HP Indigo Print
Cover - White offset paper 300 gr
Inside - White offset paper 170 gr
Edition of 100, numbered Copies
20,00 € + shipping

"Road, is the first book of Preto Collective. And shows us the interpretation of nine different photographers on their own road. It is a book, open to interpretation."

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Michal Adamski - I can't get through the chaos

I can't get through the chaos
by Michal Adamski
editing by Filip Ćwik, Monika Szewczyk-Wittek, Michał Adamski
design by Kasia Kubicka
48 pages, 13,6x19,4 cm
offset printing
edition: 500

"I cannot get through the chaos is a record of struggling with the death of my parents. They both passed away in the same year, in the same hospital, after several months spent in bed. I accompanied them to the last breath."


20 March 2016

Christopher Bush - River

by Christopher Bush
Edited by Jiyeon Jung
64 Pages, 7 x 9 in / 17 x 22 cm
 Offset Duotone
Edition: 250, signed

"Images from the Kansai region of Japan in early spring, 2015."

Pedro Ramos - Atlantis

by Pedro Ramos
Additional contributors: Adam Jasper
96 pages, 13.4 x 20.1 cm
Offset printing
Edition: 300
Price: €23

"Atlantis by Pedro Ramos is an exercise in dismantling the simple linear notion of time. Its subject is the implosion of the Atlantis hotel in Madeira Island, built in 1972 to capitalize on the burgeoning tourism industry, it was demolished in 2000 to make way for the expanding airport. The implosion was barely a footnote in history."

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16 March 2016

Nick Arjolas - The Good times [...]

The Good times [...]
by Nick Arjolas
Lyrics by Samuel Carro
Softcover xerox 200 gsm- Inside: Cyclus offset 140gsm 108 pages - 16,8x24 cm
Indigo printing
Limited edition of 77 signed copies
Price: €20 + shipping (€2 Italy/ €5 Europe / Other countries €6,50)

Records of a long term personal project. The Good times has grown like a theater of impressions suspended inside.   " ... and you find yourself flicking through the scrawls of your notebooks and they seem to belong to someone else’s life."

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Johannes Groht - Das Tor von Elea

Das Tor von Elea – Kosmografien
by Johannes Groht
Leporello, 1274 x 21 cm (504 x 8 inches), accordion-folded to 29,7 x 21 cm (12 x 8 inches)
loose in cover, 30 x 21 cm (12 x 8 inches), with laser engraving
printed on one single sheet – no glue!
main picture 944 x 14,8 cm (372 x 6 inches), plus three smaller pictures
black and white, digitally printed in four-color
Limited edition of 21 hand numbered, signed copies
99 € (D) | 120 $ (elsewhere, plus shipping costs)

"Das Tor von Elea (The Gate Of Elea) is made of photographs of the frame of a rusty, eroded gate that I found at the foot of the ruins of the ancient greek city of Elea. For me, it's kind of a self-portrait of the surrounding volcanic landscape of the Cilento (Southern Italy), and surprisingly associated with the work of Parmenides of Elea, the greek philosopher, who lived and taught here once. "

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14 March 2016

Hans Biezen - Building

by Hans Biezen
Text and photographs
100 pages, (A5) 21 x 15 cm
Hand bound with linen cover
Printing Brother printer
Edition: 50 copies, numbered and signed
€ 50

"This little book presents my work from 2010 to 2015. Maybe you can call it a multiple. All rooms are real and everything is right."

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11 March 2016

Gabriele Harhoff - Tobiko

by Gabriele Harhoff
42 pages, 31 x 23 cm, 12,20 x 9,05 inches
20 color images digitally printed on 150 gsm paper 
French fold, handmade Japanese, stab binding
comes with a map
Edition of 56 including 5 special editions, all numbered and signed
€ 38 + € 3,60 shipping within Germany 
€ 38 + € 8 worldwide shipping 
special edition € 120

"The images in this book were made during a 2 week trip to Japan - to me a totally fascinating but equally strange and enigmatic country, where I don't speak the language and cannot even read a sign. I felt forlorn and alienated while at the same time enjoying the state of being lost. The word „Tobiko“ means „flying fish roe“, which was one of the very few words I could speak and which also happens to be one of my favourite types of sushi."

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08 March 2016

David Wilson - Minor Collisions

Minor Collisions
by David Wilson
Textes Paul Newland and David Wilson
21 x 28 cm / 8,26 x 11,02 Inches
4 colors offset printing
Edition: 500
35 euro € + shipping

"I associate very closely with this book by David Wilson in a way that is almost affectionate. Not merely because I curated it, but mainly due to the fact that I was a witness to its genesis in London some years ago. An area that I knew fairly well, as I had lived there many years previously, one that is so skillfully recounted in David’s hundreds of shots; it was during those days spent with David in the London spring, discussing his work about the modern city until the early hours and strolling through the suburbs, that we laid the foundations for the dialogue that has brought us thus far." - Steve Bisson

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07 March 2016

Ekaterina Vasilyeva - 40 days of high and low tides

40 days of high and low tides
by Ekaterina Vasilyeva
40 pages, 20 cm x 20 cm
40 black and white images printed on 300 g/m² paper
1 shell from the North Sea
Self-published, handmade book in Poly Velours handmade dust jacket (180 g/m² paper), handmade binding and handmade cover
Special Edition of 40 copies (numbered and signed)
40 Euros (plus shipping 10 euros)

"This book could be put on your table or hung on a wall displaying anyone of 40 images. Remembering county Kent: the 40 days spent in small town Harne Bay helped me comprehend and articulate my visual perception of the provincial England. More precisely the Kent county which was my home for two years. "

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06 March 2016

Andrew G Smith - Havana Interim

Havana Interim
by Andrew G Smith
28 pages, 14.8 x 21 cm, 5.83 x 8.27 inches, saddle stitch binding, 200gsm silk.
Digital HP Indigo printing
Edition: 30
Price: £7 plus p&p

"Hope, uncertainty, delegations, delegates, "Hi!, I'm Fuckface!, here to facilitate." Havana the bustling modernist city, slowly reverting to nature, being caught up by time, dividing, having it's face powdered, a memento mori to be lived in."

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02 March 2016

Johannes Groht - Das unsichtbare Netz / The Invisible Web

Das unsichtbare Netz – Kosmografien
(The Invisible Web)
by Johannes Groht
self published
50 four-colour plates,100 pages
171 x 297 mm (6,73 x 11,69 inches), open thread-stitching
First edition of 42 handnumbered and signed copies
40 € (D) | 50 $ (elsewhere, plus shipping costs)

"Stars, heavenly bodies, comets and neurons, weblike structures or strange seeds appear in deep, black spaces, which oscillate between micro- and macrocosm. The pictures seem to deal with current scientific discourses about the brain-like, intergalactic web or findings of extraterrestrial biological entities the stratosphere. Surprisingly they don‘t really show celestial bodies, but surfaces of our daily life: road markings and crosswalks."

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Eva Sköld Westerlind - melt

by Eva Sköld Westerlind
Publisher: Pine Needle Books
Poem by Tomas Tranströmer
12 x 9.25 inches, 48 four-color plates, 72 pages
Offset printing
Price: $50.00

"Finding decomposition, regeneration, and the sublime while looking down, Eva Sköld Westerlind’s photographs of her wandering in the Cascade Mountains transcend place and time. Beginning her exploration of the natural world as a child in Sweden with her father, Sköld Westerlind continues to seek meaning (or “meaningful forms”) in nature in melt."

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01 March 2016

Jaclyn Wright - Afterglow

by Jaclyn Wright
published in collaboration with Everything Is Collective
70 Pages, 8.5"x11"
Digital Offset
Edition of 200

"In Afterglow, artist Jaclyn Wright explores the ever expanding edges of our universe. Many of the phenomena integral to our model of the universe, such as black holes, gamma ray bursts, dark matter and dark energy, have not been seen - either because they are not visible at optical wavelengths or simply because the universe is too vast for us to happen to be looking at the right place at the right time. The images contained within AFTERGLOW offer not only a symbolic representation of these phenomena but have been organized by processes similar to those responsible for generating such phenomena in the first place - heat, density, mass, time. Afterglow is compact, orientable, spacelike."

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