31 December 2010

Calin Kruse - West

Calin Kruse
Number of pages: 32, black and white photographs on cream paper.
Size: 18 x 13 cm / 7.08" x 5.11"
Edition: 70 copies
Type of printing: digital, cover made of polaroid cardboard, laser perforated
8,50 € + shipping

"West is about the life on a street in a sink estate in Trier/Germany, where I lived for some years."

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28 December 2010

WassinkLundgren - Tokyo Tokyo

Title: Tokyo Tokyo
Artist: WassinkLundgren
Number of pages: 192
Size: 20cm x 30.5 cm / 7.9" x 12"
Edition: 1200 copies
Type of printing: offset
Price: €32.00

"Tokyo Tokyo consists of a series of diptychs in which the mythical ‘decisive moment’ of traditional documentary photography is lampooned. In their projects, WassinkLundgren playfully turns the unwritten rules of the photography upside down. But behind the joke is always a serious attempt to expand both the artistic as well as the social significance of their medium." - Frits Gierstberg (Dutch Photo Museum)

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26 December 2010

Peter Sutherland - Work(ed)

Peter Sutherland
Poster photograph by Andrew Sutherland, Designed/Edited by Jesse Hlebo
36 page photo publication/32 page collage zine/newsprint poster
Edition of 193
Risograph / Laserjet

"clouds of dust, tarps, intersections of technology and nature, sketchy dudes, 4x4 situations, blades, alien arrangements, hot springs, road dogs, summits, escape"

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21 December 2010

Stefan Vanthuyne - From here into oblivion, Vol. 1

From here into oblivion, Vol. 1
Stefan Vanthuyne
165 x 235 mm
32 pages
handnumbered edition of 300
Offset print
€8 + shipping

"In 'From here into oblivion', a title based on a quote by Oscar Wilde, the focus is on consciousness. These photographs speak of moments of enhanced reflective awareness on the one hand, and moments where self-consciousness seems completely absent on the other."

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Marco van Duyvendijk - Schetsboek (Sketchbook)

Schetsboek (Sketchbook)
Marco van Duyvendijk
Collection of 9 leporello’s and 8 postcards
12 by 16,5 cm (4,7 by 6,5 inch)
Edition size 700
Leporello’s and postcards offset full color, package silkscreen
15 euro (and shipping costs outside the Netherlands: 6 euro for Europe, 15 euro for rest of the world)

"Schetsboek is a playful collection of leporello’s and postcards with a total of 94 Instax mini photos taken in Romania, Nagorno-Karabakh, Thailand, China, South Korea and Japan."

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Yasuteru Kasano - Buenos Aires

Title: Buenos Aires
Artist: Yasuteru Kasano
16 Pages plus 1 small digital archival print/5"x8"
Edition size: 150
Type of printing: B&W
Price: 1,100JPY (including shipping cost)

"This is the record of the time that I traveled in Buenos Aires, 2010."

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18 December 2010

Graeme Mitchell - Occurrences

Title: Occurrences
Artist: Graeme Mitchell
56pg, 11.25x14" or 28x35.5cm
Edition of 1000
Offset newsprint
$8 shipped in US

"An expansive book taking from the photographer, Graeme Mitchell's portrait, landscape, and still life work, exploring connections between subjects and phenomenons."

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17 December 2010

Ali Moon - Wild Open

Title: Wild Open
Artist : Ali Moon
84 black printed pages, 150 x 200 mm. 6" x 8".
Price: 15 €, shipping excluded

"A travel in time, a melancholic journey, Ali Moon’s photographs of Mexico and Australia is the story of Man and his relationship with the landscape. The vast emptiness of desert and sky is reflected in her lens, enveloping the life forms she focuses on. The raw essence of the wild is impossible to escape."

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Amber Isabel - The things you put into your head are there forever

Title: The things you put into your head are there forever
Artist: Amber Isabel
Additional contributors: Rebecca Rijsdijk, writings
28 Pages
Size: closed: 21 x 42 cm, open: 59,5 x 42 cm / closed: 8,27 x 16,53
inch, open: 23,42 x 16,53 inch
Edition size: 110
Type of printing: offset and digital
Price: €25,- / $ 33.10 (plus shipping)

"In this publication Amber Isabel depicts the resistance and gradual surrender to peer pressure. The struggle of the individual trying to preserve or find it's identity is shown in different stages. Elements of fashion form social costumes, uniforms meant to exclude true individualism."

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Karianne Bueno - Asper

Karianne Bueno
104 pages, 105x165 mm / 4,1x6,5 inch
edition 500 (English or Dutch)
18 euro

Asper describes the beauty of the Belgian countryside, but the oppression of small town life is never far away. In the images, there is the delight I felt - for I had finally found the rural idyll that I was looking for. At the same time loneliness, longing and the silence of the people are always there, lurking beneath the surface.

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14 December 2010

Jonas Svedin - Recurring Pictograms

Jonas Svedin
Recurring Pictograms
106 pages
black and white
13 EUR (Shipping included)

"It is a life extra ordinary. Like any life Extra and Ordinary and like in any life, recurring images. Repetitions no less extraordinary. Jonas has captured his own life and some of those around him quickly, in step and motion. Technical brilliance is not the issue here, at least what there is of it is well hidden. No, there is a journey here, or maybe more of a trip."

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11 December 2010

David Brandon Geeting, Alex Howard - Deep Hole Ends

Deep Hole Ends
David Brandon Geeting + Alex Howard
24 Pages, 14cm x 20cm / 5.5"x8"
Edition of 100. Numbered.
colour digital [Cyclus Offset 110 / 250gsm]

"The book does not really have a 'theme' per se, but if there is any underlying thread it is the fact that all of these images were taken over the past spring/summer. Alex's were all taken in the UK and mine were all taken in the US at the same time. We have been pen pals for quite some time now and feel as though our photographic styles mesh well - we've wanted to do a collaboration for a few years!" - David Geeting.

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09 December 2010

Birgit Krause - Recherche

Title: Recherche
Artist: Birgit Krause
Additional contributors: Design by Stefan Kaetz
28 pages with obi, 147x209mm
Edition size: 60 copies, hand numbered
Type of printing: Inkjet
Price: 10 Euro

"Birgit Krause is a photographer from Berlin who spent her childhood in Hildesheim. In 'Recherche' she infuses her childhood memories into the present through her photos of various locations like England and Hawaii. Her images are reminiscent of the simple and basic outlook of a child. We are reminded of the fantasy and attention to detail that reach us during our early stage of life. 'Only who grows up and remains a child is a human being.' (Erich Kästner)"

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Nathan Larimer - Imprint

Title: Imprint
Artist: Nathan Larimer
Additional Contributors: Foreword by Lee Burbage, Designed by Ethan Waterman, Printed by Oddi Printing in Iceland
72 pages, 8.5x11 inches, 21.59x27.94 centimeters
Edition size: 1000
Type of printing: Four Color Offset
Price: $29.95

"Imprint is a book of photographs by artist Nathan Larimer with a foreword by writer Lee Burbage. The 30 color photographs were made over a two-year period of travel across the U.S. especially in the southeast and southwest. They depict marks individuals have made on their environment for communicative and ritualistic purposes throughout time and across cultural boundaries."

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08 December 2010

Tomé Duarte - Nome de Vulcão

Nome de Vulcão
Tomé Duarte
40 pp, 20,5 x 15,5cm
edition of 100
b&w photocopy
7€ flat rate / worldwide shipping included

"Nome de Vulcão (Name of Volcano), a zine produced in Punta Arenas, Chile, a remote city in the beautifully desolate patagonian region of South America, 1400Km from Antartica, where in a not very distant past political prisioners were sent to torture and indeginous comunities were slaughtered, and where the prevailing strong winds once sent explorers off course and now seem to constantly attempt to erase every memory like they erase all human traces from the sand."

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06 December 2010

Maxwell Anderson - Ten Days in July

Title: Ten Days in July
Artist: Maxwell Anderson
Format: Book, saddle stitched
Pages: 34 and 1/2 pp, 21cm x 13.5cm
Edition: 100 numbered by hand
Printing: indigo offset
Price: £8 (plus shipping)

"Following on from the book See You Soon, Ten Days in July documents Jun's 10 day visit to London one year after she returned to Tokyo. Through photographs and personal emails, Ten Days In July briefly steps in to an endearing relationship which is forever disrupted by the turmoil of long distance."

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Li Hui - After the wind

Title: After the wind
Artist: Li Hui
28 pages, 14,5x21cm
Edition size: 100 hand numbered copies
type of printing: digital
Price: 12 €

"Li Hui's works leave you without words. Silence is the key to look at her world."

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02 December 2010

Alexander Binder - Morgenstern

Alexander Binder
Book, published by Café Royal Books
24 Pages, 20cm x 29cm / 8"x12"
Edition of 100. Numbered.
colour digital [Xerox Recycled white 110 / 250gsm]

"Morgenstern is a vibrant compilation of Alexander Binder’s latest color photographs. The images in the book serve as a modern interpretation of the medieval ‘Memento Mori’ philosophy [remember you must die]. Like the works of early Netherlandish painters they seem to be lively and playful at a first glance. But a second look reveals their dark and disturbing energy."

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01 December 2010

Jared Ritz - Golden Parachute

Golden Parachute
Jared Ritz
36 pages,
A4 / 5.5" x 8.5"
Edn. of 60
Digitally printed

"36 pages of full-bleed black-and-white photos with a hand-cut-peek-a-book card-stock cover. Hand numbered, too."

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Alexandre Lemire - Motorcycle Grim Robes

Title: Motorcycle Grim Robes
Artist: Alexandre Lemire
Hand sewn Zine
16 pages, 4.5"x 6.5" (16.25cm x 11.25cm)
Edition of 40
In Montreal $4, Canada $5, USA $5.50, Int'l $6.

"Motorcycle Grim Robes collects a series of 35mm photographs of cloaked motorcycles. My desire to tear away the rain cover and ride free to an unknown destination is only outweighed by my fear of the image produced by this draping cloth, that of a fuel injected reaper."

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30 November 2010

James Pearson-Howes - British Folk Part One

British Folk Part One
James Pearson-Howes
32, 20 x 15cm
Edition size: 250
litho printed
£9 (UK), 10 (EU) 11 (World Wide)

"British Folk: Part One is the first in a trilogy of small hand bound books by photographer James Pearson-Howes and designed by Ben Freeman, documenting bizarre and eccentric British folk traditions. Part one features the shamanic like Hunters Moon Morris, the often dangerous Tar Barrels, the peculiar Whittlesea Straw Bear and colorful Red Leicester Morris Men."

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T. Reilly Hodgson - Why Me?

Why Me?
T. Reilly Hodgson
20 page mini zine
B&W laser printed
4.25" x 5.5"
Edition of 40, signed and numbered

"Why Me? contains black & white film and cell phone photographs from the everyday life of Reilly Hodgson, a Toronto based photographer and artist."

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15 November 2010

Vivien Ayroles, Stefano Marchionini - ÉTÉ 10

Title: ÉTÉ 10
Artists: Vivien Ayroles, Stefano Marchionini
40 pages, A5
type of printing: digital
Edition of 50, signed and numbered
Price: 16€ Europe, 18€ rest of the World

"The photos in this book were taken from June to September 2010, in the apartment of rue de l'arcade, in Paris. In the cramped surroundings of this apartment where we live since February 2010, we have captured the elements that influence and form our relationship: our visual fixation on the body, the objects, the view of the outside."

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14 November 2010

Joachim Schmid - Illustriertes Tierleben

Title: Illustriertes Tierleben
Artist: Joachim Schmid
48 pages, 21 x 14.8 cm / 8.25 x 5.75"
Edition size: 100 copies
digital printing
Price: 12 € / 18 US$

"Illustriertes Tierleben – Eine allgemeine Kunde des Tierreichs is a collection of images taken from a daily Berlin newspaper, all of which come from the animal related 'human interest' articles that run in the 'miscellaneous news' section of the paper. The pictures and relating stories illustrate the relationship between modern humans and fauna. The book includes a selection of 45 photographs, its title refers to Alfred Brehm’s famous Tierleben (Life of Animals), first published in 1863."

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08 November 2010

Laurent Champoussin - Zabriskiept 06 / The pictural architectonics

Title: Zabriskiept 06 / The pictural architectonics
Artist : laurent champoussin
Number of page: 30
Size: 10x15cm
Price : 10 euros (shipping included)

"a travel journal between Moscow and St Petersburg"

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07 November 2010

Sarah Soquel Morhaim - King

Title: King
Artist: Sarah Soquel Morhaim
40 pages, 20 x 14 cm
first edition of 100 copies
Price: 10 euros

"First book for this amazing LA-based filmmaker/photographer. First journey in diary."

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03 November 2010

Andrew Stark - Stark Now

Title: Stark Now
Artist: Andrew Stark
Additional Contributor: Tran Veganbauer
24 pages, A5
Limited edition of 50
Price AU$10 postage (AU$2 within Australia, AU$5 outside Australia)

"Stark Now is an artists monograph featuring the here, now and present predilection of solitude ness Australian street photographer Andrew Stark. This limited edition of 50 stylish booklets includes twenty of Stark’s gritty street images, embellished by an accompanying text from visual arts guru Tran Veganbauer."

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Oliver Udy - Break

Title: Break
Artist: Oliver Udy
28 pages
135mm x 195mm / 7.5" x 5.25"
Edition size: 50
Price: £5.00

"A zine that plots the quiet moments of everyday life...."

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Pedro Guimarães - Bluetown

Pedro Guimarães
Introduction by Dr. Tomazs Curvo, short poetic essay by Nikos Efstratiou
24 pages
450 mm x 320 mm
edition of 500 high-quality newspapers
price: £10 + shipping costs

"‘Bluetown’ is, according to Guimarães, ‘a dream of London about itself, a celebration of the beauty of its own alienation and loneliness’. To find ‘Bluetown’, Guimarães superimposed an outline of Queen Elizabeth’s face on the map of London on which he plotted evenly spaced points, a grid of geographic coordinates. Following the route set by this symbol of ‘Englishness’, he then visited and photographed each location. The following photographs are a selection from the one hundred images that constitute the entire project."

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02 November 2010

Jessica Hans & Kaj Lehmann - Paris und Wald

"Paris und Wald"
Jessica Hans & Kaj Lehmann
Soft-cover book
32 pages
edition of 200
digitally printed, silk screened cover

"'Paris und Wald' is a collaboration between Jessica Hans and Kaj Lehmann documenting the two weeks that they spent together exploring the woods of Switzerland and the city of Paris."

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01 November 2010

Viktoria A. Lisbet - When We Milk Each Other

When We Milk Each Other
Viktoria A. Lisbet
Limited & Numbered Edition of 120 Copies
24 Pages
14 x 20 cm (5" x 8")
Color Laser Print on Heavy Munken-Paper
Saddle Stich Bound
€ 6,00

"When We Milk Each Other is a collection of 35mm colour slides and instant images by Viktoria A. Lisbet exploring intimacy, sex, fashion, humour, violence, control, love, fear, beauty, and self-awareness."

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28 October 2010

Harvey Benge - AS IT IS? In Four Chapters

Title: AS IT IS? In Four Chapters
Artist: Harvey Benge
4 books each 24 pages, 226 x 160 cm (9 x 6.25 in.), 96 pages in total
Edition size: 75 signed and numbered copies
Type of printing: digital
Price: 40 Euro

"In four distinct chapters, I DON'T KNOW WHAT IT MEANS YET / IS THIS WHAT IT IS? / THE FEAR OF NOT GETTING IT / SOME UNEXPECTED ANSWERS, the work questions perceptions and authorship and considers the truism that WE DON'T SEE THE WORLD AS IT IS, BUT AS WE ARE."

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Various Photographers - Bad Boy Racing Club #2

Bad Boy Racing Club #2
Ian Clark / Josh Duke / Nadine Hart / Kathy Lowry / Jamie Larson / Tommy Lucas / Jookyung Lee / Dustin Saunders / Jared Ritz / Joshua Saunders
80 pages, 8.5" x 7" / 22 x 18 cm
300 hand-numbered copies.
Off-set printed (cheaply)

"Black-and-white photo 'zine, hundreds of images, fully epic."

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26 October 2010

C.L. Rogers - The Pressure of the Atmosphere

The Pressure of the Atmosphere
C.L. Rogers
Book, Card stock cover, laser printed pages
28 pages, 8.5x11 inches
Edition of 25
Laser Printed
$30, includes poster

"Photos of factory interiors taken in New York and Florida"

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25 October 2010

Jamie Hawkesworth / Adam Murray / Robert Parkinson / Aidan Turner-Bishop - Preston Bus Station

Preston Bus Station
Jamie Hawkesworth / Adam Murray / Robert Parkinson / Aidan Turner-Bishop
12 pages
Edition of 500
11.5 x 15 inches
£4 + postage

"Over a weekend in August we set up a project space in a disused shop in the bus station and produced a photographic document of arguably the most iconic building in Preston and the people that use it."

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24 October 2010

Elena Gallen - Sacred Geometry

Title: Sacred Geometry
Artist: Elena Gallen
Number of pages: 20
Edition size: Limited edition 0f 100 copies
Price: £4.00

"'Sacred Geometry revolves around the divinity of mathematics, focusing on the aurea proportion applied to human, nature and culture (…)' - Elena Gallen"

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Squale - New York City

Title: New York City
Artist: Squale
78 pages, 13 x 20 cm, 5×8 inches
First edition of 100 copies
Offset printed
9€ (free for a period of time)

"A book about New York City."

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20 October 2010

Christian Reister - Alex

Title: Alex
Artist: Christian Reister
Esay by Falk Schreiber
72 pages, 14x24cm
1st edition, 100 copies
Cover offset printed/contents digital
€ 25,- + shipping

"Contains 47 photographs taken on Alexanderplatz, Berlin, 2008-2010. File under_ Street Photography."

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18 October 2010

Jeff Luker - Not May Kingdoms Left

Title: Not May Kingdoms Left
Artist: Jeff Luker
First Edition, 500 copies
32 Pages
14,8 x 21 cm (5" x 8")
Full Color Offset
Saddle Stich Bound


"'This book is a meditation on youth, freedom and the wild landscapes that surround us.' Jeff Luker is an American photographer born in 1985."

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12 October 2010

Lara Alegre - Nobody is nowhere

Title: Nobody is nowhere
Artist: Lara Alegre
28 pages, 14.5x21cm
Limited edition of 100 hand numbered copies.

"Lara Alegre's (Barcelona) first book. Landscape images (nowhere), little people framed in enormous spaces (nobody)."

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Adam Krause - Carnivores + Destructors

Title: Carnivores + Destructors
Artist: Adam Krause
hand made zine/hand cut/hand stapled
24 pages, 4.25 x 5.5 in
Edition of 50
$13 + shipping

"I recently finished a photo series titled Carnivores + Destructors. My subjects are obsessed with the singer Morrissey and I documented the various dimensions of their obsession, finding subjects in less expected parts of the country like Compton, California. I decided to make a handmade zine to go along with the project, its all color photographs printed on an archival inkjet, with all pages handcut and hand stapled."

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08 October 2010

Ting Cheng - one and two and up and down

"one and two and up and down"
Artist: Ting Cheng
First Edition, 500 copies
28 Pages
14,8 x 21 cm (5" x 8")
Full Color Offset
Saddle Stich Bound

"Ting Cheng, born 1985, is a Taiwan based photographer"

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06 October 2010

Chris Mottalini - The Mistake by the Lake

Chris Mottalini - The Mistake by the Lake
Edited by Laurence Vecten, Design : Pierre Hourquet & Julien Hourcade,
Book, 40 pages, 10x15cm
edition of 100
10 euros + shipping

"The Mistake by the Lake is a photographic record of the assortment of school bus stop shelters scattered across the greater-Buffalo, New York landscape."

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Yann Orhan - Memories, Miroir noir

Title: Memories, Miroir noir
Artist: Yann Orhan
Type: book
Dimensions: A5, 70 pages
Edition size: 170 ex., signed and numbered by the photographer
Printed: Silver Pantone offset + HP Indigo
Price: 18 euros

"Very first book of Yann Orhan, Memories, Miroir noir is built like a photo diary with dark and intimate pictures of everyday life".

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Craig Atkinson - From Sometime Around Then Until Somewhere About Now

From Sometime Around Then Until Somewhere About Now
Craig Atkinson
90 Pages, 14cm x 20cm / 5"x8"
Edition of 100. Numbered
Perfect Bound
Printed on Cyclus Offset 140 / 250gsm
Full colour

"Photographs taken in the North of England and Berlin between January and September 2010. This book is part of an ongoing series of work based on creating comparisons or a narrative by placing otherwise unrelated images alongside each other."

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Morten Andersen - Color F.

Title: Color F.
Artist: Morten Andersen
book, published september 2010
192 pages, 140 pictures, 17x24 cm, hardcover
edition: 500
four color offset printing

"COLOR F is Morten Andersen 10th book since the debut with FAST CITY in 1999. The book contains new work from Oslo and can be seen as a follow up to the long out of print OSLO F from 2005, but in colors....as opposed to the more direct and raw expression in his earlier b/w work. Maybe a softer temperature, but still irritated...pissed off maybe.."

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Alan Pelz-Sharpe - Old England New England

Title: Old England New England
Artist: Alan Pelz-Sharpe
Number of Pages: 16 in book one, 14 in book two
135mm x 135mm / 5 1/3 x 5 1/3
Edition Size: 35 plus 2 Artists Proofs
Type of Printing: Digital
Price: $12 plus P&P

"Set of two softback saddle-stitched stitched booklets. The first book 'Old England' contains eight black and white landscape images from the Middlesex County UK series, and the second booklet contains nine color diptychs from the Middlesex County USA series of work."

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03 October 2010

Kimm Whiskie - Supersilent

Kimm Whiskie
180 x 245 mm, 36 pages, full colour, softcover, special paper
book, first edition of 200, with two posters as a special gift
october 2010
15 $US

"Supersilent is a completely silent book. Balancing between depictive and abstract, the disturbing imagery reveals non-narrative emotional correlatives. With a psychedelic beauty, a solitude world emerges, projecting lifeless and cold fractured feeling more suggestively than ever."

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Born Into This

Born Into This
featuring work by: Gordon Ball, Chunks, Jason Harvey, Rick Hirtle, T. Reilly Hodgson, Dimitri Karakostas, Matt Tammaro, Jonathan Leblanc, Vanessa Maltese, Niall McClelland, Alicia Nauta, Mark Peckmezian, Thursday Friday, and Justyna Werbel.
photo zine
30 pages, 8.5" x 5.5"
Edition of 50
Full colour
$10 CAD

"This zine was published by Blood of the Young to coincide with the opening of their group exhibition in Toronto at Sennate Gallery, also titled Born Into This."

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01 October 2010


Type of Publication : Magazine
Contributors : Brendan Austin, Paola De Grenet, Sandra Freij, Anthony Hill, Samuel Hodge, Simon Howell, Lena Modigh, Benn Northover, Danny Schissler.
170mm x 240mm / 92 pages / offset
Limited Edition 500 numbered copies
195 sek (sweden)

"MOTLEY is a publication created to inspire, to present creative imagery in an innovative and unorthodox way. We have no set production schedule, it is created when the mood feels correct. Each new issue of Motley will be unique in design and feature the work of new and established artists, Worldwide."

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