28 January 2013

Aleix Plademunt, Juan Diego Valera and Roger Guaus - Movimientos de Suelo

Title: Movimientos de Suelo
Authors: Aleix Plademunt, Juan Diego Valera and Roger Guaus
Publisher: Ca l'Isidret Edicions
Book, digital printing
192 pages, 16,5 cm x 23,5 cm
Edition of 12, signed and numbered
Text in English, Catalan ans Spanish
Price: 290 euros

What is the point of three photographers travelling to Argentina without a specific photographic objective? The initial aim of the project, Ground Movements, was the mass registration of all kinds of experiences and situations stemming from the simple act of travelling to take photographs. The authors decided to not mention their individual authorship and mix the images without specifying, in any case, who is the author of each photograph.

24 January 2013

Joze Suhaldonik - Circus

Title: "Cirkus"
Author: Joze Suhaldonik
Editors: Valentina Abenavoli and Alex Bocchetto
Type: hand-sewn zine
A5 format
32 pages 160gsm white card, black linen thread
published by Akinabooks

Numbered edition of 100
LED printing
Price: 10£

"When I was a kid, every time my parents found out that I'd been skipping school with my friends they would warn me: "Watch out. Gypsies could catch you and sell you to the Circus!". Sometimes I wish they had."

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22 January 2013

Dawn Kim - Collected: self portrait

Collected: self portrait
Dawn Kim
58 pages, soft cover
8.25'' x 10.75''
digital print
hand numbered edition of 100

"Collected: self portrait is a self-published book of found photographs, which capture the presence of their photographer through shadows and reflections. Understood as flawed and imperfect on their own, the images as a collection celebrate an intrusion originally described by Lee Friedlander's Self-Portrait series."

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21 January 2013

S.A.Robinson - 94 People

94 People
36 pages
135 x 190mm (5.5 x 7.5 inches)
Numbered edition of 100 b/w digital printing

"Photographs taken while wandering the streets of Glasgow during my lunch break and after work. I counted 94 people (not including the front and back cover), but I could be wrong!"

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19 January 2013

Hana Miletic - Class of 2008

"Class of 2008"
Hana Miletic
Artists' book
28 pages + enveloppe
Hand numbered edition of 200
Risograph print + photoprints
€ 15 + shipping

"Class of 2008 collects the graduation portraits of the Islamic High School students in my hometown Zagreb, the only Muslim school in the pre-dominantly Christian Croatian society. The bookwork invites into a research on the identities of the former students through the agency of photography."

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14 January 2013

Joe Milik and Brendan Wells - Indian Jail Forever

Indian Jail Forever
Joe Milik and Brendan Wells
Hand bound xerox copies
120 pages
8.5"x14" when open
$5, $7ppd

"Indian Jail Forever is the product of traveling across nearly 5000 miles of the subcontinent of India by foot, by bus, and by rail all while taking photos along the way. The photos are from all different regions including discovering hidden homosexual cruise beaches along the Arabian Sea, getting sick high up in the Himalayas, floating down the Ganges in the City of Death, and much, much more."

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David O'Mara - Detritus issue three

Title: Detritus issue three
Artist: David O'Mara
16 pages
289mm x 380mm
Edition size : 100 signed and numbered
digital newsprint
Price: £2 +p&p

"Issue three returns to the Heygate Esatae in South Esat London, a site that seems precariously perched between deterioration and complete disappearance. This issue contains photographs of the architecture and fabric of the buildings as well as found images from the estate. Issue three attempts to broaden the themes contained in the first issue of Detritus at a pivotal time in the history of social housing."

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11 January 2013

Sebastián Orgambide - Amateur

Title: Amateur
Photographer: Sebastián Orgambide
Contributors: Prologue by Ernesto Oldenburg; Introduction by Francis Ford Coppola
64 pages
21 x 15 cm
Clothbound hardcover
First edition: 1.000

42 U$S + shipping

“Sebastian Orgambide’s professional  and nuanced camera has amassed a new deck of cards with the felt memory of an artist searching for gold and new pastures. A lover of ethics and aestehetics, the formal and the informal, of interiors and exteriors, day and night, camera in hand.”

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10 January 2013

Benoît Grimalt - 16 Photos que je n'ai pas prises (16 photos I didn't take)

16 Photos que je n'ai pas prises (16 photos I didn't take)
Benoît Grimalt
32 pages, 15 X 20 cm
Edition of 400
digital printing
Price: 10 euros + shipping

"I am often asked why, as a photographer, I don't always carry around my camera. I usually answer that film directors don't go out with their cameras and that plumbers don't go to the restaurant with their toolbox." Benoît Grimalt

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07 January 2013

Renato Abenavoli - Italian Matters

Italian matters
Renato Abenavoli
32 pages
160gsm silk, hand-sewn
edition of 100
LED printing
price: 8£

"The Italian dream: The family, the seafood, the sun, the television, the economical boom, Dolce vita. Stereotypes and national identity, a zine that reads like a serenade. Italian matters. du-da-du-du-du"

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04 January 2013

Various Artists - Diffusion: Unconventional Photography, Volume IV

Diffusion: Unconventional Photography, Volume IV
Hardbound with foil & dust jacket
96 pages
full color, offset press
limited edition of 100

"Described as ‘a wonderful bundle of inspiration,’ Diffusion is supported by an audience of photographers, gallery directors, educators and art enthusiasts worldwide."

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Julie Hascoët et Guillaume Thiriet - SISMO

Julie Hascoët et Guillaume Thiriet
photo zine
32p. 18cm x 23,5cm
Edition: 120
Color Offset Digital - Electrophotography / screen printing on the cover
Price: 9 euros + shipping

"An earthquake upheaves everything – the body, the night. Buildings suddenly overturn, and even your thoughts will stagger. Everything becomes relative.We spent four months in Mexico.Without knowing anything of it but fascinated, we were waiting. And then: two earthquakes / we passed them by without feeling anything."

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Daniel Hofer - Salar

Title: Salar
Artist: Daniel Hofer
hardcover book in cardboard slipcase
136 pages
22 x 27 cm
Limited Edition of 100 numbered, stamped and signed copies
#1-15 come with a 20*24,4 cm fine art baryt print (see website)
Price: 59€ (shipping: 3€ in Germany/ 8 € international)

"A book on Bolivia and it's the Salar de Uyuni, a gigantic salt flat in the Bolivian highland that contains the world‘s largest amounts of lithium plus other natural resources "

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03 January 2013

Pitt Wenninger - Der Starre Blick

Title: Der Starre Blick
Artist: Pitt Wenninger
24 pages
Edition: 30 copies
Price: 5€ (shipping: 2€ in Germany/4 € international)

"'Der Starre Blick' is an effort to analyse the change in digital mass media. The ambition is to come up to its permanent fluctuation by using various aesthetic approaches."

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02 January 2013

Various Artists - Fused Minds

Title: Fused Minds
Artists: Christian Conrad, Lars Kiss, Marina Jerkovic, Daniel Harders, Susann Probst, Yannic Schon
52 pages
18 x 24 cm
Edition size: 180
type of printing: digital
Price: 14.00 eur + shipping

"You know this feeling? Sitting `round with friends talking till your heads explode; explaining the world. Winding up thoughts, exchanging feelings. Your world. My world. Suddenly a new world. Our world. 6 photographers. 46 images. Your images. My images. Our images. Zimmer117 images."

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Martin Stöbich - And he said: I don't worry about dying, I just worry about this sunshine girl

Title: And he said: I don't worry about dying, I just worry about this sunshine girl.
Artist: Martin Stöbich
40 pages
Edition of 300 numbered copies
Offset printing
10 Euro

"Although wherefrom do we know what the world is in need of. Pictures from Minehead, Bristol, Edinburg, Budapest, Camber Sands, Paris, Vienna, Graz and Barcelona. Originated in the years 2008 and 2009."

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Israel Ariño - Terra Incognita

Title: Terra Incognita
Author: Israel Ariño
Book, illustrated offset newsprint
29 x 34 cm
32 pages
Edition: 1000
Price: 9€ + shipping

"Terra Incognita comes out of the discovery of a land, explored by one who wants to be an observer and be observed at the same time. It is a voyage into the unknown, towards a space far away from the commonplace, which questions us and seems to be our accomplice yet keeps us at a distance. It plots a symbolic map in which the memory and the magic of the place appear. In this game with nature, the personal, subjective gaze reveals strange, dreamlike, almost impossible images. The series Terra Incognita was made during an artist's residency in the Aparté, lieu d'art contemporain in Brittany."

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