31 May 2011

Lena Aliper - I'll be your New York

Title: I'll be your New York
Artist: Lena Aliper
60 pages
Edition size: 100
digital printing
Price: 15€

"I’ll Be Your New York is a tale of self-subversion and desire that offers a girl’s take on the much cherished and coveted l’amour fou."

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30 May 2011

Andrés Medina - Nebula

Andrés Medina
24 pages, Saddle-Stitch, Softcover,
5.8 x 8.2 in./ 14.8 x 21.0 mm./ A5,
Full Colour,
Numbered First Edition of 50,

"Shot in the suburbs of Madrid, Nebúla wonderfully captures that 'in-between' space that is neither quite city nor suburb, but rather a no-mans land that lays somewhere in the midst. This enigmatic space is excellently captured by Medina in this series, captured on a solitary night shrouded in mist. In an area where all is not always as uniform as it seems, we are left to make our own judgements."

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Olga Bennett - Environments

Olga Bennett
with text and interviews by Sarah Caldwell
digital offset, printed in Melbourne, Australia
14.8 x 18 cm, 104 pages, perfect bound
150 signed and numbered copies
34 AUD (australian dollars) + postage

"Environments is a book of photographs, documenting studio spaces of eleven creative people working in Australia. I was wondering if there is a connection between the space and creative work that comes out of it and set out to explore. While focusing on the details of the space and behind the scenes moments, I was hoping to capture the person who works in the space, but without necessarily pointing my camera at them directly."

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V/A - This is the Same Ocean

Title: This is the Same Ocean
Artist(s): Alison Withers, Caitlin Molloy, Gwenn Clement, Zach Malfa-Kowalski, George Beleznay, Timothy Sullivan, Leonor Matos Correia, Samuel J Davison.
26 pages, 14.8cm x 21cm.
Edition size: 100 copies.
Risograph Prints
Price $10 / $12.

"A photographic journal from Melbourne, Australia featuring the work of 8 artists from all over the world."

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Misha de Ridder - Dune

Misha de Ridder
36 pages, saddle stitched, softcover
9.5 x 11.5 in. / 24.13 x 29.21 cm.
Offset Printed
Edition of 750
($55 for signed copy, limited time offer; $155 for special edition, includes archival color print by the artist, limited to 20, signed and numbered)

"Somewhere in densely populated Holland exists a twilight zone where it is possible to travel in time: a small strip of dunes separating polder and sea, just a twenty minute drive from the city of Amsterdam. In Dune, Misha de Ridder unveils natural scenes so estranged and mysterious that they could be described as unreal realities. Lushly presented in this limited-edition artist book, De Ridder’s precise and highly detailed photographs call to mind Dutch landscape paintings of the 17th century and Romantic Era. In the barren and tormented nature of the dunes, it is light, color and atmosphere that salvage the memory of a wilderness lost."

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27 May 2011

Dan Schmahl - Untitled (purple)

Untitled (purple)
Dan Schmahl
Zine with accessories
24 pages, hand stitched binding
5.25 x 8 in. / 13 x 20 cm.
Edition of __/10
B/w laser and Xerox duplicator
$8 (including s/h)

"A photo zine about camping through the American Southwest."

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25 May 2011

Gianluca Tamorri - 75003

Title: “75003” 
Photographer: Gianluca Tamorr
64 pages
17x24 cm
duotone b&w offset, printed in Italy
Published in 2011
ISBN 978-2-9539270-0-9
Edition: limited at 150 copies hand numbered from the artist
Price: € 19

"48 photographs about Le Marais neighborhood taken by Gianluca Tamorri over the past few years."

24 May 2011

Sam Falls - Visible Library

Visible Library
Sam Falls
36 pages, saddle stitched, softcover
9.5 x 7.75 in. / 24.13 x 19.69 cm.
Offset Printed
Edition of 750
($35 for signed copy, limited time offer; $95 for special edition: Individually spray painted by the artist with hand-written poem. Limited to 20, signed and numbered.)

"In a departure from the colorful still life photographs he is known for, artist Sam Falls brings together a series of black and white images for the first time in his limited-edition artist book Visible Library. With a large format camera and a few boxes of expired film, Falls spent a day making these beautiful and haunting pictures in the stacks above the American Wing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Like 'walking alone in the woods,' as he refers to it, Falls created what can easily be considered his most intimate body of work, a personal meditation on art, history, preservation and the photographic medium."

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Joe Cooke - No Dope

No Dope
Joe Cooke
30 Pages, 14x20 cm (5"x8")
Edition of 50

"A zine about getting high and wasted in Amsterdam. Nothing profound. Just fun."

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23 May 2011

Ian Teh - Traces

Title: Traces
Artist: Ian Teh
Foreword by Evan Osnos, foreign China correspondent for the New Yorker.
302mm x 240mm / 12" x 9.5"
64 pages, 34 plates
Stochastic offset printing.
Price: £20 plus postage
(Special Limited Edition Book: Signed and numbered special limited edition includes a 12 x 10”/ 29 x 23 cm chromogenic print contained within an archival stitched parchment sleeve. Price: £100 plus postage)

"Ian Teh explores the industrial hinterlands of China’s far-flung and impoverished provinces with unflinching precision and subtle intensity. From industrialisation to pollution, these photographic works present the landscape as a repository for humanity’s endeavors, somehow a source of memory and a silent testament to our material desires."

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21 May 2011

Carl Gunhouse - American Desire

Title: American Desire
Artist: Carl Gunhouse
First Edition: 100 copies signed and numbered copies
20 pages full color throughout
digital offset
Saddle stitched
Each book signed and numbered.
$15 plus postage

"Carl Gunhouse has traveled across the United States for the past five years creating a portrait of American desire and the dire consequences these yearnings have wrought: a struggling economy, half-finished commercial construction projects, abandoned suburban cineplexes, and foreclosed homes in never-completed subdivisions."

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19 May 2011

Harvey Benge - Some of John's Friends

Title: Some of John's Friends
Artist: Harvey Benge
First Edition: 75 copies signed and numbered copies
48 pages full color throughout
260 x 200 mm (10.25" x 7.75")
digital print on 120gsm mat paper
Saddle stitched
Each book, signed and numbered.
€22 / £20 / US$32 which includes postage cost.

"This book is about appropriation. Appropriation from the appropriator if you like. I won't say more, you will have to work it out for yourself."

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Emma Parry - It´s raining Parry Simcox

It´s raining Parry Simcox
Emma Parry
First Edition, 120 copies
28 Pages
14 x 20 cm (5" x 8")
Xerox - Color Print
Saddle Stich Bound
€ 6,00

"Selected photos from the series 'Kenickie' and 'Frenchie'. 'It's Raining Patty Simcox' combines the stereotypical views of England being perpetually grey, and it's inhabitants stoical and resolute, resulting in a series of photographs that show both the quintessence of the working classes, and the subtle allure of youthful dreams."

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Mathieu Lambert - Castles in the snow

Castles in the snow
Mathieu Lambert
28 pages Xerox B&W
Perfect bound
25 copies (First edition)
4" x 7" (approx 10x18 cm)
price : 5,00 can $ + shipping.

"The book shows 13 snapshots of snowcovered houses in Montreal."

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Tomé Duarte - Amor e Ódio, Diários e Fotoreportagem

Amor e Ódio, Diários e Fotoreportagem
Tomé Duarte
booklet, hand sewn with red silk
48 pp, 28 x 20cm
edition of 100, signed and numbered
laser xerox on 80g recycled paper
8€ flat rate / worldwide shipping included

"this is volume one for an ongoing xerox essay on love, hate, routine and photojournalism (...)"

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C.L. Rogers - Willets Point

Willets Point
C.L. Rogers
Box with booklet and cassette tape
Booklet is digitally printed on heavy gloss paper
$30(free shipping in US)

"Booklet contains 9 images, cassette is 6 minutes long on each side and contains sounds recorded at Willets Point and commentary by politicians, local business owners and Willets Point’s only resident involved in the fight to save Willets Point. Photographs and sound bites from Willets Point, a colorful industrial area of Queens, NY currently fighting Mayor Bloomberg's million dollar redevelopment plan."

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10 May 2011

Sacha Maric - THRASHERS

Artist: Sacha Maric
Book name: Thrashers
Additional contributor: Jess Andersen (Design)
Type of publication: Book
Pages: 48
Size: 29.7cm x 42cm (11.7 x 16.5 inches)
Edition size: 500
Type of printing: 4-colour offset
Price: €30

Thrashers is a series of screen dumps taken from YouTube clips of 80's thrash metal concert videos. Immersing himself in the crowd looking for fleeting moments of aggression typical of the metal scene, the result is a 48 page, oversized book that captures a raw but gentle aesthetic.

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09 May 2011

John MacLean - A to B

 A to B
John MacLean
Designed by Wayne Daly
16.3 x 24cm, 88 pp
edition: 800
4-colour, perfect bound

John MacLean's seventh self-published book. Forty-two photographs taken during 37 walks between the sites of Newgate Prison and the Tyburn Tree, between 23 August 2009 and 3 February 2011.
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04 May 2011

Theo Simpson - What We Buy

What We Buy
Theo Simpson
additional contributors: Ben Mclaughlin (design)
Die-cut folder screen printed in white and black ink containing eight unbound 4-Colour Process Screen prints w/ offset printed Flysheet.
Packaged in a protective pvc wallet.
eight unbound 4-Colour Process Screen prints)
Edition size 200
Offset, Silkscreen

"What We Buy documents products currently available to buy in the UK for £1 or less. Intent on investigating the nature of those products, the illusion of value and the purposelessness and humour of the things we are seduced by."

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03 May 2011

Marianne van Loo - Non-places 'Introduction a une anthropologie de la surmodernite'

Title: Non-places 'Introduction a une anthropologie de la surmodernite'
Artist: Marianne van Loo
Type of publication: newspaper
Number of pages and size: 12 size 63 x 46 cm
Edition size: 10, handnumbered
Type of printing: newspaper
Price: £6.00 (includes P&P)

"The photographs in this newspaper are my interpretation of non-places (inspired by Marc Auge), places of transience that do not hold enough significance to be seen as places. I also took the liberty of photographing some persons in these non-places as they are as transient as the place they occupy. Non-places. Charles de Gaulle, Geneva, Cologne airport and Blackpool hospital."

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02 May 2011

Miguel Ángel Tornero - The Random Series

Title: The Random Series
Artist: Miguel Ángel Tornero
16 pages (32 full color plates) + 8 pages booklet with texts.
31 X 23,5 cm. (12,2 x 9,2 in.) book / 24 x 18 cm. (9,4 x 7,1 in.) booklet
Edition size: 500
type of printing: offset
Price: 10 euros

"In this project, Berlin becomes an exciting stage where to make a transgressor photographic exercise. The artist uses the inconsistency with which a piece of software interprets non-scheduled commands. Tornero does not know the parameters used by the computer for sewing and editing the images nor he knows how the order will be executed, which means that the final result is largely left to chance."

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Martin Borst, Johannes Tolk - Zum Geleit

Title: Zum Geleit
Artists: Martin Borst, Johannes Tolk
20 pages, Din A 5 (5.8 x 8,3 inch)
Edition size: 50
laser copied
Price: 8 Euro

"Young men in bathing suits demonstrating some form of body work, wrapping their arms and hands around each others’ bodies and heads. Zum Geleit is a 'Garbage Publication' by Hands on Papers"

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01 May 2011

Erik van der Weijde - Parking Lot

Parking Lot
Erik van der Weijde
24 pages, 13x20cm / 5.1x7.9inch
Edition size : 200
type of printing : Riso and silkscreen
€ 7,50

"Car interiors at night. In Tokyo"

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Harvey Benge - Sri Lanka Diary, February 2011

Title: Sri Lanka Diary, February 2011
Artist: Harvey Benge
First Edition: 75 copies signed and numbered copies
24 pages
20 photographs
226 x 160mm (8.75" x 6.25")
digital print on 160gsm coated art paper
Saddle stitched
Each book, signed and numbered.
€16 / £13 / US$23 which includes postage

"This is the visual diary I made following my month in Sri Lanka in February 2011."

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