28 July 2017

H. Alder - Paper Lenses

Paper Lenses
by H Alder
48 pp., 148x210x5 mm
Hand type-set letterpress printing. Link stitch binding.
Contains 4 black and white photographs, hand-printed in a darkroom on fibre paper.
Edition: 48 copies in total.
GBP 15 pounds

"A collection of 4 photographs accompanied by colour plates and very short stories that offer different interpretations of the image. As the books are letter-pressed, there are imperfections in the text, but this makes them unique.All artwork is original and only published in this book."

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26 July 2017

Chantal van Rijt - Analemma

by Chantal van Rijt
In collaboration with: Werkplaats Typografie / Adriaan Van Leuven
48 pp, 27 x 20 cm /10,6 x 7,9 inch
Offset printing
Cover: Munken Kristall 300gr
Inside: Munken Kristall 150gr
Edition: 250

"In an attempt to photograph the sun, it turned out to be impossible for a normal camera to do so. The sun is too strong, resulting in a burnt spot on the picture. The only way to photograph the sun was indirectly, by projection."

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25 July 2017

Gilles Mercier - Zona de Alb

Zona de Alb
by Gilles Mercier
2 books, 24 pages, A5
Offset printing, on Quadri, 240gr & 130 gr
Edition: 100 copies signed
25 € incl. shipping

"In the 1950s, the Romanian authorities announced that leprosy, this 'divine punishment', had been eradicated in Romania, whereas actually all lepers had secretly been sent to Tichilesti. Officially recognised in the 1990s, but admitted nowhere, fourteen villagers still remain in this white zone, the territory of the forgotten, the “Zona de Alb”. In 1999, I took a path leading away from the main road that followed the Danube Delta. In 2016, I came back, and found that scientific and social progress have not followed the same path."

Daniel Sannwald - Sukurin (スクリーン)

Sukurin (スクリーン)
by Daniel Sannwald
In collaboration with YES Studio
100 pages, 148 x 210 x 5 (mm), 5.82 x 8.27 x 0.2
Digital printing on HP Indigo
Edition: 100

"Sukurin is a new publication that explores the work of photographer Daniel Sannwald in 100 unique editions. The book is the physical counterpart to a website made in collaboration between Daniel and YES Studio. The website positions Daniel’s work from the last 10 years in uniquely generated layouts, a clash of subjects from Music, Fashion and Portraiture come together to present Daniel’s work in a warped interpretation of the contexts in which it exists — billboards, music videos and spreads in Fashion magazines."

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24 July 2017

Sarah Pollman - The Distances Between Us

The Distances Between Us
by Sarah Pollman
Designed by Dennis Hankvist / Trema Förlag
56 pages; 8x11.25 inches
Offset Printing
Edition of 400
360 SEK // $40USD

"The Distances Between Us is a visual investigation of cemetery markers used to describe the anonymous deceased. The book contains photographs of elaborately carved stones labeled father and mother and numbered markers from cemeteries that formerly served state-run hospitals, jails and schools. Collectively, the images explore photography’s inherent relationship to memory and loss, recalling nineteenth century post-mortem photographs, eulogic portraits of loved ones displayed on mantels, and the desperation we feel to immortalize the lost."

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Misha Pedan - Eternal Presence

Eternal Presence
by Misha Pedan
174 pp. / 29.6 x 21.2 cm
Offset print
Edition of 800/Special edition of 30 including a signed print
48.00 EUR

"Misha Pedan’s images are infiltrated by another presence, that of a fellow artist, Jan
Håfström, whose earlier work The Eternal Return is overlaid, subtly and sometimes almost imperceptibly, onto Pedan’s own. Two series crossing and intersecting, without merging into a third unity."


23 July 2017

Peter Oey, Hean Kuan Ong, Fábio Miguel Roque and Eden Lai - Orient & Occident dual zine

Orient & Occident dual zine
Peter Oey, Hean Kuan Ong, Fábio Miguel Roque and Eden Lai
62 pages + 40 pages , 210 x 297 mm
Black and White Content, Color Cover. Laser printing
Edition: 100
Price: 30 Euro

"Four picture hoarders from The Netherlands, Malaysia, Portugal and Taiwan, all book lovers, and self-publishers, wanted to share their lust for pictures and the pleasure of the presentation in print."


17 July 2017

Karlis Bergs - Once a Dream Did Weave a Shade

Once a Dream Did Weave a Shade
by Karlis Bergs
Ardesia Projects
84 pages, A5
Offset printing
Edition of 500
Price  €30 or $28

"On some level we all want to be somebody else, somebody special. We all look for that transformative thing, that for a moment makes us forget who we are and lets us be free from our worries. I think most people find it on some level or another – a place where they can forget who they are and become somebody else."

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15 July 2017

Helen Jones - Stripes of light

Stripes of light
by Helen Jones
10 pages
full color
8.25 x 6.75 in
$4 + shipping

"This collection of light leaks, fogged images and accidental exposures was taken on a variety of cameras over many years. The images in "I have nothing more to offer you but stripes of light" are all the better for their mistakes."

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Elizabeth Char - Paris's Scenes

Paris's Scenes
by Elizabeth Char
40 pp., 21 x 14,8 cm
June 2017
HP Indigo Print
Cover Paper - White Offset 300 gr
Inside Paper - White Offset 150 gr
Edition of 50
14,00 € + shipping

"I walk in the streets. I get lost in the faces. Is the life of others a reflection of my ideals? A feeling of having failed, of having forgotten so many moments."

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03 July 2017

Denis Lebioda - Waiting for the snow

Waiting for the snow
by Denis Lebioda
17x24 cm, 80 pp.
 Duotone print on paper Olin Regular natural white 150 g/m2.
Duplex cover on paper Materica white and blue. 
Hot stamping, with a real photo (6 different vignettes)
Swiss binding.
Square fold, sewn with visible blue thread, 2 curved corners.

"Since several years, Lebioda enjoys to document the territory of Hautes-Alpes where he live and works.While browsing these pages, you will find yourselves in the middle of areas which look like they are deserted by humans, who however have imagined, designed and built them.You are about to begin a photographic walk that is likely to shake your habits, to lead you beyond the traditional Alpes imagery."

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Matt Gholson - Rural Route Four

Rural Route Four
by Matt Gholson
24 pages, 8.5 x 5.5 inches 140 x 216 mm
Color Glicee Print, 32 lbs
Saddle Stitched
Edition: 20 signed copies
Price: 8 dollars
"In 2014 I worked for awhile as a Rural Mail Carrier in rural Southern Illinois and I took some photographs on the route. This annotated edition includes some thoughts about the job and the landscape."

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