31 January 2014

Joseph Wilcox - Power Places

Power Places
Joseph Wilcox
Staple Bound Zine
32 pages
Edition of 100
19.7 x 13.3cm, 7.75 x 5.25 in
Color Laser
$10 US / $18 International (shipping included)

"The word Huldufólk translates to hidden people, who are said to inhabit the lava fields, stone piles, boulders, and hills of Iceland. These enchanted spots are called Álagablettur, or power places, and they offer the secretive and dark landscape the Huldufólk require. Tales point to the Huldufólk protecting humans who respect their domain. But they are also territorial, and are known to defend their homes from human intrusion. The Álagablettur of Iceland are places of an ancient struggle. These photos are a documentation, a record of what remains of history, and the proof of the Huldufólk's continuing legacy."

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30 January 2014

Mohammadreza Mirzaei - What I don't have

What I don't have
Mohammadreza Mirzaei
Curated by Terry Adkins & Luca Nostri
Designed by Filippo Nostri
Book, 2 volumes, 32 pages, 16 photographs and a story
Softbound softcover
Size: 148x210 mm
First edition: 100
Price € 20,00

"This book features a story and a photo series both happening at the same time and in the same place, but in two different artistic grammars."

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25 January 2014

Rasha Kahil - The White Room

The White Room
Rasha Kahil
36 pages
23 x 17,5 cm
edition 100, numbered and signed
Digital printing

"'The White Room' is a limited-edition self-published book which compiles a series of photographs taken in one sublet room in Berlin. The intuitive compositions express a dream-like state of yearning, documenting the relationship of the artist's own body interacting with random objects found around her temporary habitat, as well as subtle portraits of anonymous figures traversing the space. 'The White Room' is the artist's 3rd self-published book, and the first in a new series within this format."

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Amit Desai - America Sutra

America Sutra
Amit Desai
Publisher: Stephen Cheng
Softcover books in slipcase, 7 Volumes, 928 pp., 20x20.5x11cm, 8x8.25x4.25in
Price: 70 USD

"America Sutra is a photographic project by Indian artist Amit Desai made on the road in the United States during the first decade of the 21st century  The work documents the people and places he encountered on his ten year journey, which grew into a metaphysical exploration of the American Dream.  Shot on 35mm, 120 medium format, Polaroid and digital, along with handmade collages and drawings, the seven volume set is his first published work, and the first in a series of three projects made during this ten year period; the other two projects will be released later this year."

24 January 2014

Nelson d'Aires - Erosão

Nelson d'Aires
Edition: 350 copies
76 pages + poster print
22cm (L) x 30cm (H)
Price: 15€

"Nelson d'Aires started this work first by the title "Erosão" (Erosion) in 2011, shortly after Portugal had signed with troika the Memorandum of Understanding. The photographic territory began in 2012, the year when the Portuguese people began to feel the abrasive effect of austerity, that near the sea suffered the impact of erosion, sovereignty and the democratic responsibility associated to the effects and the responses to the Euro zone crisis. Individual project by Nelson d'Aires for the collective project DR 2012."

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23 January 2014

Lucia Nimcova - Animal Imago

Animal Imago
Lucia Nimcova
Book, 24 pages, 20 images, 24x36cm
Binding: Hard-cover
Edition: 500
Price: 19 EUR

"Animal Imago is Nimcova's fourth publication, this time around, departing from social and documentary topics, finding herself publishing a book for kids of all ages. The book is dealing with our relationship with animals and nature around us. „In essence, it speaks to the idea that the reality of the world around us is never a given, it is something we have to create“."

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Erik Schubert - How to Win Friends and Influence People

How to Win Friends and Influence People
Erik Schubert
Published by Lavalette, 2013
Artist book
88 pages
Edition of 250
$55 Signed
$125 Special Edition with print

"Borrowing an infamous title as the starting point for his first artist book, Erik Schubert considers how our appetite for success shapes our visual world. His photographs depict lonely interiors, defective products, and studies of ephemera culled from expositions, infomercial sets, and the family home. Schubert’s photographic exploration of the corporate vernacular elicits a dark humor, of fruitless desperation. Pre-packaged business attire, scuffed carpets, and uncanny corporate tableaus paint a portrait of an underlying irony — a world built on reputation and charisma, at the edges of catastrophe."

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Stefano Vigni - Derive

Stefano Vigni
Publisher: SEIPERSEI
Edition: 300 copies 
Color and b&w, IT/ENG
17×24 cm, Hardcover, 128 pagg.
Print: Offset
Price: € 25
ISBN 9788890744532

"DERIVE (Drift) is a collection of photographic reportages concerning the social and environmental issues in Italy between 2008 and 2013. It chronicles the lives, hopes and dreams of Italian people, a journey through the social unease in which many Italians are forced to live during this time. The material was completed in 2013 and first published December 2013 in the book Derive."

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22 January 2014

Various Photographers - Printed Web #1

Printed Web #1
Featuring new work by Joachim Schmid, Penelope Umbrico, Mishka Henner, Clement Valla, David Horvitz, Chris Alexander, Benjamin Shaykin, &, Christian Bök and Paul Soulellis, and texts by Hito Steyerl and Kenneth Goldsmith.
Published by Paul Soulellis / Library of the Printed Web
64 pages
Newsprint publication
30 x 36 cm (11.8 x 14 in)
Edition of 1,000

"Printed Web is the first publication devoted to web-to-print art and discourse. Featuring 64 pages of new work by artists who use screen capture, image grab, site scrape and search query."

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Fabio M. Roque - Redemption

Fabio M. Roque
Newspaper, 36 pages, 70 images, 230x302mm
Black & white digital print
Editon of 25, signed & numbered
5 € + shipping

"There is no salvation in becoming adapted to a world which is crazy" - Henry Miller

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Pierre Liebaert - Macquenoise

Title: Macquenoise
Photographer: Pierre Liebaert
Contributors: Fabrice Wagner & Septembre Tiberghien
Newspaper 36 pages, bound 29 x 38 cm, in printed, hard-bounded and gatefold cover, 19 x 29 cm.
edition: 612
Rotary press & off-set
Price: 17 € + shipping

"Macquenoise is the bittersweet portrait of a mother and son who live secluded life with only animals for company, at the mercy of the seasons. From this oedipal relationship wells up a violence suffocated by a state of immobility. Sometimes,  a look seems to be a cry for help, a warning that we heed while remaining mute, powerless. Macquenoise might well be the name of a dance of death, the memory of an original sacrifice from the very edge of a horizon that sighs, between light and darkness. But it is a village on the fringes of Belgium, on the French frontier. We see there the shadow of the mother, planted  like a knobby oak-tree, and that of the limping son. Two characters so deeply engrained in the earth they live on that they have taken root there forever."

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Marco van Duyvendijk - Riko

Marco van Duyvendijk
32 pages
16,5 cm by 20,5 cm (6.5 inch by 8.1 inch)
Edition: 500
Type of Printing: offset, full colour
Price: 17 euro including shipping (20 euro outside the Netherlands)

"Riko is a book about a Japanese Butoh dancer I met in Kyoto. Butoh is an avant-garde dance form that combines dance, theatre and improvisation. It is influenced by Japanese traditional performing arts and German Expressionist dance."

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17 January 2014

Gábor Arion Kudász - Memorabilia

Gábor Arion Kudász
184 pages
28x20 cm
300 copies
one color offset, sewn perfect bound, soft cover
eur 35

"I: Indeed Gábor, this is documented for you or through you, so don’t forget these things, because time will come you’ll be the only one to know. E: That hopefully will never be the case!"

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14 January 2014

Lex Thompson & Oliver McCartney Thompson - Deer Blind

Deer Blind
Lex Thompson & Oliver McCartney Thompson
8 pages
14x10.8 cm (5.5x4.25 in)
digital press
edition of 500

"The front and back cover depict 'trophy walls' of animal photos cut from a daily calendar. The interior pages show a progression of photographs of my son taping over a photograph of a deer and the adjacent light switch. The book can be unfolded to reveal the back of the sheet, covered with an enlarged image of the deer from the 'trophy wall', which the book’s owner may tape or pin to his or her own wall."

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13 January 2014

Oliver Zenklusen - D’un Monde Flottant/Of a Floating World

D’un Monde Flottant/Of a Floating World
Oliver Zenklusen
66 pages
25 x 21 cm (10 x 8.6 inches)
digital offset
250 numbered and stamped copies
price: eur 45 (plus eur 9.50 for international shipping)

"'… those whose boat has never sunk will never know anything about the sea.'
Nicolas Bouvier: Void and Full, Japanese Notebooks 1964-1970"

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Sarah Kastrau - Like Ghosts

Like Ghosts
Sarah Kastrau
36 pages
150 x 185 mm (5.91 x 7.28 inches)
edition of 60
black & white digital print

"The successor to my first photo zine 'Blinded By The Dark', the continuation of the 'underground music meets instant film' theme. This time, the selected images are not the actual positives, but the carefully reclaimed paper negatives that come with peel-apart film."

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Rob McDonald - Native Ground (one)

Native Ground (one)
Rob McDonald
44 pages
5 ½” x 8 ½”
Indigo printing throughout
Edition of 25
$75 US

"A special release of Rob McDonald’s photographic meditations on places that inspired the imaginations of great writers of the American South."

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07 January 2014

Markus Wustmann - Köthen

Markus Wustmann
24 pages
flip-out width: 420 mm
digital monochrome printing
 edition: 25, signed & numbered
price: EUR 26 incl. worldwide shipping

"The soldiers are gone. Overland. Soon this place will look like one of Gursky‘s.

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06 January 2014

Radek Brousil - Asides

Radek Brousil
34 pages
22 x 28cm
Edition of 300 copies
Offset print
33 EUR

"At first sight a landscape. An aesthetic rendition, a depiction of the wonders of nature and the impact of man, the commingling of the natural and the cultural landscape, but also a series of shifts, dialogues and subtle interventions. On the other hand, a personal attestation on the part of the artist and above all an attempt to get closer to himself through the lens."

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Various Photographers - The Feline Flâneur

The Feline Flâneur
Various Photographers
56 pages
135 x 190mm (5.5 x 7.5 inches)
Numbered edition of 120
b/w digital

“‘The Feline Flâneur’ features photographs of cats by 17 photographers from around the world – from the USA to the UK, from Hong Kong to Istanbul. All profits from the sale of this zine will be donated to the Cats Protection League (Stewartry branch) here in south west Scotland."

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05 January 2014

Eduardo Arias - Vecinos (Neighbours)

Vecinos (Neighbours)
Eduardo Arias
Two booklets
40pages each
b/w Offset
11,50€ Spain, 13€ Europe, shipping included

"Some pictures of what my neighbours do and can be seen from my windows, day and night."

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02 January 2014

Fred Cray - Changing the Guard

Changing the Guard
Fred Cray
106 pages
edition of 200 plus 22 collector's copies

"Changing the Guard is the second book by the photographer related to his Unique Photographs project. The same portrait of a museum guard is double printed on every image in this phase of the project. Each book comes with at least 3 unique photographs inserted."

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01 January 2014

João Sobral - Canada

João Sobral
20 pages
14.8 x 21 cm
edition of 30 numbered copies
full colour digital printing
4£ + P&P

"CANADA is the title of this fanzine which portrays the trip I made during the summer of 2011 with my family to visit my aunt and my cousins who live in Toronto."

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