30 July 2013

Various photographers - Península

featuring photography from Carlos Cancela Pinto, Aitor Gametxo, Alba Yruela, Carla Andrade, Karine Versluis, João Sobral, Lluís Tudela and Icíar J. Carrasco
introduction by Elisa Nelissen
40 pages, 21x14.8 cm (A5)
edition of 50
digitally printed
€ 10 BE/UK, € 11 EU, € 12 world

"Península is a photozine that aims to show an intimate side of the Iberian peninsula. Made together with photographer Carlos Cancela Pinto, Península shows the work of eight young photographers with a special relationship to either Spain or Portugal."

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29 July 2013

Mengxi Zhang - 350km/h

Mengxi Zhang
64 pages
Offset printing
37 x 30.3 cm
edition of 400: 300 free copies + 100 copies with a pigment print
£25 + p/p 

"Pictures taken in China on a train journey."

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28 July 2013

Maggie Harrsen - Earthguide to wellbeing

Earthguide to wellbeing
by Maggie Harrsen / good water farms
60 pages, 7 x 9 inches
perfect bound, soft cover
edition of 200, signed
35 USD

"a guide to inspire wellbeing and care for oneself, and loved ones. to support a lifestyle of harmony between body and mind while living in rhythm with Pachamama, Mother Earth. to be used as a resource for igniting one’s true nature through nourishing photographs, words, and recipes."

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27 July 2013

Dana de Luca - La petite mort

La petite mort
Dana de Luca
Paperback with flaps; 21 x 15 cm
78 pages, 45 photographs
Digital print
Edition of 100, signed and numbered
Price: 12 Euros + shipping

"I recreated a content from a stream of images of amateur porn videos. Frames hidden in a temporal flow broadening in their becomingness to find death in new images, the photographs."

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25 July 2013

Max Branigan - Maplewood, NJ: Prolouge

Maplewood, NJ: Prolouge
Max Branigan
20 pages
Edition of 50, signed
digital offset printing

"Maplewood, NJ is the first of a 6 section series which explores the personal decay of the "hometown". At times both ode and eulogy, Max captures the quite xenophobic urges that arise when the familiar turns foreign. Maplewood, NJ: Prologue contains several black and white images of relevant people and place of this project that the artist took two years ago. "

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Alex FaKso - Sound Clash

Sound Clash
Alex FaKso
104 pages
Edition of 100
€20 + p&p

"These photographs were taken at the Caribbean carnival in Notting Hill, between 2009 and 2012. A place where the culture is very much felt and music is the absolute protagonist. Caribbean rhythms, ska, reggae, dub are just some of the genres heard in the UK, and more specifically at the carnival. I took the photos before the sound systems began to pump music: the calm before the storm. A couple of hours later and the atmosphere would have been totally different and thousands of people would be huddled under these sound totems, symbolising the street culture linked to the carnival."

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22 July 2013

Egon Van Herreweghe - A Modernist Garden

A Modernist Garden
Egon Van Herreweghe
staple-bound booklet
16 pages, 17,5 - 24,5 cm
Edition of 50
offset with screen-printed cover
Price: €15 +shipping

"Our concepts and rationalizations might have lent themselves to abandon the state of despair at times, they too fulfill the sense of hollowness. Whereas the subject of our search is the real, our understandings are muted, transformed and reconstructed. Much like Jack Gilbert denounces it in the opening of his stunning The Forgotten Dialect of the Heart: “How astonishing it is that language can almost mean, and frightening that it does not quite”. For this series I xeroxed black rectangles on top of Thomas Struth’s photographs (from the book Dandelion Room) using painters tape to protect the colorful flowers from being obliterated."

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Edi Šelhaus - Partisan Times

Partisan Times
Edi Šelhaus
Edited by: Bojan Radovič
Pages: 48
Size: 21 x 15 cm
Black & white digital printing on cyclus offset paper, perfect bound
Hand numbered edition of 40 copies + 10 H.C. (hors de commerce)
Price: 15 € EU / 17 € WORLD

"Published photographs are from the collection of the House of Photography
and were taken by Edi Šelhaus at the end of the second World War in Slovenia
(1944/45). Original negative films are the property of Muzej novejše zgodovine
Slovenije in Ljubljana."

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Alexander Aksakov - "365"

Alexander Aksakov
100 colour pages printed on Fedrigoni Freelife Kendo 140 gsm
size: 20x12 cm
hardcover screenprinted on 1400 micron board
handbound coptic stitch
limited edition of 150
publisher: AKINAbooks
editing: Valentina Abenavoli - Alex Bocchetto
price: 28£ + shipping

"A cold winter was on its way. We were given a uniform, a pair of boots, a box of dry rations
and a chance to pay our "debts" to the motherland. No one was really sure if we had any, but trying to avoid them was a bad idea."

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20 July 2013

Wei Leng Tay - Convergence

Wei Leng Tay
130 pages
283mm x 228.8mm
Edition of 500
Offset Printing
Price (Incl. worldwide shipping): US$55

"Convergence is an intimate look at segments of the Chinese community in Singapore and Malaysia. It explores the ways of life and relationships of these people and reflects the ideas of race, heritage and language that are ingrained in the people of these two countries with entwined histories."

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19 July 2013

Tammy Mercure - Twelve Nashville Waffle Houses

Twelve Nashville Waffle Houses
Tammy Mercure
16 pages
Edition: 50
Digital- Indigo
$12 plus $4 shipping

 "Twelve Nashville Waffle Houses is inspired by the iconic Southern staple with the glowing yellow sign and Ed Ruscha. The photographs are printed on an Indigo printer and Japanese Stab Bound with a custom pattern."

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18 July 2013

Otto Kaan - Steigers


Otto Kaan

Broadsheet newspaper

20 pages, 
41.5 x 58 cm/ 16.3 x 22.8 inches

Edition: 1000

Printing: Rotary offset

Price: 5€ + shipping

"Photographs were first reproduced making acetone transfers from laser prints. The best results were then scanned in high–res, keeping all the irregularities of the transfers. Five A1 posters printed front and back, folded inside each other into a broadsheet newspaper."

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16 July 2013

Noe Lavado and Helena Rovira - Holidayscapes

Noe Lavado and Helena Rovira
26 pages
14.8 x 21 cm
Edition: 32
 digital printed
5 € + shipping

"The Canary Islands, 1995. Nothing but desert, many tourists and one squirrel."

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Phil Jackson - Borderline Retarded #9

Borderline Retarded #9
Phil Jackson
20 pages
5.5 x 8.5 inches (14 x 21.5cm)
Edition of 200 Digital
laser print
$5 postage paid

"35mm photos of skateboard / travel culture mixed with handwritten musings on life, liberty, and what it means to chase the tangled sunsets west. Photos from Indianapolis, Bloomington, Portland Maine, Rhode Island, Phoenix, Tucson, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Oakland, Utah, and the Nevada desert. Empty swimming pools and abandoned factories, pitching tents and hopping fences, creative self destruction and, and of course, the open road."

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12 July 2013

▲▲▲▼▼▼ - L U C A S

Title: L U C A S
By: ▲▲▲▼▼▼
16 pages
29.7 x 21 cm / 11.5 x 8.25"
Edition: 150
xerox printed
15 € + shipping

"Lucas is my son , I saw him just once , last year."

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08 July 2013

Alex Partola - Ghost in the Machine

Title: Ghost in the Machine
Artist: Alex Partola
Contributors: Nikita Skryabin, Adno, Sanex, Gets, Kvadrat, Robe, Snek, Auto, Bruk, Rambo, Waspe, Blesg, Ros, Oser, Host, Humor, Aston, Debut, Bazuk, Men, Wen, Brok, Sker, Rude, Slack, Spacer.
124 pages
Edition of 520 - signed and numbered
£25 + p&p

"Ghost is the soul or spirit, it can appear translucent or as barely visible wispy shapes, almost invisible to the naked eye" this sentence resonates truth in more ways than one when it comes to Alex Partola's new book. Through his photography he manages to capture the plight of a misunderstood community that craves the freedom of artistic expression while seeking no personal recognition. The artists he photographs are shadows not only in the dark, but also to the art community that so adamantly rejects their premise.

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07 July 2013

Eddie Major - Cast Members

Title: Cast Members
Artist: Eddie Major
36 pages
5.25″x8.25″ (13.3 x 21cm)
Edition: 100 copies, numbered and signed
Printing type: digital
Price: $13.50 AUD includes postage

"Young Australian men at rest and at play, in leitmotifs of backyards, rooftops and fences. A series of seventeen images shot in Adelaide and Melbourne from 2009-2012."

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Leon Kirchlechner - Nowhere

Leon Kirchlechner
64 pages
30 x 22 cm
800 numbered copies
A limited Edition (Book + Print) is also available
29,80 Euro

"'Nothing […] is anywhere ever simply present or absent.' – Jacques Derrida"

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Various artists: Can I Borrow You?

Can I Borrow You?
Joe Cooke; Ben Armson; Jamie Wilson
36 pages
Edition of 20
£3.50 / $5

"Can I Borrow You? explores surreal, decontextualised reference photos that were never supposed to be seen."

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06 July 2013

David O'Mara - Detritus issue Four

Title: Detritus issue Four
Artist: David O'Mara
16 pages
289mm x 380mm
Edition size : 100 signed and numbered
digital newsprint
Price: £2 +p&p

"A4-sized documents create a map of our lives that expand in all directions, not just our geophysical presence but our socio-economic footprints, our corporeal frailties and interpersonal relationships. It heralds both our very beginning and our exit with bureaucratic efficiency. We become both author and subject of paperwork that circulates between the institutions of our public and private selves.From the real to the imagined, everything crosses the proportions of A4. This is even truer of the pages I have found on the street. A ubiquitous feature of our urban environment, they lie stained, ripped and embossed by traffic. Rejected or misplaced, these documents litter the streets with unwanted and unneeded information, oblique fragments of life waiting to be pulped into the ground."

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05 July 2013

Sonia D'Argenzio - Cataract

Sonia D'Argenzio
32 pages
color laser
Edition of 75

"Sonia D'Argenzio's new zine is comprised of new 35mm alterations. Using chemicals, liquor, and nature to destroy and manipulate rolls of 35mm, Sonia's work resembles abstract paintings more than photographs."

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Joachim Schmid - The ABC of Popular Desire

Joachim Schmid
The ABC of Popular Desire
32 pages
29.7 x 21 cm / 11.5 x 8.25"
100 copies
digital offset
10 € + shipping

"The ABC of Popular Desire is a visual index of the most popular internet searches made between January and May 2013. Based on data provided by meta search engines, the compilation reveals internet users' real interests; sports, celebrities, entertainment, new products, catastrophes, crimes, and the occasional political event. Arranged in alphabetical order, the survey turns out to be an unpredictable mix of photographs that were, like the news agenda itself, hot one day and forgotten the next. For many, the absence of expected searches may be surprising, but this could also indicate that the data we receive from the search engine is as biased and tailored as the results of the searches we perform."

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Ricardo Diez Baeza - Urbacide

Title: Urbacide
Artist: Ricardo Diez Baeza
92 pages
A4 pages
Printing: offset
Price: 28 € + delivery
Edition size: less than 200 available

"Urban analysis of the mutually homicidal nature between a city and its inhabitants"

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Frank Rodick - Of Liquid Cities and Celestial Abattoirs

Of Liquid Cities and Celestial Abattoirs
Frank Rodick
200x140 mm
44 BW pages
printed on Fedrigoni Freelife Cento 140gsm
edition of 100
price: 13 £

"Your reality is already HALF video hallucination. If you're not careful, it will become TOTAL hallucination. You'll have to learn to live in a very strange new world."

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02 July 2013

Ricardo Diez Baeza - Urbacide

Artist: Ricardo Diez Baeza
Type: book, soft-cover
Pages: 92 A4 pages
Printing: offset
Price: 28 € + delivery
Edition: less than 200 available

"Urban analysis of the mutually homicidal nature between a city and its inhabitants."

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Roger Guaus - The Hub

Title: The Hub
Authors: Roger Guaus
Publisher: Ca l'Isidret Edicions
Book, offset printing
48 pages, 12 cm x 30 cm
Edition of 600
Credits in English
Price: 22 euros + shipping

"A hub as an interconnecting center in the field of computer networks involves, by definition, the collision. The proposal provides the reader this possibility of collision, inviting, from the delight of all the images, to participate with their own conflicts and contradictions."

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