25 February 2013

Rudi Bogaerts - Hinweise zum Lexikon

Hinweise zum Lexikon
Rudi Bogaerts
Writer: Inge Braeckman
Staplebound book    
22 x 28cm (8,6 x11inches)
edition of 250
Offset printing
15€ plus shipping

"A first stop in the work of the Belgium based artist Rudi Bogaerts shows a selection of works made between 2006 and 2009. He recycles old pictorial material, exposing, reprocessing and reprinting it in such a way that an identical result is never achieved."

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22 February 2013

Christophe Le Toquin - Eléménts d'une typologie de l'urbanisation contemporaine d'un village français de deux mille huit cent trente neuf habitants

Title : Eléménts d'une typologie de l'urbanisation contemporaine d'un village français de deux mille huit cent trente neuf habitants
Name of artist : Christophe Le Toquin
Number of pages 24
Size : 18 x 24 cm
Edition size 50
Digital printing
Price 15 euros plus shipping

"This book is the first in a series of 10 books about a French village. This village is located in the heart of France, in the county of Loir et Cher. This is my village, I live here. This village is Noyers sur Cher."

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Martin Masetto - Friends & Family

Friends & Family
Martin Masetto
16 pages
8.25" x 8.25"
Edition: 50
Offset Printing

"Buffy (Jody’s twin on Family Affair), Bess (Phyllis’ daughter on The Mary Tyler-Moore Show), Proculus (loyal Roman officer in Caligula), and Patrick Angus (American realist painter known as the Toulouse-Lautrec of Times Square). These are just a few of the inter-generational characters found in Martin Masetto’s Friends & Family. Culled from favorite TV shows and films, Friends & Family is a photo album of sorts, where an imaginary social network of old and new friends are connected in a feat of social engineering."

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Henrik Malmström - St. Georg Für Alle

Title: St. Georg Für Alle
Artist: Henrik Malmström
Type: Newsprint
Printing: Digital Tabloid
Size: 36 pages / 29 x 38 cm / 29 color images
Edition: 50
Price: 9 euros + p/p

"A newspaper about the area and people of St. Georg, Hamburg."

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Ola Lanko - 25 light sculptures

Title: 25 light sculptures
Artist: Ola Lanko
25 pages
20.3X25.4 cm/8X10 inches
Edition size: 25
Type of printing: photocopier, black and white
Price: 25 euro

"The book consists of 25 photographs of light sculptures made exposing direct to a photo paper and than multiplied by photocopier. This book is a first series of the project which focuses on the nature of photography and its special features that allow us to capture unique and transient moments."

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21 February 2013

William Teakle - Show Home

Show Home
William Teakle
Afterword Professor Tony Chapman
56 pages
Edition of 20
Colour Lazer
£12 UK
£14 Worldwide

"Housing Developments in the South West of England."

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Mémé Bartels - Monochrome

Mémé Bartels
box with book, poster, concertina folding
17 x 22 cm
Edition: 750
Offset printing
 € 30,-

" Monochrome is a complete exhibition in a book. Each chapter has a unique focus. Bread, but not as you normally perceive it. Meat, but not as you have ever seen it. Outside, but not how you normally view it. Through the use of photography and colour the daily routine becomes a thing of intrigue."

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Marina Gržinić - DAHAB / Jane Štravs

Title: DAHAB / Jane Štravs
Essay: Marina Gržinić
Editor: Bojan Radovič
Size: 21 x 29,7 cm
Pages: 32
Saddle stitched
Colour digital printing on cyclus offset paper Hand numbered & signed
edition of 40 copies + 10 H.C. (hors de commerce)
Price: 15 EUR (EU) / 17 EUR (World)

"...Photographs of Dahab are arranged along the spectrum that extends them between still images and motion pictures. What we see here in Štravs' photographic series of Dahab is an inversion of the common relation of the real and the imaginary, where the bodies are more or less always real and the landscape is imaginary - yet here, the landscape is provocatively real, while a body is stubbornly imaginary. ..." (Marina Gržinić)

20 February 2013

Italo Morales - Overnight Generation

Title: Overnight Generation
Photographer: Italo Morales
Concept and design: Francesco Vedovato
Type of publication: book
Number of pages: 128
Size: 14,5 x 20 cm
Edition: 600 copies
Offset printing
35€ +shipping

"Overnight Generation is a post-clash reportage over the complex shades that being young adults can assume in the contemporary Sarajevo. A research on a fascinating, complex, and often unknown european capital, plagued by what has been acknowledged as the longest siege in modern history. Overnight Generation is a portrait of Sarajevo and a tribute to its young citizens: a generation that had to grow up overnight, while we were asleep."

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18 February 2013

Marija Strajnic - Fifth Element

Title: Fifth Element
Artist: Marija Strajnic
Soft cover (Hand sewn binding + Dry seal title)
32 pages
Edition size: 60
Digital print on offset paper
Price 15 Euros

"A book about self-destruction."

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14 February 2013

Klaus U. Kasperszak - Phantom des Anderen

Title: Phantom des Anderen
Artist: Klaus U. Kasperszak
32 pages
Edition Size: 25
Type of printing: Inkjet on artist's sketchbook pages
Price: 20,00 €

"Someone has left the room. Nevertheless there remains a sort of spirit of this person: The phantom of the other."

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Sean Haughton - Do The Action

Title: Do The Action
Artist: Sean Haughton
24 pages
Type of printing: B&W laser
Price: £2 (plus postage)

"four days in the company of a Japanese punk band."

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13 February 2013

C. Hewitt - Morning Sun: 2009 - 2012

Title: Morning Sun: 2009 - 2012
Artist: C. Hewitt
26 pages
Type of printing: xerox
Price: £2 (plus postage)

"Photographs taken on a range of cameras over the last few years from various tours and travels and the boredom in between."

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Claudia Eschborn - 1520/21

Claudia Eschborn
Text by Christoph Tannert
book / box of prints
45 large format photographs (23 x 26,5 cm) printed on 300g Lessebo Design Natural, and 43 polaroids (12 x 12 cm) printed on 170g Lessebo Design natural in an artist-made cardboard box.
40 signed and numbered copies
98 € + p/p

"The fascination for Albrecht Dürer’s graphic work and – as a result of this – an intense curiosity, lead through a variety of ways to the reading of Gerd Unverfehrts book „Da sah ich viel köstliche Dinge“, which tells about Dürer’s travel to the Netherlands in the years of 1520/21."

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12 February 2013

Valentina Abenavoli - My name is Elena

My name is Elena
Valentina Abenavoli
Hand-sewn zine
A5 format, 32 pages 160gsm white card, red linen thread
Eclisse series #4
Published by Akinabooks, edited by Alex Bocchetto
Afterword by Constantin Nimigean

Numbered edition of 100
LED printing
Price: £10

"Elena is a tailor, not rich but does not complain. She never moved from her country. Her sister has found a new life in Italy and doesn't want to return. Elena cries, taking medicines for depression. She asks me to take some pictures to show to her sister in Italy. But I don't know her sister. And these pictures not only tell about Elena but they seem to speak for an entire country. She yells against a gypsy, she show me her family pictures, she tells me that children are still abandoned. Ceausescu is gone. But the country struggles to grow up. And then she says: "My name is Elena", as the dictator's wife."

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Edward Newton - This Time Next Year

Title: This Time Next Year
Artist: Edward Newton
32 pages
Edition: 30
Type of Printing: inkjet
Price: £22 +p/p

"Taken over a period of three years ‘This Time Next Year’ is a quiet observation of daily life. The subject matter, low key and often domestic in nature, belies any grand ambition or photographic statement. Instead, through a melancholy acknowledgement to the passing of time it celebrates the simple pleasures and possibilities to be found in subject matter that is close at hand."

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05 February 2013

Gregory Kalliche, ed. - 57Cell. #57C001

57 Cell issue # 57C0001: Alee Peoples - Down in the Deep / Zuriel Waters - East Coast Enematic
Gregory Kalliche
Softcover, staple bound book
28 pages
21.5 x 28 cm (8.5 x 11 inches)
Full color laserjet

"57 Cell is an alternative space, a publication featuring 3D modeled exhibitions that simulate inaccessible, nonexistent, or improbable environments. It is a collaborative project where artists develop environment ideas and project concepts specific to a series of works or notions of works. The exhibitions take form exclusively in publication and are not available for on-line viewing. 57 Cell is directed, curated and digitally modeled by Gregory Kalliche."

04 February 2013

The Seduction of Color: Photographs from the Collection of Robert E. Jackson

Title: The Seduction of Color: Photographs from the Collection of Robert E. Jackson
9 × 7 inches
Handbound hardcover
88 pages
Regular Edition $45.00 (Initial print run of 200)
Limited Edition (Original snapshot included): $150.00 (15 printed)

" The book, containing photos from Jackson’s color collection, was digitally printed and hand bound at Paper Hammer Studios in Tieton, WA. Jackson, a photography collector from Seattle, has acquired more than 11,000 snapshots. In 2007, the National Gallery of Art featured his collection in their exhibition and catalogue The Art of the American Snapshot: 1888–1978."

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Ignacio Navas - Linde

Title: Linde
Artist: Ignacio Navas
Design: Paloma Ávila / Production: Pulse Comunicación
54 pages
Edition size: 100
Digital printing
Price: 12€

"I’m drawn to normality, to closeness. To all those things we are tired of seeing. They are sincere, bare, unadorned. They allow us to clearly identify the things we have in common, feelings of defeat or boredom, happiness or affection – our most honest impulses. The world is composed by these little stories, they are the really important stuff."

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