25 April 2011

Michel Mazzoni - Straight in the light

Title of publication:  Straight in the light
Name of artist: Michel Mazzoni
Type of publication: Soft cover book
Number of pages, size: 112, 16 x 27,5 cm
Edition size: 500
Type of printing: offset, cmyk
Price: 28 euro

Michel Mazzoni work is imbued with a sensitivity that gives heed to interactions between light immateriality, the point of view and the frame demand, like a continuous confrontation between perceptions. Seeing is enough, taking time, could we say.

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Theo Simpson - Dead Ends

Dead Ends
Theo Simpson
additional contributors: Tom Common (foreword) Ben Mclaughlin (design)
24 pages, 245 x 172 mm
Edition size: 400
Single colour offset with 2 x risograph posters in plastic dust jacket
Price: £6 plus £2 shipping

"The series explores the issues of unemployment by collecting and documenting discarded job centre slips. The slips were found in and around three Sheffield jobcentres, between August 2009 and March 2010. Many were discovered well away from the jobcentres themselves: lying on back streets, scrunched in phone booths, and stuffed in salt bins. They have been collected and documented in their original state."

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15 April 2011

Jess T. Dugan - A Moment Collected: Photographs at the Harvard Art Museum

Title: A Moment Collected: Photographs at the Harvard Art Museum
Artist: Jess T. Dugan
Additional Contributors: Essay by Mary Malloy and an Interview with Shellburne Thurber
Type: Softcover book, 96 pages, 49 black and white images
Size: 8" x 10" (20.3 cm x 25.4 cm)
Edition of 250
Digital printing
Price: $20 plus shipping

"A Moment Collected: Photographs at the Harvard Art Museum is a collection of images documenting the people and spaces of the museum in the years leading up to its closing for a major renovation. Both portraits and still life images, these photographs are about the strong sense of connection among the people and how deeply the spirit of the museum runs through its inhabitants. These photographs are about passion, community, and love, but they also speak to the passing of time, the idea of change, and the impermanent and fluid nature of each person’s involvement in a much larger existence."

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13 April 2011

Federico Clavarino - Ukraina Pasport

Title of publication: Ukraina Pasport
Name of artist: Federico Clavarino
Type of publication/Description: book in passport format
Number of pages, size: 94 pages, 13 x 5 cm
Edition size: 800
Type of printing: offset printing
Price: 15 euro

Fiesta Ediciones publishes Federico Clavarino’s magnificent series, Ukraina Pasport, a very special book inviting us to cross the borders between past and future, childhood and adult age, reality and imagination. A journey in which Federico uses Ukrania’s political and social reality to talk about nostalgia and transformation.

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12 April 2011

Theo Simpson - Eight

Theo Simpson
additional contributors; Craig Barker
Large format book
16 pages, 594 x 420mm
Edition of 50
Screen printed with black and grey ink with numbered board in fitted wallet
Price £25 + shipping

"Eight is a meditation on the architectural vestige of Sir Reginald Blomfield who orchestrated, designed and selected the initial transmission towers for the UK.
His vision remained faithful to the original Greek meaning of the word pylon as a monumental ancient Egyptian gateway to the sun."

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Anthony Blasko - The Way Things Are Vol 1

Title: The Way Things Are Vol 1
Artist: Anthony Blasko
Pages: 88 pages
Size: 10"x 8" / 25.4cm x 20cm
Edition of 250, Signed
Printing: Offset
Prince: $40

"The work focuses on my fathers side of the family over a 5 year period. I hope to capture the universal experiences of loss, growth, and change brought on by the passing of time. This is the first volume of the ongoing project."

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Peter Franck - Gottes bunter Garten

Gottes bunter Garten
Peter Franck
48 pages, 13 x 18 cm
Edition of 105 numbered copies, signed by the artist, including different ribbons made of tulle lace
14 Euro + shipping

"Gottes bunter Garten is a fine, absurd-erotic coffee-table book-diary; the viewer rushes though a garden of absurdities, plated with subtle humour, he glances at the dark world of paid pain, rushes from room to room. The forbidden glance in the hotel room of a time where the decoration did not carry the attribute 'absurd' an voyeurism was not legitimised by media. These stories are told by the reality. Just turn around and you’ll be startled."

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Eanna Freeney - Eanna Freeney

Title: Eanna Freeney
Name: Eanna Freeney
16 pages
179 x 120 mm
Offset Printing
Edition size: 50
Price: £4

"I'm delighted to announce TVC#003, a collection of my own works, as the next publication from The Velvet Cell Books. These photos are from a study of East London during the period 2009-2010. They form the main body of two solo exhibitions I held in London in early 2010."

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08 April 2011

Craig Atkinson - Butchers Row

Butchers Row
Craig Atkinson
24 Pages, 14cm x 20cm / 5.5"x8"
numbered edition of 100
b/w digital [Cyclus Offset 80gsm]

"15 butchers working on one street setting up business on a Saturday morning. Butchers Row is an indoor street in Leeds Kirkgate Market."

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Sebastien Girard - Desperate Cars

Title: Desperate cars
Artist: Sebastien GIRARD
Type: Book, Hardcover
Pages: 48
Size: 29.9 x 23.1 cm / 11,77 x 9,09 inch
Printing: offset printing on Job paper
Edition of 500, signed
Price: 39 euros

"Exhausted, abandoned, wounded, the collection of cars captured by Sébastien Girard are in fact desperate. We find them in the middle of the night, broken wrecks bearing the scars of their mad days wheeled by man. An analytical flash captures them in their everlasting solitude.  Desperate cars is the second book of the series inaugurated by Nothing but Home."

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07 April 2011

Michael Max McLeod - T E R R E R V M Issue #1

Title: T E R R E R V M Issue #1
Artist: Michael Max McLeod
Type: Zine
Pages: 24
Size 8" x 5" (20 x 13 cm)
Edition of 500
Color and b/w laser (photocopy)
$12.50 + S&H

"A crisis of meaning pervades as Mike McLeod traverses the landscape - both physical and virtual. T E R R A R V M constructs a queer psychogeography with photographic technologies ranging from live webcams to large-format view camera."

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Carlos Albalá & Ignasi López - Evidences as to Man's Place in Nature

Evidences as to Man's Place in Nature
Carlos Albalá & Ignasi López
210 x 140 mm, 144 pages
64 fragmented images (composing 8 posters)
CMYK Colour
Edition of 100
Price: 28€ + delivery costs(Spain, Europe, Worldwide: 6€)

"The man creates dysfunctional and entropic spaces during its landscape construction. Their own story has displaced them from the cause-effect line, dooming them to an eternal defeated present. Carlos Albalá & Ignasi López go through these places and represent them in a sort of emotional topography, creating emotional links with only exits for itself landscape which produces monuments with a maximum degree of iconicity. Evidences as to Man's Place in Nature is published as a book in which are included, fragmented, 8 photographs that forms this project and can be detached and mounted as wall photographs."

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05 April 2011

Dan Schmahl: Aura Video Station 5.1

Title: Aura Video Station 5.1
Artist: Dan Schmahl
Type: Zine
Pages: 16
Size: 5.5 x 8 in (14 x 20 cm)
Edition of 25
b/w laser and silkscreen
$8 + $2 s/h

"A zine about youth gone wild and chakra vibes. Incorporates hand sewn binding and screen printed auras in addition to black toner. Om."

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03 April 2011

Bojan Radovic - Timebox

Artist: Bojan Radovic
Essays by: Sebastjan Leban, Marina Grzinic
160 pages,
22 x 28 cm (8,66 x 11 inch)
Edition size: 800
Type of printing: offset
Price: 30,00 EUR

The book is divided in two parts with the team of timebox apparatus - camera. The first part addresses the question of the function of image in relation to time and movement. The second part is a research of the five pointed star icon that used to be a very important symbol in former Yugoslavia in relation to the communist system, which after the fall of the Berlin wall and with it the fall of communism in Europe, is more and more emptied of its “original” communist revolutionary meaning ...

02 April 2011

Sander Meisner

Title: Sander Meisner
Name: Sander Meisner
Type: Artist's book, zine
Pages: 16pp
Edition Size: 148 x 210 mm
Offset Printing
Price: £4

"A new release by The Velvet Cell Books; a collection of stunning photographs dealing with themes of alienation and dislocation by talented Amsterdam-based photographer Sander Meisner."

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