29 June 2012

Jasper Rigole & Egon Van Herreweghe - Elective Affinities

Elective Affinities
Jasper Rigole & Egon Van Herreweghe
65 pages
size: A3
Edition of 65
Xeroxed, silkscreened cover
15 euro + shipping

"For this collaboration, the artists installed a temporary workspace in a local bar in which they collected, combined and reproduced images using a photocopier. They responded to each other’s proposals by adding images, editing existing ensembles or by responding to the traces that arose during the project. The final book, an edition of 65, was handmade during a live event."

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Marianne van Loo - Pansheel Park Delhi 2012

Title: Pansheel Park Delhi 2012 'Diesel for successful living'
Artist: Marianne van Loo
16 pages
289 x 380 mm (11.4 inch x 15 inch)
Edition size: 20
type of printing : digital, colour
Price: 10£ including P&P

"Exploration of workers and their jobs in Pansheel Park, New Delhi. Once India starts allowing companies such as Wall Mart and Tesco into their country, critics fear that this will destroy millions of jobs. Where in the Western world can you still find a man that just sells tomatoes, or some plastic toys from the back of a bike? Most of these jobs will disappear in the future because of India's growing economic wealth. This is a visual record of a current social climate."

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24 June 2012

Adrian Tyler - Dust to Dust

Title: Dust to Dust
Artist: Adrian Tyler
40 pages
Edition size: 550
Offset litho
Softcover with dustjacket
Price: 25 Euros + shipping

"Dust to Dust draws inspiration from early still life painting and recent discoveries in quantum physics both of which tell us, metaphorically and scientifically respectively that we are a small part of a vast inerconnected cosmos, and a part of that infinite expanse resides inside each and every one of us. Drawn from an archive of 8 years work in the Outer Western Isles of Scotland, Dust to Dust juxtaposes images of former dwellings slowly being decomposed by the elements with images of found books in various states of disintegration, both of which can be seen to correspond to the meaninglessness of earthly life and its transient nature."

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23 June 2012

Mark Page - Art is godd

Title: "Art is godd"
Artist: Mark Page
Type: Stab Stitched Book
Size: A5 (21x14.5 cm) 25 pages
Edition Size: 50
Printing: Digital (pigment)
Price: £12 + postage

"Photographs of comment cards left by visitors to a provincial British art gallery."

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21 June 2012

Paul Graham - Automaton

Title: Automaton
Artist: Paul Graham
12 pages
Size: A5
Edition Size: 50
 Price: Price of Postage from UK

"With my imagery, I attempt to explore the effects of emerging technologies within society. We are becoming more dependent on these technologies, and more detached from real, physical interaction with the world around us. My project Automaton questions this trend through the use of allegory. The basis for each photograph is an event which, through referencing science fiction imagery, begins to question these technologies."

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20 June 2012

Lex Thompson - Cave Drawings

Title: Cave Drawings
Artist: Lex Thompson
50 pages
Edition size: 100
digital press printed
Price: $20 + shipping

"Like Plato’s allegorical cave, a physical cave is a place distended with mystery. Photography records dark shadows and vignettes of otherworldly light, while the delicate intimacy of the bright drawings depict the formations that are hidden within. Together, they generate some understanding of the place and what is necessary to represent it, depicting both the darkness and the detail of the underground landscape."

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19 June 2012

John M. O'Toole - Painted Walls

Title: Painted Walls
Artist: John M. O'Toole
22 pages
size: 5x7in
edition of 50
Archival Inkjet print

"'Painted Walls' plays with the idea of how anything can be conceived as something different with just a splash of color. Each book comes in a different sequence of images."

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Hannah Reynolds - A New Market Town

Title: A New Market Town
Artist: Hannah Reynolds
Graphic Designer: Arthur Carey
54 Pages
381 x 254mm
Edition Size: 20
Digitally Printed / Hand Screen Printed Cover
Price: £30.00 ex shipping

"Over the past year, Hannah Reynolds has documented aspects of horse racing, from its beginnings in the studs and the dedicated stable lads that care for and ride out the horses, to the highly skilled work of saddlers, right up to the event that it all culminates in - a race day, with its unique atmosphere of the anticipation in the present moment combined with a constant awareness of the tradition and unspoken rules that are adhered to."

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18 June 2012

Rei Yanagi - Long Shots

Long Shots
Rei Yanagi
24 pages
13 x 18 cm / 5 x 7 in
Edition of 50 (numbered)
Color digital

"The 'ground truth' of an image encompasses elements of a composition that individuals are most likely to fixate on. Spanning a period of 19 months, these images depict and catalog places and moments that made one individual regret the established reality for which these images provided an escape. In some, the ground truths are obvious - a person or central object; in others, the long format is an invitation to gaze and identify one."

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12 June 2012

Inge Schoutsen - Jo

Title: Jo
Artist: Inge Schoutsen
offset print
8 pages
a5 size
5 euros ex shipping

"A little picturestory on a man called Jo."

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11 June 2012

Łukasz Rusznica & Thomas Schostok - The most important I do not tell you at all

Title: The most important I do not tell you at all. | Najważnieszego i tak Wam nie powiem.
Artists: Łukasz Rusznica & Thomas Schostok a.k.a. {ths}
Texts (in English and Polish) by Krzysztof Solarewiz, Eric Tscheou, Waldemar Pranckiewicz.
Type of printing :Offset
132 pages
210 x 297 cm | A4
Price € 15 + shipping costs

"This book is a personal story about the family, friends and times which passed. Thanks to {ths} I got away from mythologizing my life. I hope we managed to get out of stories about me to something much more universal."

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08 June 2012

Stuart Bailes, Bea Fremderman, Ingo Mittelstaedt and Athena Torri - Hired Hand

Name: Hired Hand
Artists: Stuart Bailes (UK), Bea Fremderman (US), Ingo Mittelstaedt (DE) and Athena Torri (US)
Additional Contributors: Flemming Ove Bech + Johan Rosenmunthe (edit and design), Rasmus Michaëlis (design)
64 pages, 32 plates
Offset printed on Munken Polar Rough 170gsm at Narayana Press
Perfect bound with perforated dust cover
Edition of 350, 50 of which are special ed. with archival pigment print
Special edition: 82€(Europe) 86€(World). Shipping included.
Remaing 300 copies (regular, no print) will be available through selected stockists this summer at 40€/$50

"Elegant landscapes and still lifes are re-appropreated – collaged, juxtaposed and presented alongside internet stock photographs to make up a softspoken picture poem in which brute force and a slight caress suggest an undefined plot."

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06 June 2012

Tammy Mercure - Wrestling

Title: Wrestling
Artist: Tammy Mercure
10 pages
Edition size: 30
type of printing: Pigment Prints, letterpress
Price: $12

"TCB Press/Tammy Mercure is publishing a book a month for 2012 on a single topic. June 2012 is Wrestling."

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04 June 2012

Screendump #1: On virtual Strolls

Title: Screendump #1: On virtual Strolls
Artists: Karin Krijgsman & Suzan Geldhoff (authors), Michael Wolf, Mishka Henner, Hans Gremmen, Jon Rafman, Diederick Overbeke and Nicolas Mason
20 x 27 cm
64 pages
Edition size: 500
Type of printing: offset
Price: €19,50 (exclusive shipping costs)

"Screendump is an investigation and collection of works from a new genre in a new photography era: the age of virtual photography in a 'Googleworld'."

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Ola Lanko - Required reading

Title: Required reading
Artist: Ola Lanko
Hardcover book
264 pages
21 × 27 cm (8.26 x 10.62 inch)
Price: 50 euros + shipping

"Book introduces the mechanics of visual information processing and aims to find a universal system of image reading, using sets of visual examples, based on free interpretations and personal views and ideas."

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03 June 2012

Guillaume Thiriet - RIEN


Title: RIEN
Name of artist: Guillaume Thiriet
Additional contributors : Romain Champalaune, Caroline Lollo, Tristan Happel
Book, Soft Cover
36 pages, 20x27cm
Edition:  30
Type of printing: Digital, ElectroInk
Price: 15 euros

"RIEN brings together pictures from four photographers. Neither a sign nor a caption. Not a single word. These are just fragments of lives you have to deal with. Raw matter. See how the pictures vibrate through the paper, the grain fills all the space of the book, saturates all the pages."

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02 June 2012

Bojan Radovič - Marumage


Artist: Bojan Radovič
Type: Zine
Pages: 52 colour pages
Size A5
Printing: Xerox
Edition: 90 copies hand numbered & signed/ First 50 numbers include original
signed and stamped photo of your choice printed on 100% cotton paper
Price: 10,00 EUR + pp (from number 51-90), 25,00 EUR + pp (from number 1-50)

"Images in this edition were made at Marumage Festival, a festival for young unmarried women to pray for a happy marriage. Every April around 40 young women from around Japan gather to dress up in geisha garb with a slight twist. The marumage coiffure was once a longstanding symbol of the married woman, and only married women were permitted to coif their hair that way. Geisha, in the hope they could one day wear it permanently, borrowed it for a single day to pray for happy marriages at the local shrine.

This work is part of European Eyes on Japan 14, project organized by EU-Japan Fest from Tokyo."