30 June 2010

Rob McDonald - Poplar Forest

Poplar Forest
Rob McDonald
With an original poem by Sam Witt
32 pages, 6”x9”
Edition size: 300
hand-sewn copies, each presented with an original signed and numbered print. The deluxe edition (copies 1-40) is presented in a handmade clamshell enclosure with an additional original print that is unique to this publication.
Indigo press, letterpress text
$55 US limited edition/$275 US deluxe edition

"In 1806, Thomas Jefferson began construction on a modestly equipped personal retreat near Bedford, Virginia, some ninety miles from his home, Monticello. At Poplar Forest, he told a friend, he found 'the solitude of a hermit.' Rob McDonald’s photographs of Poplar Forest explore the to explore the notion of private space, which we all—even a man so great as Jefferson—require and seek instinctively."

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28 June 2010

Ofer Wolberger - Town

Ofer Wolberger
Artist Book
6.5 x 9.5 inches, 16.51 x 24.13 cm
Perfect Bound
Soft Cover
50 Pages
Digital offset
Edition of 100
$25 US
$27 Canada & Mexico
$30 All other countries

"Town is the third book in The Photographic Book Project of 2010. A blank reflective screen or void is set up for one’s contemplative imagination. The screen mirrors the space and light surrounding it while reflecting back what it sees."

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Estelle Hanania - Myriorama

Estelle Hanania
Produced on the occasion of the exhibition Myriorama at FAT Galerie, Paris.
Four color digitally printed.
Letterpress printed softcover.
9 x 10 inches.
48 pages.
Hand sewn binding.
Edition of 250
Essays by Sebastien Gindre and Lara Sarcevic.
$25.00 ex. shipping

"'No tricks in the the magic of Estelle Hanania. Her photographs do not show some fake elsewhere. They come from somewhere else. And they bring us back there, with delicacy. Estelle Hanania proceeds in some kind of inverted analogy in order to bring us closer to this eerie familiarity existing between the ritual act and the very order of nature. She introduces the viewer to a profound connection between the call for looking beyond and the raw presence of things.' - Lara Sarcevic"

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Mariken Wessels - Queen Ann. P.S. Belly cut off

Queen Ann. P.S. Belly cut off
Mariken Wessels
Artist book (photo novel)
80 p. Offset - full color | 24 x 33 cm | Dutch/Eng | Sewn paperback.
Including glassine envelope containing photos. With three original unpublished photos on Hahnemühle Photo Rag. In handmade cardboard box.
Design: Mariken Wessels, in cooperation with Esther Krop.
75 copies numbered and signed.
Price: 149 euro (excl. shipping costs)

"Queen Ann. P.S. Belly cut off is based on photographs sourced from an existing person; a middle-aged woman wringing with her self-image in an endless stream of manipulated photo graphs of herself, making them into a true cabinet of curiosities. The suggestive, intimate force of the ‘found’ photographic material and other personal documents, as well as the sequencing of the images as a whole, are both deliberately arranged with great pre cision. Wessels sensitively appropriates and edits the photo and film material, constructing a narrative, weaving together images in the medium of the book."

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27 June 2010

Rachael Cassells – Music Portraits

Rachael Cassells
Music Portraits
36 pages, 14.8 x 21cm, 5.83" x 8.27"
Full Colour Offset
Edition size: 1000
$18 AUS including postage worldwide

"A collection of portraits shot by Rachael Cassells (between 2001 to 2007) of various musicians; including the likes of Daniel Johnston, TK Webb (pictured), Bat for Lashes, Scout Niblett, Jason Molina, Smog, Dr. Dog, Moon & Moon, Blood on the wall, Tomorrows Friend, Vietnam, etc."

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25 June 2010

Jessica Hans - Felsgarten

Title: Felsgarten
Artist: Jessica Hans
20 pages
Edition size: 100
Price: $12 US / $15 Int'l

"This group of images is an extension of my personal rock collection. It is something that’s very special and private to me that I would like to finally be able to share with others. Each book is hand sewn, numbered, and signed."

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24 June 2010

Koen Hauser - Requiem 126, Vol. 1

Requiem 126 Vol. I
Koen Hauser
96 pages, 21 x 15 cm hardcover
Handbound, edition of 25,
EUR 150,-

"A selection of recent photographs that mimic the appeareance of the Kodak 126 format prints. Photographical clichés, registration-like images of specific themes such as minerals and architecture and romantic views together shape a virtual amateur archive of imagery from the past. "

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23 June 2010

Field Trip Magazine #1

Field Trip Magazine #1
Various Artists
Independently produced 'magazine' / journal
52 pages. 200mm x 290mm. 8" x 11.5".
Run of 1000. First 250 hand numbered and wrapped.
Digital full colour print on Kaskad 120 / 160gsm.

"A journal of analogue and instant photography, independently published by Café Royal Books."

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T. Reilly Hodgson - C inical Depression

C inical Depression
T. Reilly Hodgson
26 pages + centerfold, 4.25" x 5.5" (10 x 13.5 cm)
Hand numbered edition of 30
Black and white laser printed with card stock covers

"A beautifully hand-assembled mini zine containing a collection of film photographs taken in mid-2010 about living in, and trying to get out of, a small town in Canada that is making the artist feel brain dead at 22."

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17 June 2010

Kate Steciw - The Strangeness of This Idea

The Strangeness of This Idea
Kate Steciw
Published by Hassla Books
9 x 11 in., 28 pages, self cover, color offset
Edition of 500
ISBN 978-0-9825471-3-7
Publication date: June 2010
20 USD

"I am interested in making a photograph other - juxtaposing or superimposing the mundane or expected with the altered or intangible - allowing (or even forcing) a photograph to move beyond the 2D and exist in 3D and even 4D spaces or implied spaces. I strive to expose the failure of the photographic object to reflect an increasingly immaterial world and the demands that that world makes on our perceptions. By returning that 'other' material to a photographic space/surface or juxtaposing it with a 'straight' image, a relationship is drawn between the evolving abstraction of photographic/graphic space and the abstraction inherent in all photography. It is this perceptual volleying between the solid or tangible and the immaterial or altered that, in my opinion, best characterizes the mutable nature of the contemporary visual experience - solid/static to liquid/dynamic and back again. - Kate Steciw"

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Henry Roy – Out of the Blue

Henry Roy
Out of the Blue
78 pages 25.5 x 27cm
Full Colour Offset
First Edition 1000 copies
$79.95 (Aus) including shipping worldwide

"A hardcover book surveying the last nine years of French Photographer Henry Roy's work. Out of the Blue feautures a large collection of his personal works; introspective observations, warm and unobtrusive portraits, all exploring his grapplings with racial indentity. The edition includes essays by art critic, writer, musician & Purple Editor Jeff Rian, aswell as Roy himself. A wonderful testament to Henry's talent and influence."

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15 June 2010

Ron Cillizza - among the ruins

Title: among the ruins
Artist: Ron Cillizza
Softcover, perfect bound printed book of color photographs
54 pages, 8.25" x 6" (20.95 cm x 15x24 cm) landscape format
type of printing: Digital, color
Price: $15.95

"'among the ruins' showcases a series of photographs taken of the aftermath from the fire that destroyed a block of businesses on February 25, 2010 including a hotel, arcade, and gift shop along the strip at Hampton beach. These images display a closer, more abstract and artful perspective."

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Will Steacy - Down These Mean Streets

Title: Down These Mean Streets
Artist: Will Steacy
Designed by Bonnie Briant, Published by Michael Mazzeo Gallery
Tabloid Newspaper
16 pages, 17 x 11 in., 43 x 28 cm.
8 Color pages, 8 B&W pages
Offset Printed
Price: $5.00 for newspaper; $50.00 for newspaper with Special Edition Print (Tony, San Francisco, 2010), signed and numbered by the artist, edition of 50.

"A 16 page newspaper full of images, journal entries, maps, and notes by Will Steacy. Produced in conjunction with the artist's solo exhibition at the Michael Mazzeo Gallery in New York City, June, 2010. Signed by the artist."

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Tereza Zelenkova - Supreme Vice

Title: Supreme Vice
Artist: Tereza Zelenkova
Type of Publication: book
17 pages, 29cm x 40cm
Edition size: 150
Type of printing: digital
Price: £26

"'It is the empirical, sometimes accidental meaning and beauty of Nature – as well as the overlooked obvious – that art portrays.' (Austin Osman Spare)"

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13 June 2010

Wallace Chapman - Auckland is Burning. Photographs 2005-2010

Title: ‘Auckland is Burning. Photographs 2005-2010.’
Artist: Wallace Chapman
soft cover mini-book
A5 - 42 pages
Edition size: 600 numbered and signed.
type of printing: Digital
Price: $25 NZ [ $16 US ]

"For the last 5 years I’ve taken my Leica everywhere, and being a big user of local public transport I have had a LOT of time to just observe and watch. The book is a result of that."

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Olga Perevalova

Title: Olga Perevalova
Artist: Olga Perevalova
Type of Publication: zine
24 pages, 14cm x 21cm
Edition size: 100
Type of printing: Full Color, printed on 115gr cyclus
Price: 4.00

"Oh, I get bored and I smile when everything retreats
and the numbers become answers of love
and I feel like murdering the moon
the one that dissolves amongst greasy hair and burns wild."

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Luke Norman & Nik Adam - Principles & Theories Of Space-time Manipulation

Principles & Theories Of Space-time Manipulation
Luke Norman & Nik Adam
Wandering Bears Press
Small booklet series
A5, 3 Volumes, each volume 23 pages each
1st edition of 50
B/w laser print
£15 (includes all 3)

"The project ‘Principles & Theories of Space-time Manipulation’ explores the notion of ‘Time Travel.’ By exploring a variety of various academic and scientific readings relating to the fundamental and key elements of 'Time Travel,' the work looks to visually represent and depict these concepts and limitations of Space-time Manipulation"

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11 June 2010

Pedro Ramos - Black Scabbard Research Centre

Title: Black Scabbard Research Centre
Artist: Pedro Ramos
Type of publication: Zine
Number of pages: 32
Size: A5
Edition size: 150 signed and numbered by the artist
Price: 14 AUD (shipping within Australia) 18 AUD (shipping worldwide)

"This book is inspired by the birthplace of the artist, Madeira Island. BSRC gained form while gathering information and references for a new project. The book presents original work as well as appropriated content from local newspaper clippings, video stills from local tv stations, images received via email by friends and family members, etc."

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Maxwell Anderson - See You Soon

See You Soon またあうひまで
by Maxwell Anderson
Flexi cover book
96 pages, 190mm x 245mm
60 photographs
Edition of 500
Offset litho

"See You Soon is a photographic narrative, exploring the development of a relationship between the photographer and a woman from Tokyo. The book presents the progression of intimacy between the two, documenting the private journey from their first meeting through to her departure on the expiry of her visa."

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John MacLean - Two and Two

Title: Two and Two
Artist: John MacLean
Designed by Wayne Daly
4-colour book, perfect bound, limited edition,
16.3x24cm, 88 pages
Edition size: 800
Price: £20.00

"Photographing the same subject twice between 2008 and 2010."

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Pieter Wisse - I believe in 88

Title: I believe in 88
Artist: Pieter Wisse
Introduction by Klaus Farin
96 pages, 24x32cm, Hardcover
Edition size: 1000
type of printing: Offset
Price: € 29,95 excl. shipping

"After a violent encounter with a group of neo-nazis at the age of 14 where Wisse was stabbed in the stomach, he decided to take a closer look at the daily life of
the people that call themselves neo-nazis in former East Germany, a group of people at the edge of our society."

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10 June 2010

Mathieu Lambert - Fake tales of America

Mathieu Lambert
Fake tales of America
32 pages color laser print.
A5 with an original C-print photograph on each cover.
100 ex.
10 €

"'Fake tales of America' is a mythomaniac trip around the USA. I never been there, all the pictures in the book were taken in France between 2008 and 2009."

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Craig Atkinson - China Zine

China Zine
Craig Atkinson
24pp. 140 x 210mm / 5.5" x 8"- second edition of 50 / hand numbered
£3.50 inc shipping

"Photo zine documenting a trip to Beijing in 2006, before demolition began to make way for the 2008 Olympics. Sadly most of what you see in the zine is no longer there."

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David Gray - Vampire

The Dream That Days Break Portfolio: VAMPIRE
Photographs by David Gray
Text by Paul Summers
Book with accompanying 254mm x 204mm / 10"x 8" print
28pp 254mm x 204mm / 10"x 8" singer-sewn, softcover book
Edition of 100

"Vampire provides us with a powerful but understated pictorial narrative for a defining moment in Romania¹s transformation from despotism to nascent democracy, a time of hope and despair."

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08 June 2010

Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad - Orderly Conduct , London

Title: Orderly Conduct - London
Artist/Author: Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad
Type: Soft cover Book, fitted clear plastic dust cover
Pages: 20
Size: A5
Edition: 400
Type of printing: Color Offset
Price: £9 - £13 including shipping

"A growing photographic series that concentrates on the behaviours and modes
of existence that characterize the notion of public space, but are no longer visible or registered due to their ubiquity."

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07 June 2010

10: Ten Years of In-Public

Title: 10: Ten Years of In-Public
Artists: In-Public (20 Photographers, www.in-public.com)
Type: Hardbound Book, cloth cover
Pages: 208
Size: 9" H x 7.5" W
Edition: 1000
Type of printing: Color Offset
Price: £38.50 - £47.00 including shipping

"10 is published to commemorate ten years of the in-public international street photographer group and features ten images from each of the group's 20 photographers.
Over the last decade in-public has played a major role in bringing Street Photography to public attention. It has demonstrated that Street Photography is a unique, specific and very vital way of picturing the world. With a foreword by in-public's founder Nick Turpin, an essay by The Guardian's Design and Architecture Editor Jonathan Glancey and interviews by photography writer David Clark, 10 is the first survey of contemporary Street Photography since the second edition of Bystander."

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Film und Foto #11

Title: Film und Foto 11
Artists: Eduardo Arrillaga, Vladimir Milivojevic (a.k.a. Boogie), Thomas Lekfeldt and Stewart Weir, A. Molinero Cardenal.
60 pages, perfect bound, 7 x 9 in. / 18 x 24 cm.
Edition size: 500
Offset printing
6 € + 1 € (Europe) / 3 € (rest of world) S&H

"Eclectic, avant-garde photographic journal true to the spirit of the old Swiss 'Camera' magazine. In this issue the spotlight is on the photoessay."

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Mark John Ostrowski - Amerikana

Title: Amerikana
Artist: Mark John Ostrowski
Type: Book
Pages: 84
Size: 9" x 12" or 24 x 30 cm
Edition: 500 numbered copies.
Type of printing: duotone offset
Price: €12 World

"Émigré in Europe since his early twenties, Mark Ostrowski (1971-) in 2006, 2008 and 2009 returned to the places of his youth, many of which he had not visited for over a decade. What he saw, felt and recorded on film has been distilled into Amerikana, 49 images that capture a subtly disconcerting vision of America at the dawn of the new millennium. Comparisons with Robert Frank’s The Americans are inevitable, and by Ostrowski’s own admission, the photograph that opens Amerikana ('Memorial Day Parade' [Lumberton, NJ 2009]) is a tribute to Frank’s monumental achievement; despite being published 52 years later, this particular photo exudes that same 1950s aura, albeit ironically. But comparisons only go so far. Now the pace is slower, the style and sensibility are distinct, and the scope is radically reduced: unlike Frank’s cross-country odyssey, Ostrowski incessantly travels the same triangle--small-town New Jersey, Philadelphia and Atlantic City--so as to bear witness to his own obsessions and the manifold contractions of the country where he was born."

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Mariko Ogawa - Pluto

Mariko Ogawa
150 x 215 mm, 48 pages, full colour, softcover, special paper
book, edition of 200
15 $US

"Mariko Ogawa is from Japan and have been living in Paris for 7 years.Currently, she is also writing a Science Fiction and she has 3 movies to make with her friend Andy Bolus. They are gonna be Jesus Franco style horror movies. Pluto is a book of Mriko Ogawa's photographs. The book comes with two posters as a random gift."

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06 June 2010

Alexandre Lemire - Photodocumentation from the field #3

Title: Photodocumentation from the field #3
Artist: Alexandre Lemire
Type: Zine
Pages: 24 with centre fold-out
Size: 4.25" x 5.5" or 11 x 14 cm
Edition: 30 hand numbered with 2 different covers.
Type of printing: Xerox
Price: Pay what you want (Min. $2 Canada, $3 US, $4 World)

"Photodocumentation from the field is a photography blog and zine created by Alexandre Lemire. Images of odd and awesome things are taken with a cameraphone and posted instantaneously to the weblog by email. The quarterly zine serves as a tangible rendering of the best images, complete with their title, date and time of posting."

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05 June 2010

Chris Berntsen - Daily Practice

Name of Artist: Chris Berntsen
Type of Publication: zine
Number of Pages: 60, (size 5" x 8"/ 13 x 20 cm)
Type of printing: B/W Offset
Price: $7 / $9 postage paid

"Description: This zine was produced during a time when I needed to show myself something of myself, only after I printed and bound the pages I saw how the editing of this zine was my way of sorting things out. Designed using full page bleeds and absent of text, the zine contains photographs of my daily life as a New Yorker, skateboarder, partner, and friend to those in my pictures."

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04 June 2010

Peter Funch - Babel Tales

Title: Babel Tales
Artist: Peter Funch
94 pages, 38 cm x 26 cm / 15" x 10 1/4
41 color photos printed on 250 g silk tint paper.
Edition size: 500 Numbered and signed.
type of printing: offset.
130 us$

"In the series Babel Tales Peter Funch consolidates his almost anthropological ability to create patterns in the haphazardness of the world. His snapshot-alike photographs emphasize his desire to challenge the beholder's notion of 'reality' and 'fiction'. Through repetition and juxtaposition Funch investigates human similarities and collective behavior, creating a strange, poetic and detailed picture of our presence as both individuals and communities in the public sphere."

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Margaret Durowcable - Looking the world over

Looking the world over
Margaret Durow
40 pages, 20 x 14 cm
first edition : 100 copies
print in numeric press
10 euro

"Dreamy landscape of rippling lakes and harsh rock faces, Durow creates magical images that are at once vast in scope and also deeply personal."

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03 June 2010

Tell mum everything is ok - issue 3 - "A Postmodern World"

Tell mum everything is ok - issue 3 - "A Postmodern World"
Various artists
A5, 80 pages
Edition size: 400, numbered
HP Indigo + Pantone Offset on the cover
12 Euros

"Created from the start like a fanzine, with limited financial means and much gatherings of ends and odds, Tell mum everything is ok is a participative fanzine edited by the associativ publishing house, The Editions FP&CF. Each issue is based on a theme, and every photographers can participate to the editorial creation of the zine by sending his own contributions. It's the opportunity to discover new authors and their works on a variety of different themes."

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