29 November 2014

Aaron McElroy - The Devil May Care

The Devil May Care
Aaron McElroy
158 pages
95 color photographs 12. 5x 9 inches 
9x12.5 in.(317.5 x 228.6)mm
Perfect bound 
French folded soft cover
Published by S_U_N_  Editions 
65$ + shipping

"In his largest book to date "The Devil May Care” Aaron McElroy takes his diaristic taxonomy further by incorporating nefarious totems of desire to a new level. Within the tradition of his past works, he continues to look at the female body with a less eroticized view for that of exploring the subject in various states of glancing over that of the gaze."

28 November 2014

Fabrizio Musu - A Forest. Vol.IV

A Forest. Vol.IV
Fabrizio Musu (photographs); Enrico Ruggeri & Lomìno (music)
A5, 32 pages + 30 minutes cd soundtrack
edition of 40, hand numbered
high quality offset digital hp indigo, black&white
10 € + shipping

"A rare peace rules in nature. Nowhere anything dazzling, exciting. Heaven and earth are like a trasparent fabric. And everything seems so happy. The landscape is as sweet as the melody of a lullaby."

Yurian Quintanas Nobel - Happy nothing

Happy nothing
by Yurian Quintanas Nobel
Edition: Witty Kwi books
68 pages
indigo print
15cm x 21cm
limited edition of 150 copies
€ 22+shipping

"With the Californian desert as background, “Happy Nothing” is a personal journey that delves into the lives of its inhabitants and its secrets. Here is where ex-convicts, war veterans, retirees and people that for some reason have decided to stay outside of the society live. In these towns there is no running water, the houses are in ruins, the streets unpaved, without street lighting, there are no supermarkets or entertainment infrastructures. But despite living in this conditions, they call it the Paradise."

Carles Palacio - Crosta Brava

Crosta Brava
Carles Palacio
28 pages
140mm x 195mm
Edition of 50
Black and white print on a light blue 80g paper
5,90€ Spain / 8€ International (shipping included)

"Photozine abaout some of the beaches in Costa Brava through Palacio's eyes. Friends and foreigners share the space creating a peaceful and harmonious environment, like the waves that surround them."

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26 November 2014

Juan Aballe - Country Fictions

Country Fictions
by Juan Aballe
Text and photographs by Juan Aballe
Graphic Design by Jaime Narváez
Essay by Eduardo Momeñe
80 pages
210 x 243mm / 8.27 x 9.6 inches
 Edition of 500
27€ + shipping

"Produced between 2011 and 2013 in Iberian Peninsula, this book deals with my relationship with the rural environment and the emotions brought about by the possibility of taking the big step of leaving the city and living closer to nature. Country Fictions also reflects on the photographic language itself and how we are influenced by previous representations and preconceived ideas about rural utopias. The illusion of escaping from contemporary society, the naivety and the hopes built around nature come together with the strangeness and the nostalgic look at a life that is not mine."

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Barbara Ciurej and Lindsay Lochman - Processed Views: Surveying the Industrial Landscape

Processed Views: Surveying the Industrial Landscape
Barbara Ciurej and Lindsay Lochman
a set of 11 limited run postcards in a die-cut case (6 x 7.5 inches - 15.24 x 19.05 cm)
first printing - 500
printing - digital color
$25.00 plus shipping

"Processed Views interprets the frontier of industrial food production: the seductive and alarming intersection of nature and technology. As we move further away from the sources of our food, we head into uncharted territory replete with unintended consequences for the environment and for our health. We built these views to examine consumption, progress and the changing landscape."

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24 November 2014

Antonio Eugenio - Escape

Antonio Eugenio
40 pages, A5 size ( 210x148mm - 8.27 x 5.83inches )
Digital print on recycled paper
Edition of 100
9€ + Shipping

"Escape is a photo book of 40 pages that take away the reader in the heart of green lungs of big urban cities. These natural spaces, away from prying eyes, offer a world of escape, romance, lack of care and freedom."

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Rainer Sioda - Transatlantic Relations

Transatlantic Relations
Rainer Sioda
PogoBooks #89
144 Pages, 30,5 x 24cm
1. Edition - 500 copies
Full Color Offset
48,- € // 60,- $

"In the 144-page book, large-format landscape photographs of the North American province face off images of Brandenburg and its surroundings. The book title "Transatlantic Relations" refers to the playful approach to substantive as well as formal image relationships that Sioda gleaned from the respective environments. In doing so, the border between foreign and known starts to blur, the key to the volume's wit as well as its depth."

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23 November 2014

Vladyslav Krasnoshchok - Negatives are Stored

Negatives are Stored
Vladyslav Krasnoshchok
53 Postcards from original hand painted old cabinet and visit portrait images in a wooden box
Paper: Arches 250 gr
Size of the wooden box: 12cm x 16cm
Edition of 100 signed by the author.
Digital Printing
€55 + shipping

"One chilly Sunday morning I was strolling through a flea market in Kharkov when I spotted vintage photos: cabinet and visit portraits, lying around on the ground covered with snow and slush flying from people’s feet. I started to buy these photos in a daring attempt to save them. Many of them had an inscription ' Negatives are stored ' or ' Negatives are stored  for further orders' on the back. But collecting somebody else’s photos just for the purpose of keeping them seemed pointless. I decided to give them a new life, a new beginning… may be a life they never had."

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Clément Paradis - Sound of Midnight

Sound of Midnight - the theory of bitter fun
Clément Paradis
248 pages, digital b&w
22,00 × 14,60 cm, paperback with silver dust jacket
Edition size 100 ex.
26€ + shipping

“One night I was outside of a club in London, I think at that moment I started to hear it… The Sound of Midnight… How many pictures did I take that night? One roll? Two rolls, three? When I ran out of rolls, I’d re-expose the previous ones anyway. I’m trigger happy, it always helps to wash the doubts away. People nowadays are afraid of the silence. Every day, as the propaganda tells us the precise opposite, we feel less human and less loved–as a photographer, there’s nothing I can do about it. But past midnight, when the smell of perfumes, cigarette and restaurant grease mix, when the humming of the bass echoes in the streets, when I hear this Sound of Midnight, I get this appetite for action, for images and for their destruction."

21 November 2014

Diane Vincent - Oben

by Diane Vincent
Editing with Paul Gaffney
Binding with Nico Baumgarten
48 pages, 20.5 cm x 28 cm / 8.1 x 11 inch
Edition of 250 (including an upcoming Extra Edition of 21)
Digital, plus Offset for Cover
€ 25 + shipping

"It’s thirty-six degrees, a dry desert sun burns the roof. From up here the vast empty ground seems endless. The heat and the wind touch my skin. I open a door, the background noise of the city fades away."

20 November 2014

Simon Bolz - Frisky

by Simon Bolz
208 pages, 24.5 x 33.5 cm (9.6” x 13.2”)
Limited edition of 1,000 copies
Offset print on special coated art paper (170g/sqm), silk mat
€ 44,90 + shipping

"Pretty women are men's endless weak point. Simon Bolz dove into the ocean of beauty to photograph 28 women in stunning locations."

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Achraf Baznani - Inside my dreams

Inside my dreams
by Achraf Baznani
106 pages, 21x21 cm
Edition of 120
Digital color
$75 including shipping worldwide.

"Photos are not just shots that have been taken spontaneously. They are also an interesting way which can tell us several things, or explain the feelings of the photographer. The photos in this book can be a mirror image of our lives, the situations we deal with and the problems that we all have to face. Insightful messages and interesting ideas arise from these unique photos by Achraf Baznani, a very perceptive and intuitive photographer that certainly knows how to bring life to reality with his excellent shots."

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19 November 2014

Chiara De Franciscis - Kingdom II

Kingdom II
by Chiara De Franciscis
Design: Grenville Herrald
96 pages, 21 x 29.7 cm, ca. 8.3 x 11.7 inches
Indigo, black&white printed on four different shades of pastel coloured paper
First Edition
£24 (+shipping)

"Kingdom is an imaginative world with its own set of rules where the power of the subconscious resurfaces through enigmatic images and unexpected relationships towards a deranged and more ambiguous experience of the everyday.Kingdom is composed of four different volumes containing photographs shot in different cities and locations around the world and made over a ten-year period (2004 -2014). Shot entirely in black and white, each book is printed on four different shades of pastel coloured paper. Kingdom II is the second book of the series."

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18 November 2014

Ana Kraš & Marija Strajnic - LIT

Ana Kraš & Marija Strajnic 
Published by Bloom Publishing
Design by Bradley Pinkerton
24 pages (gatefold cover)
210 x 148mm / 8.27 x 5.83inches
Digital Indigo
Saddle stitched 
Edition of 250
16 USD + shipping

"The publication features images from Belgrade born Ana Kraš and Marija Strajnic, taken throughout their shared hometown and where Ana now resides, New York. By collectively choosing eleven words and individually interpreting them, they've created diptych-esque spreads throughout the title."

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17 November 2014

Alexis Maryon - The Bristol Estate

The Bristol Estate
Alexis Maryon (published by Fistful of Books)
60 pages
135 x 255mm
Numbered edition of 200
Black + White digital printing / spiral bound / hand assembled
£12.00 (inc UK postage)

"On the steepest hill in Brighton – behind the Regency splendour and famed landmarks that define this newly appointed city – sits the Bristol Estate. Alexis Maryon presents an honest and intimate portrait of a local housing estate that defies preconceptions and expectations."

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Nathan Pearce - Tank Batteries

Tank Batteries
by Nathan Pearce
contributors: Fábio M. Roque / The Unknown Books
36 pages; 230 mm x 150 mm
Edition: 40
black & white digital print
8,00 € + shipping

"These photographs of tank batteries Were all made Within a few miles of my front door in Southern Illinois There are a handful of photos here but there Could very well be hungarian Tank batteries overwhelm the landscape here. They are a reminder of Both the previous oil booms que have come and gone here and the rumored impending oil boom que has yet to materialize."

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Luke Van Aurich & Matt Naturani - You Are Here

You Are Here
Luke Van Aurich & Matt Naturani
Featuring design by Celine Tan & Illustration Max Blackmore
40 pages
210 x 148mm, 8.27 x 5.83inches
edition of 100
Digital indigo print
PUR (perfect bound) with spine detailing
20 USD + shipping

'You Are Here' showcases Luke & Matt's juxtaposing styles themed around the many road trips they've taken through country Victoria, Australia over winter 2014.

11 November 2014

Felipe Russo - Centro

Felipe Russo
Text : Guilherme Wisnik 
Design: Beatriz Matuck
64 pages, 27 x 22cm ( 10.6 x 8.7 in )
Edition of 1000
Offset Printing
$40 + shipping

"In CENTRO both the images and the objects I photograph are a direct result of transformation, of acting over the surface of the city. Like an Archeologist I search for what was left behind. Objects and man made constructions are the material where I search for order and evidence, building a personal understanding of downtown São Paulo, the city that is my home."

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10 November 2014

Dino Ignani - Dark Portraits Rome 1982-1985

Dark Portraits Rome 1982-1985
by Dino Ignani
576 pages, 16x18cm
Edition: 300 copies
Offset print, B/W + Pantone
Perfect binding, Soft cover, Sealed in trash bag
Price: 25 € + shipping

"Dark Portraits Rome 1982-1985 is the first book by Roman photographer Dino Ignani. The book is a selection from the artist’s archive: shots of the youth that lit up the Roman night life in the early ’80s and, in particular, the venues and events related to the so-called dark universe. The dark community encompassed the various musical tendencies and the fashion of those years: from post-punk to new romantic to gothic. These photos were shot in video-bars, discos and other places where dark events took place at the time (Olimpo, Supersonic, Angelo Azzurro, Blue Bar, C-Club, Venice, Black Out, Uonna Club, Piper, Cinema Espero) and where Ignani would invite the habitués to pose for their portraits. With an essay by Roberto D’Agostino."

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08 November 2014

Karen Isaac - CARSCARS

photography by Karen Isaac
design by Kevin McCaughey
12 pages/ 6 x 9 in (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
edition of 40
2 color green/black riso print
$3 + shipping

"CARSCARS is a collaborative publication with photography by Karen Isaac, designed by Kevin McCaughey. 12pg zine features lifeless wrecking yard snapshots accompanied by unassuming anecdotes. "

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Kramer O'Neill - Stills From Imaginary Movies [no. 1]

Title: Stills From Imaginary Movies [no. 1]
by Kramer O'Neill
20 pages, 16.5 x 24cm / 6.5 x 9.5in
Second Printing: edition of 50
digital color/170gsm matte paper
€8 + shipping

"The start of a new series of candid shots that appeal to cinephile sensibilities. Documents as fiction and vice versa, culled from my first year as an uncomfortable Parisian."

06 November 2014

Pim Top - Sculptures - Dark Passengers - The Liars

Sculptures - Dark Passengers - The Liars
by Pim Top
Published by 500 Photographers Editions
Texts: Rik Suermondt & Pieter Wisse
56 Pages, 24x34 cm
Edition: 500
Offset Printing, 4 kinds of luxury paper

Price: € 27,50 + shipping

"Pim Top is a photographer with a distinct focus on the body, gesture, light and expression. With a background in philosophy he searches for deeper layers within his work. He is inspired by painters, psychologists and greek sculptors."

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Charlie Hillhouse - Sonny Boy

Sonny Boy
Charlie Hillhouse
32 pages, 133 X 190 mm
Indigo Print
Edition: 50
Price: $12 + shipping

"Charlie Hillhouse's most recent work is an exploration into one of the most photographed places in the world, Niagara Falls. While driving from Canada back to New York Charlie stopped and joined the many tourists documenting their experience. He had not planned on taking any photographs and had to borrow a camera. The sublime power of the landscape moved him to want to photograph."

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Jessie Churchill - Looking at painting

Looking at painting
Published by Jessie Churchill
96 pages /14.8 x 21.0 cm
CMYK digital print
£ 10 + shipping

"Looking at painting is a journal featuring artists and ideas that exist within in the extended sense of painting. Often in sculptural and transcending approaches. Each journal comes with 2 works, commissioned to lie within the pages. A proposal of a film by Tom Camm and ‘Folds | & Folds ||’ by Charlotte Laidler."

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05 November 2014

Juan Margolles - Sometimes we have no shadow

Sometimes we have no shadow
Juan Margolles
Editing: Juan Margolles + Gonzalo Golpe
52 pages / 17 x 22,5 cm
Digital print at The Folio Club
100 copies
18€ + shipping

"Based on the exploration and contemplation of the vicinity. Sometimes we have no shadow emerged from the personal experience of inhabiting an unfamiliar urban space. Highlighting the presence of natural elements, Margolles composes images where a dialogue is established beyond the urban form, which allows to assume a new aesthetics experience to the author, and questions his sense of identity."

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03 November 2014

Gytis Skudzinskas - Albumas / Album

Albumas / Album
by Gytis Skudzinskas
Text: Ricardas Sileika (Lithuanian only)
Publisher: Noroutine Books
48 pages / 17x18,5 cm
Offset printing
Traditional Japanese book binding
Limited edition of 99 + 1AP
Each book comes with one original found photograph and one archival print (documentation of Album installation)
Price: 50 euros + shipping

"Album is formed from found photographs. Images have lost their original function (memory). To be more specific, no one remembers what is depicted in these photographs and why these images were created. The most understandable signs on photographs are notes and time left marks on the backs of found images. The reverse of photographs in the installation and the book eliminates the primary function of the non-verbal message. Only notes and time affected surfaces allow perceivers to interpret the "invisible" story. But you always know that there is something else."

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Derk Zijlker - Souvenir de Charleroi

Souvenir de Charleroi
by Derk Zijlker
pages: 100
size: 25 cm x 20 cm (oblong)
edition of 50
printing: two-sided digital, full color
€50 + shipping

"Charleroi was voted ‘ugliest city in the world’ in 2008. High unemployment, crime and poverty rates, political and social scandals, abandoned factories and ghost metros all contributed to this negative image.  Could this formal prosperous, industrial city actually be so bad or was there still a hidden gem inside?"

Line Bøhmer Løkken - Tøyen sentrum

Tøyen sentrum
Line Bøhmer Løkken
160 pages , 20,5x24cm
Edition of 600
Printed and embossed hardcover
Offset, triplex
€ 45 + shipping

"During a period extending over three years Line Bøhmer Løkken visited Tøyen Centre with her camera. The result of these forays is now being published in the book Tøyen sentrum, which consists of a total of 115 pictures."

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02 November 2014

Kevin Fuchs - My Beamline

My Beamline - photographic analysis of a research location
Kevin Fuchs
80 pages / 16,5 x 23cm
Edition of 250
Offset printing
35€ incl. shipping

"Over the course of one year I accompanied the scientists and employees of the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin for Materials and Energy (HZB). I took photographs in the experiment halls of the BESSY II research facility (electron storage ring) and the BER II (research reactor). Fundamental physics research is carried out at the HZB, where physicists investigate the structure and composition of matter itself. How is our world constructed? What does it consist of? What laws govern these structures so small they cannot be seen in a microscope?"

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