30 November 2011

Laurent Champoussin - Journal des correspondances

Title: Journal des correspondances
Artist : Laurent Champoussin
Box book
60 free sheets , 16x23cm in an acrylic box
Edition size: 20 boxes + 10 boxes with an additional A3 print / all numbered and signed
type of printing : digital
Price : 120 or 160 euros + shipping

"This is about correspondances, mixing the archives find new connections, obvious or not"

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29 November 2011

Pierre Hybre - French Kicks

Title: French Kicks
Artist: Pierre Hybre
Hardcover Book
176 pages
166 Colour photographs with essay (French/English)
7.8x11 inches (210x280 mm)
Edition : 1000
Printing : Offset
Price : € 38

"Pierre Hybre explores teenage and does it in a very intimate manner. He chose to take pictures of young girls and boys jut as they are, exploring the world of rock’n’roll and Parisian youth, photographing a quest for identity. Paris, from 2006 to 2008."

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Dieter & Florian Hassler - Mensch Münzesheim

Title: Mensch Münzesheim
Author/Photographer: Dieter & Florian Hassler
120 pages
192x210mm (approx. 7.56x8.26 inches)
Edition size: 500 pieces
Type of printing: offset
Prize: € 20,00

"Portraits of people that live in my home village; people that at first glance seem to be nothing special, but at second sight surely are."

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Alexandre Lemire - Évidences

Title: Évidences
Artist: Alexandre Lemire
36 pages
5.5x4.25 inches (14x10.9cm)
Edition of 40
Price: Montreal $4, Canada $5, USA $5.50, Int’l $6.

"Évidences is a collection of bizarre objects and events I’ve seen over the course of 2011."

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28 November 2011

Jeremy Jansen - Dirty negative

Dirty negative
Jeremy Jansen
Edited by Éditions FP&CF
40 pages
200 ex. numbered
Risograph print
10 euros

"Dirty Negative echos an understanding of a singular universe. With borders of the mystical and the obscure placing the photographs into an abyss of abstract dialog."

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Tero Niskanen - Lumi / Snow

Title: Lumi / Snow
Artist: Tero Niskanen
76 pages
15 cm * 21 cm
500 copies
Offset printing
11 € (incl. shipping)

"Lumi : Snow was shot between 2010 and 2011 in Helsinki, Finland. It was inspired by the snowiest winter in 100 years. The book aims to approach snow as a sensitive, independent and reflecting entity."

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27 November 2011

Bridgette Ashton & William Teakle - Horses Animals Hunts Queen Mother Tall Ships

Title: Horses Animals Hunts Queen Mother Tall Ships
Artists: Bridgette Ashton & William Teakle
Introduction by Carrie Pitzulo
36 pages
210 x 148 mm (8.3 x 5.8 in)
Edition of 100 (signed and numbered)
Digital printing

"Photographs and appropriated images and collages responding to a series of un-credited photographic slides"

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Peter Mann - Donovan Wylie One Day Taking Photographs in Belfast

Donovan Wylie One Day Taking Photographs in Belfast
Peter Mann
Edition of 200 copies, each one with a different cover
15.5 x 10 cm (6x4 inch)
38 pages
digital printing
10 pounds

"The project is in essence a tour of image making. Mann records various aspects of Belfast cityscapes with fellow photographer Donovan Wylie continuously visible in almost every frame. The book presents an interesting look at Belfast’s recent history and at the same time an insight into the Magnum photographer Wylie's ongoing project to photograph its changing architecture."

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Kirsten Rian and Lauren Henkin - Deck of Chords

Title: Deck of Chords
Name of Artists: Kirsten Rian and Lauren Henkin
52 playing cards + 1 cover card
Size: 2.5" x 3.5" / 6.4cm x 8.9cm
Type of Printing: Offset
Price: $19

"Deck of Chords is a collaboration between Northwest United States artists Kirsten Rian and Lauren Henkin. Rian and Henkin produced a full deck of cards with each card featuring on the front, an image of Henkin's from her portfolio titled 'The Lines Between Us,' and on the back, a poem by Rian. There are 52 cards in total plus a signed cover card."

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23 November 2011

François Deladerrière - L'Illusion du Tranquille

L'Illusion du Tranquille
François Deladerrière
56 pages
1000 copies

"'We have crossed many states of mind when photographs unfold in front of our eyes, revealing, in the appearance of their subject, a familiar strangeness. These states push the familiar into the realm of the uncanny. Under the influence of the shift, the slide, the disorder of the senses, what is known and has been long familiar switches and blurs. Our perception flickers and a gap opens in the real world: The illusion of peace.' - Jacques Damez"

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22 November 2011

Gina Clyne - A Place to Stake

Title: A Place to Stake
Artist: Gina Clyne
26 pages
8" x 5.5"/ 20.3cm x 13.9cm
Edition size: 50
Type of printing: Digital
Price: $11

"A Place to Stake is a series of photographs that I took during my various camping adventures, from 2008-2011. It's an exploration of our sense of "place" and the urges one has to discover and posses his/her surroundings."

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21 November 2011

Dale Schreiner - Thereafter

Title: Thereafter
Name of Artist: Dale Schreiner
Number of pages: 32
Size of pages: 9.5" x 8.25", 24.1cm x 21cm
Edition Size: 20
Type of Printing: Archival original inkjet prints (photographs); Letterpress (text)
Price: $275

"Thereafter is a book of 22 photographs about coming to terms with the unanswerable consequences of a violent crime, one in which the details won’t ever be known, and where an unwanted acceptance is all that lives on as told through images of the Oregon landscape. It is Dale Schreiner's first book, completely handmade with subtlety toned prints on Moab rag paper, case-bound, with a short letterpress printed accompanying text by the artist."

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Jeroen Hofman - Playground

Title: Playground
Artist: Jeroen Hofman
130 pages
Edition size: 1000
type of printing: Offset
Price : € 55 (including Tax) this does not include shipping

"The award-winning project PLAYGROUND of photographer Jeroen Hofman portrays Dutch training grounds where the Fire Department, the Police and the Military are trained in realistic scenarios. In surrealistic ghost towns the emergency services try to prepare for what is factually unknowable: the future. Within the boundaries of this 'playground' the chaos seems controllable for a moment; even if only for the duration of the exercise. Hofman has now compiled these pictures taken the the last few years from atop a cherry picker into a book."


17 November 2011

Ed Templeton - Forays Into Non-Celluloid Instant Gratification

Title: Forays Into Non-Celluloid Instant Gratification
Author: Ed Templeton
Publisher: Média Immédiat publishing

Mini photo book, softcover, 28 pages
Size: 105x76mm
Edition: 240 copies, all signed and numbered.
Price : 13 euros

"All the photos in this book were shot with a point and shoot digital camera over the past 5 years... This is the first time that Ed Templeton publishes a photo book with digital photos."

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Title: SMOKE #1
Artists: Smoke Collective
Editing: Laetitia Donval

52 Pages
Size  17 X 23'5 cm
Offset printing
Edition: 500
Price 9 euros

"In this first edition the Zine explores a singular way to show our collective work freely edited by a member without an individual identification".

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16 November 2011

Philippe Cartland - Happy Days

Artist: Philippe Cartland
Title: Happy Days

Hand bound, acid free paper
25 pigment images on acetate film
Edition of 5

£200 each + £5 shipping

"You can't cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water - Rabindranath Tagore"

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Nykoh - Urban Satori

Title: Urban Satori
Artist: Nykoh

32 pages
8.2 x 5.8 in
Full Colour, Saddle-Stitch
Limited Edition of 100 [Numbered]
£7, ex. shipping

Urban Satori catalogues photographs from Nykoh's various visits to different cities and what he encountered there. Nykoh presents each moment as a thing of beauty, a slice of lfe gone in an instant, never to be repeated in full.

"I believe that even though cities are very highly populated, there is no place where loneliness is more present... I like to focus on individuals among society... We tend to forget that each one exists, is a unique individual, among the crowd!" Nykoh

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09 November 2011

Latvian Photography Yearbook - 2011

Title: Latvian Photography Yearbook - 2011
Artists: Alexander Gronsky, Ivars Gravlejs, Reinis Hofmanis, Andris Kozlovskis, Anna Novikova, Alnis Stakle, Roberto Boccaccino, Gina Glover, Kate Peters, Anastasia Khoroshilova
Texts by: Sergei Kruk, Arnis Balcus, Elina Ruka, Evita Goze, Ekaterina Vikulina
96 pages
19.4 x 28 cm / 7.63 x 11 inches
Edition of 1020
7 Euros

"In this year’s edition you will find thought-provoking portfolios by Alexander Gronsky, Ivars Gravlejs, Reinis Hofmanis, Andris Kozlovskis, Anna Novikova and Alnis Stakle. You will discover a wide range of covered themes and photographic styles – from Chinese landscapes, Belorussian socialism and bitter longing for the beloved one to photo hooliganism, biology students in abandoned slams in a border-town and role games in the middle of woods. Each copy of the issue contains a special insert – a limited edition print by one of the featured photographers.

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Graeme Mitchell - Savage, Dixie, Slaughterville

Title: Savage, Dixie, Slaughterville
Artist: Graeme Mitchell
Edition Size: 100, signed and numbered
Size: 8.5×11″ (22x28cm)
Page count: 78
Printing: Digital printing on 60lb Natural Exact Opaque stock
Shipped in a clear plastic protective sleeve
Price $18 + shipping

"Savage, Dixie, Slaughterville is a body of work shot in NYC, Oregon, and Windsor, Ontario over the spring and summer of 2011. It is comprised of portraits and observations that in three parts touch on sexuality, loss, and redemption."

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Tom Cops - Midwest

Title: Midwest
Artist: Tom Cops
Foreword by Charlie Parr, illustrations by Aaron Sewards
72 Pages
240 x 170mm / 9.5 x 6.75"
Edition size: 500
type of printing: offset
Price: £15

"Midwest is a collection of medium format photographs taken by Tom Cops, whilst touring America with Minnesotan blues musician Charlie Parr, who has written a foreword to the book. During the tour, Tom attempted to photograph everyone he met, and the places they passed through, looking for odd details in grand old living ghost-towns like Butte, Montana and Lusk, Wyoming."

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08 November 2011

Elisabeth Tonnard - Another World

Another World
Elisabeth Tonnard
54 pages
3.3 x 5 inches / 8.5 x 12.75 cm
Edition of 75 numbered copies
32 euro, signed

"Another World presents two different worlds that somehow both exist. A magnifying glass is supplied to study another world closer."

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07 November 2011

Marco van Duyvendijk - Watch the Weather Change

Titel: Watch the Weather Change
Photographer: Marco van Duyvendijk
96 pages
Hardcover, 46 photos, 20 Instax Mini's, full color offset.
17,5 by 22 cm (6,9 by 8,7 inch)
Edition size 500
27,50 euro (and shipping costs outside the Netherlands)

“An unexpected encounter on the Internet with someone on the other side of the world. The concentration of a puppet maker in his workshop. The poems that Dutch writer Jo Landheer wrote in the nineteen twenties. These are just some of the elements that photographer Marco van Duyvendijk brings together in the new photo book of his own design, Watch the Weather Change. In his work, Marco van Duyvendijk is increasingly on the lookout for a form of visual poetry - a search for the gray area between documentary photography and storytelling.”

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01 November 2011

Viola Korosi and Yoann Hagnéré - Et Budapest

Title: Et Budapest
Artists: Viola Korosi and Yoann Hagnéré
Book, hand sewn binding and completely hand made, stamped cardbord hardcover with a clothbound edge
72 pages
16 x 20 cm (6.3 inch x 7.9 inch)
20 copies, hand numbered, 5 of which come with an original signed photo
digital printing on 170g Munken paper
price: 24 euros + shipping

"This book is the third book of a project persued since three years. The first year (2009) 'Paris Strasbourg' : two photographers, two separate towns. During one month one photo a day is taken at a precise hour in two different places. The second year (2010) 'P.S: Un an après' : same two photographers, same month, same hours, same two towns, sometimes in Paris sometimes in Strasbourg. And the third year (2011) 'Et Budapest' : same two photographers, same month, same hours for each shot, but this time together giving a double vision on the same town, Budapest"

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Ken Rosenthal : Photographs 2001-2009

Title: Photographs 2001-2009
Artist: Ken Rosenthal
 Introduction by Rebecca Senf, PhD, Norton Family Curator of Photography, Center for Creative Photography and Phoenix Art Museum
32 pages
9"x9"; 22.86 cm x 22.86 cm
Edition size: 500 copies
type of printing: offset, four color
Price: $25

"Tightly edited from Rosenthal's 2001 series Seen and Not Seen through the 2009 series Days Between, this book contains a selection of 14 images that exemplify the artist's unique vision. Rosenthal's eerie and surreal images capture quiet reflections of memories that often merge the autobiographical with the universal. While dark in tone, the stunning photographs in this book capture a narrative of a haunting personal journey filled with subtle glimpses of hope and beauty."

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Paul Paper - Everything is Amazing & Nothing Happens

Title: Everything is Amazing & Nothing Happens
Artist: Paul Paper
Design and binding: Tadas Karpavicius
24 pages
14.8 x 21 cm (5.8 x 8.27 inch), poster 29.7 x 42 cm
Edition: 30 (numbered)
Printing: Inkjet
Price: €8 + shipping

"In his newest limited edition hand-binded book, made in collaboration with Tadas Karpavicius, Paul Paper explores alternative ways of story-telling through pictures. Small, unconnected pieces from personal diary are married with a collage of imagery."

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Calin Kruse - Black Landscapes and Hidden Interiors

Black Landscapes and Hidden Interiors
Calin Kruse
Photozine (artist edition, signed)
24 pages + booklet (8 pages)
13 x 18 cm
Edition of 50 copies, numbered
6 Euro

"How can the discrepancy between outside and inside be so huge? Or maybe the one conditions the other? - Ticino, Switzerland 2011"

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