23 January 2017

Piergiorgio Casotti - Where does the white go

Where does the white go
by Piergiorgio Casotti
Self published
Designed by Fiorenza Pinna
Essays by Mario Vighi and Silvano Scaruffi
20,5x26,5 cm, 112 pages / 68 images
Offset Duotone on Munken Pure with canvas dust jacket
Edition of 500
37,00 € + shipping

"The project, born from the desire to explore the relationship between images and memory and the transitory nature of human existence, is a photographic census of the inhabitants who “resist” in the emptying small villages of my mountains and, at the same time, a personal and silent crossing of the landscape, an homage to mountains, a meditation on the slow social and cultural mutation of the territory."


21 January 2017

Yaniv Waissa - Observed and Preserved

Observed and Preserved
Yaniv Waissa
A5, 36 pages
Black and White Digital Print
Inside Paper - Splendorgel Extra White 100 gr
Cover Paper -Splendorgel Extra White 300gr
Edition of 50 : 15 Special copies with an 10x15 cm print + 35 Regular copies, numbered
7,00 € + shipping (Regular Edition)
10,00 € + shipping (Special Edition)

"My works lack the presence of people but are full of human presence. We are constantly leaving trails, both physical and trails that become memories."

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19 January 2017

Patrick Morarescu - Performing Grounds

Performing Grounds
by Patrick Morarescu
Published by Trema Förlag [SWE]
Design: Dennis Hankvist
Edited by Dennis Hankvist & Patrick Morarescu
Text: English
170 x 240 mm. Hard cover
72 pages, 57 colour illustrations
First edition: 400 copies
Price: 320 SEK
ISBN 978-91-88539-01-4

"Performing Grounds is the collaboration between the Swedish graphic designer and publisher Dennis Hankvist and the German artist Patrick Morarescu. The photos display spaces that have suffered transformations by human actions; traces of movement, activity and change; architectures and places that once were alive and now are silent. All photographes were taken between 2007 and 2015 in Germany, Finland, Scotland, Spain, France, Romania, Jordan, Syria, Japan, Taiwan, Morocco, China and Cameroon."

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Lucas Hüsgen - Biotoop Bahnnhof

Biotoop Bahnnhof
by Lucas Hüsgen
104 p., 24x20 cm (9.449 x 7,874 inches)
Digital printing, full color, sewn-glued, soft cover
Edition: 100
€ 20 + shipping

Text in Dutch, English and German

"An exploration of railway stations in North Rhine Westphalia, 2012/2013, on the verge between tradition and modernisation, oscillating between the human going ons and their material environment."

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18 January 2017

Stefano Reboli - Cubadito

by Stefano Reboli
Self published
Coptic stitch binding, Hand bound
150x225 mm, 50 pages / 46 colour and bw photographs
Digital Print on Fedrigoni Splendorgel EW
Limited Edition of 50, Stamp numbered
25 € + shipping

“I see Cuba as a bocadito stuffed with hopes and propaganda, perfectly paired ingredients of a troubled history. In my journey I focused on four meaningful subjects each telling a specific story: Trinidad, Agujero Negro, Volveran and Habanachrome. To me each bite of Cuba has the unique taste of truth and lies melted together.”


14 January 2017

Julia Borissova - Libretto

by Julia Borissova
Self published art book
Leporello binding, Handmade
105 x 170 mm, 38 pages / 21 pictures
Digital Print
Edition of 105, signed and hand numbered
35 € + shipping 7 €

"This book reflects my interest in the relationship between photography and theater as a space for representation. Bringing together my own pictures and photos from an unknown archive, I created Libretto as a construct of several pieces of real and imaginary life of someone through the imitation of the theatrical stage.

13 January 2017

Mattia Vacca - A winter's tale

A winter's tale
by Mattia Vacca
Edited by Emanuela Mirabelli
Text (english and italian) by Emanuela Mirabelli, Maurizio Pratelli, Luca Galli
112 Pages,  24x28 cm
Offset Printing, Hardcover
First edition, 1000 copies
40 € + shipping

"In a green valley, amongst Lake Como’s forests and alpine pastures, the Carnival of Schignano is celebrated every year and sinks its roots in the past, when the men used to leave their homes and families for nine months a year. The parade, full of allegories and symbols, depicts the farewell of the men, who have to leave village one again towards their migrant destiny. A spontaneous festival, anarchical, without rules or written laws, that continues to live only thanks to the people’s spirit and to the artisans who cave the characteristic wooden masks."

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Various artists - Lost Plot Zine #1

Lost Plot Zine #1
by Inês Pinhão, Nuno Ferreira Monteiro and Frederico Gonçalves
48 pages, 20x14cm
Black and White Laser print
Limited edition of 100
€6 + shipping

"The first issue of the Lost Plot Zine features three photo projects, “Proof of Uneasiness” by Inês Pinhão, “Essence” by Nuno Ferreira Monteiro and “My Other Knife” by Fred Gonçalves.
The Lost Plot Collective is an independent photo zine publisher based in Portugal."

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10 January 2017

Megan Tepper - To The Grave

To The Grave
by Megan Tepper
128 pages, 8x10in
Digital color printing
Edition of 25, numbered and signed
$50.00 + shipping

"A compilation of images, drawings, and text that spanned from June 2015 until February 2016. A book that started as a collection to monument a relationship turned into a book that showed the lifespan of a modern day long-distance relationship, ending in the aftermath of the "death" of it."

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07 January 2017

S A Robinson - People Reading Volumes 1-5

People Reading Volumes 1-5
S A Robinson
32 pages each
198mm x 198mm
Numbered edition of 100 each
b/w digital printing
£5 each or £22 for the set of five zines

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Ruben Mália - Anti-Austeridade

By : Ruben Mália
Publisher: Tree House Project
36 pages, 15x20  cm
Digital Print - Couché Gloss 150g
 8,42€ (Pt) / 11,40€ (International)

"Anti-Austeridade ( Anti-Austerity ) is a compilation of images taken between 2011 and 2012 of some the biggest protests in Porto and Lisbon that led to the streets thousands of people in massive movements across the country."

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02 January 2017

Nathan Pearce - The Farm

The Farm
by Nathan Pearce
36 pages, A5
HP Indigo Print
Inside Paper - White Offset 135 gr
Cover Paper -White Offset 300gr
Edition of 50, numbered
8,00 € + shipping

"The rural Midwest is a place with no exit for some people. It's not that they are trapped here. It's that they have no desire to leave. Everything they know and want is on this land. "

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Oliver Merce - The Anatomy of Decay

The Anatomy of Decay
by Oliver Merce
edit, design: Cristian Bassa 
essays: Florin Șipoș
192 pages; 21,5 x 21,5 x 2 cm
offset printing on matte paper 170g
bilingual text in both English & Romanian
edition: 200 numbered and signed copies
18 Euro (13 x 18 cm signed print from the book is included!) + shipping

“Through the 111 black and white photos in “The Anatomy of Decay”, Oliver Merce is creating a visual documentation of a history swept under the rug, annihilated, together with its forgotten tragedies. The photos, taken during a 2 years, are picketing in a very discreet and inflexible manner the collective memory of “Crivina” and “New Town” neighborhood, both of them belonging Anina City. A time for living now unveils itself as a time for confession.” - Florin Șipoș

01 January 2017

Next Book Case Study workshop coming up!

New Book Case Study Workshop for 2017 announced! Applications are due before January 15th. More info on admissions, dates and prices on the Book Case Study website.

We've tried to strike a balance between affordability and small numbers, resulting in four packed days of photobook thinking, making and critique. For this edition, the entire workshop program has been restructured, because we wanted to offer you a more in-depth, slow-paced, and personalized experience. 

We feel there is a need among photographers, who often work individually and in relative isolation, to receive substantial, content-oriented, honest feedback about their projects and approach. The total number of participants is therefore limited to eight candidates, with whom we will work individually and in group sessions.

Sign up and make good on your new year resolution to finally wrap up your publishing project!

Natalya Reznik - Looking for my father

Looking for my father
Natalya Reznik
96 pages, 13x21 mm (5,1x8,2 inches)
Digital printing
Bilingual text in both English & Russian
200 numbered and signed copies
25 Euro + shipping

"'I met my father last time when I was 3 years old. I am trying to find him with the means of photography, inserting screen icons such as Jean-Paul Belmondo, Alain Delon and Marcello Mastroianni into photographs beside my mother to create an idealised new family’."

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