30 September 2010

Laurent Champoussin - Cahier de formes (vol1, le rectangle et le carré)

Title: Cahier de formes (vol1, le rectangle et le carré)
Artist: Laurent Champoussin
28 pages, 20cm x 27 cm
Edition size: edition of 30 numbered
type of printing : digital
Price: 15 euros (shipping included)

"it is about squares, rectangles and reproduction."

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28 September 2010

John Mann - Thinner Air

Title: Thinner Air
Artist: John Mann
Artist Book
48 pages, gatefold cover / 8 x 10 inches
Edition of 150
$25 + shipping

Thinner Air
"At once examining the distant and the close-at-hand, this photographic series follows the making of a small plane until it escapes into a space that is both abstract and tangible. Hand numbered and signed."

27 September 2010

Craig Atkinson - Calton Hill

Calton Hill
Craig Atkinson
28 Pages, 14cm x 20cm / 5"x8"
Edition of 100, Numbered.
b/w digital [Xerox Recycled 80gsm]

"Film photographs taken one morning around Edinburgh city center, starting at Calton Hill and working over towards the castle."

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23 September 2010

Adam Murray - Routes 1

'Routes 1'
Adam Murray
40 Pages / Glossy Cover
Edition of 75
20cm x 30cm
£8 + postage

"This is the first in a new 'Routes' series from PPP that features photography from small and large, town and cities explored using specific routes. 'Routes 1' began by plotting routes that I regularly take around Preston including my walk to work, trip to the park and the number 31 bus. These routes were then used to explore Paris."

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Salvador Olguin - On the Life of Plants | Sobre la vida de las plantas

Title On the Life of Plants | Sobre la vida de las plantas
Artist: Salvador Olguin
Additional contributors: Rebeca Olguin (design)
Artist book
32 pages / 5.5 x 4.2 inches.
Edition size: 100 limited artisan edition (all signed by the artist)
Printed Digitally

Price: 10 USD plus shipping.

This book was inspired in some ideas about the psychic life of plants first written down by German philosopher Max Scheler in his book The Human Place in the Cosmos. It contains a series of polaroids created by the author by means of experimenting with a set of new polaroid photo films, light and puncturing techniques to create plant like shapes and colors.

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22 September 2010

Andrés Marroquín Winkelmann - Conditions

Title: Conditions
Artist: Andrés Marroquín Winkelmann
Hardcover, Left & Right Binding
128 pages, 56 full color plates
26x21cm (10.2x8.2in)
offset printed
edition size: 300
EUR 44.00 (excl. shipping)

"Conditions examines what it means to choose one’s own way of life. It portrays people who lead a free and independent life, and who have to learn how to cope with freedom, to find their own unique way. Conditions shows pictures of people who long to be socially accepted without having to conform, people who are 'on the road,' searching, hoping and doubting."

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21 September 2010

Erik van der Weijde - Der Baum

Title: Der Baum
Artist: Erik van der Weijde
48 pages, 17x24cm
Edition size: 600
type of printing : offset
Price: € 18,00

"...photographs of trees, taken by Van der Weijde over the past few years. The list of places where the photographs were taken includes different locations in Europe and Brazil, such as the elementary school Adolf Hitler attended."

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17 September 2010

Erik van der Weijde - Rear Window

Rear Window
Erik van der Weijde
Book, published by Café Royal Books
24 Pages, 14cm x 20cm / 5"x8"
Edition of 100. Numbered.
b/w digital [Xerox Recycled 80gsm]

"The wife is at work, the son is at school and i’m stuck in the new apartment. With a cup of coffee and my video camera. Wow, those dogs are so cool…"

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Massimo Sordi - Indian Photographs

Title: Indian Photographs
Artist: Massimo Sordi
Stefania Rössl (text in english/italian)
Softcover book printed paper 140 g/ cover 300 g
112 pages / 50 bw photographs
Size: 17,5 x 22,5 cm
Edition of 1000
Offset printing
Price: 14 € + shipping

20 limited edition come with a signed handmade print in baryta paper 24x30 cm
(Price: 140 € + shipping)

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16 September 2010

Anne Schwalbe - Blindschleiche und Riesenblatt

Title: Blindschleiche und Riesenblatt

Artist: Anne Schwalbe
68 Pages, 30 Color Photographs
21 x 27 cm / 8.27 x 10.63 inch
Edition size: 150, signed and numbered
type of printing: HP Indigo
29 Euro plus Shipping

"A Slow Book. 30 Photographs - Landscapes and some other things."

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Bela Doka - The Sundays of Life

Title: The Sundays of Life
Artist: Bela Doka
Size: 240x305mm
Number of pages: 80
Number of photos: 60
Edition Size: 250
Offset Printing, Handmade Binding
Prize : 88 Euro

"Bela Doka, in his series titled 'Sundays of Life', charts a challenging path for himself. How do you photograph the quotidian moments that, while not dramatic, form the core of life’s pleasures and satisfactions? Evan Mirapaul"

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13 September 2010

Laëtitia Donval - Nerves

Title: Nerves
Artist: Laëtitia Donval
Softcover book printed on Bouffant Munken print 90 g/ cover Curious Mettalic 250 g
124 pages / 76 bw & color photographs
17,5 x 24 cm
First edition of 170 all numbered and signed
Laser printing
Price: 30 €

"The Nerves photobook describes in three chapters five years of the photographer’s experience that explores the human fragility in the hysterical universe of the night to solitary confinement and intimacy of the psychiatric institution where she stayed."

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Antonio M. Xoubanova - FiestaFiesta: 01 Casa de Campo

Title: FiestaFiesta: 01 Casa de Campo
Artist: Antonio M. Xoubanova
16 pages
type of printing: digital
Price: 5 euros

"FiestaFiesta is a collection of monographic zines about a work of a photographer"

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Patrícia Almeida - Portobello

Title: Portobello
Artist: Patrícia Almeida
David Alexandre Guéniot and Ian Jeffrey (Texts in English and Portuguese); Mackintóxico ( Design)
104 pages. 17,6 x 22 cm.
Edition of 1000
Offset printing
Price: 20 €

"In this book the Portuguese photographer Patrícia Almeida takes us on a summer holiday to the beach. Portobello, a place of seasonal intensification like a trademark (Portobello™) synonymous of Eternal Summer."

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12 September 2010

Bertus Gerssen - Wie er is die blift er al (Who is there will stay there)

Title: Wie er is die blift er al (Who is there will stay there)
Artist: Bertus Gerssen
Additional contributors: design by Robert Muda (Spacebar), editing: Eva Flendrie and Robert Muda
Hardcover book
84 pages color; 12 pages b&h; 55 photos plus two on the front and back cover
Size: 232 mm x 220 mm (9.13 in x 8.66 in)
Edition size: 500
offset printing
Price: € 17,50 excl/ P&P

"Urk (Netherlands) is the village I grew up and left, contrary to what is proclaimed in the local anthem: 'Urk's a sweet place to be, Who is there will stay there'."

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10 September 2010

Ori Jauch - Welcome Home

Title: Welcome Home
Artist: Ori Jauch
61 Pages
Size: 16,5 x 24 cm
Edition of 30, Hand numbered and signed
Digital printed - black and white
Price: 12 Euro + shipping

"The night of New Year’s Eve was the first time i took a step into the apartment where Mario, Ronja, Rina and Patrick live in. I started to photograph the life in that flat and it´s relationships. That´s what it´s about – when friends become a family."

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Guangzhi Shi - Carved Stone Art in Southern Dynasty Tombs

Title: Carved Stone Art in Southern Dynasty Tombs
Photographer: Guangzhi Shi
40 Pages
Size: 35 x 27 cm
Matte Art Pager, in custom box
Includes Certificate of Authenticity, Signed, Numbered and Dated
Price: $420 (including postage worldwide)

"The cultural relic concerns the history, while sculptures concern art. This book about stone animals dispersing at Nanjing and Danyang. They have been standing in the wilderness for 1,500 years, In these carvings,there are cultural and history,stories and myths. The photographer spent two years to take photos of these sculptures.The limited edition photobook is a collectible item."

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09 September 2010

Charles Moisson - Winkel 04

Title : Winkel 04
Artist : Charles Moisson
Softcover, Digital Print
32 pages
size : 18cm X 18cm
Edition of 30, Hand numbered
Price 16 € (Shipping Included)

"WINKEL is a monthly photographic publication about wandering, wastes, rubble and lost tracks..."

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06 September 2010

Harvey Benge - Against Forgetting

Title: Against Forgetting
Artist: Harvey Benge
32 pages
22 x 32 cm (8.75 x 12.5 in.)
100 signed copies
Type of printing: digital
Price: 25 Euro

"For the first thirteen years of my life I lived with my parents in the Auckland suburb of Mt Roskill. Our family home was a modest, two bedroom, flat roofed, weather-board house, which my father had built around 1940. Now, after more years than I care to think about I’ve gone back to look at my past. Here are some photographs."

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03 September 2010

Alexandre Lemire - Photodocumentation from the field Issue #4

Title: Photodocumentation from the field Issue #4
Artist: Alexandre Lemire
28 pages with centre-fold
Size: 4.25" x 5.5" or 11 x 14 cm
Edition: 50 hand numbered with 2 different covers.
Type of printing: Xerox
Price: Pay what you want (Min. $2 Canada, $3 US, $4 World)

"Photodocumentation from the field is a photography blog and zine created by Alexandre Lemire. Images of odd and awesome things are taken with a cameraphone and posted instantaneously to the weblog by email. The quarterly zine serves as a tangible rendering of the best images, complete with their title, date and time of posting."

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02 September 2010

Alexander Binder - Phobos

Title: Phobos
Artist: Alexander Binder
20 pages
Size: 14 x 20 cm
First edition, 100 copies
Price: 5 Euros

"The zine is called PHOBOS and mainly inspired by the same-named personification of terror in the Greek mythology. PHOBOS was the son of war god Ares and he accompanied his father into battle, spreading panic fear among the enemies. The works in the zine range from the skulls of Celtic warriors, to medieval kings and the weaponry of trench warfare."

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Samantha Casolari - "Ode to Street Hassle (The Boys Are Keeping Secrets)/untitled, nevada 2007"

Title: Ode to Street Hassle (The Boys Are Keeping Secrets)/untitled, nevada 2007
Artist: Samantha Casolari
86 pages
size: A5 (folded) > 148 × 210 mm / 5.8 × 8.3 inches
999 limited edition
offset printing

"It's composed of two little stories. On one side 'Ode to a Street Hassle (the boys are keeping secrets)' regarding Men's Fashion week, and on the other side 'Untitled, Nevada 2007' on Burning Man."

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01 September 2010

Michael J. DeMeo & Ariane Geffard - A Nos Amours

Title: A Nos Amours
Artists: Michael J. DeMeo & Ariane Geffard
32 pages
Size: 14,8 x 21 cm
Color Offset

"'A Nos Amours' ('To our loves') is an exhibition that was first shown at the Sugar Gallery in Portland, Oregon USA in May 2009. The two visions of the photographers meet at the heart of the same obsessions: the body, intimacy, and the cinema."

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