28 February 2016

Kenny Ng, Eden Lai, Hean Kuan - Penang Record 2015

Penang Record 2015
by Kenny Ng, Eden Lai, Hean Kuan
144 pages, 14.8 x 21 cm
black and white printing on art paper
Edition: 300
Price : $16

"Records the precious moments of a chronograph solo-traveler from Keelung, Taiwan of the first meeting with his local friends in Penang, Malaysia. They began the journey together with diverse perspectives of “local” + “foreign” and marked the journey with a compilation of their photography works."

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27 February 2016

Jessica Kaminski - MKE Beard Book

MKE Beard Book
by Jessica Kaminski
89 pages, 9 inches by 11 inches
Offset printing
Edition: 1000
Price $50 ($5 from each sale benefits No Shave November)

"The MKE Beard Book is a photography book showcasing Milwaukee Men and their beards. Ranging from rich black and whites to impactful color images, the photographs took place either on location throughout Milwaukee, or in our studio. $5 from each sale benefits the No Shave November Campaign, which aids in the research, prevention, and awareness of cancer in men."

23 February 2016

Elena Atzori - TETTE

by Elena Atzori
44, cm.18x24
1 colour Indigo print
Edition:100 (75 numbered + 25 numbered and signed)
pre-order 17 Euro / on sale (from March, 7) 20 Euro.

"This book is born during one of those autumn evenings in which time seems to be melting in a cup of tea and the sun sets just after midday. The title is shocking but it’s probably one of the first words a child learns after “mum”, it was in fact my intention to desecrate with a smile this coercive and nearly violent body censorship, particularly regarding a part which is by no means pornographic or immoral."

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22 February 2016

reports from Luke - The Big Quarrel

The Big Quarrel
by: reports from Luke
32 pages. 8.5"x11". 22×28 cm.
color ink on matte paper, magazine style (perfect bound) book
$20 USD + shipping

"An arrangement of the collages I made while on vacation in Turkey. As a single work, the pictures are readable as a comment on "not getting along."

18 February 2016

Wilfredo Raguro - Philippines: Vol. 0

Philippines: Vol. 0
by Wilfredo Raguro
40 pp.,  8.5 in x 11 in
Printing: Digital
Edition: 99
USD 9 + shipping

"A collection of photographs from my first solo exhibition, PHILIPPINES. It is the first volume in my long-term project on my homeland."

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Gytis Skudzinskas - Some Thesis on Photography

Some Thesis on Photography
by Gytis Skudzinskas
Text by Jurij Dobriakov
Publisher NoRoutineBooks
104 pages, 15x18 cm
Offset printing
Papers: Kaskad Fawn 130 gms, Multi Art Silk 150 gms, Munken Pure 130 gms, Cyclus Offset 140 gms, G-Print 150 gms.
Limited edition 99 + 3 AP, all books numbered and signed
20,00 € + shipping

"Skudžinskas' creative methodics and philosophy can be identified as a certain metaphysics of photography or even radiology of photography. He has no interest in the image as such; what is central in his work is the innards of the image, the underlying principles of its functioning, or its placement in a wider contextual system. Skudžinskas often abandons any physical artefacts of photography entirely by substituting them with the signs of a different kind-for example, texts." - Jurij Dobriakov

Michal Jaworski - Waves

by Michal Jaworski
33 images, 36 pages + cover, A5, 14.7x21cm
full colour digital printing
edition of 20 numbered copies
£3 + shipping (£1 UK/£2 EU+USA/£3 rest of the world)

"a series of images of waves, shot on brighton beach on a stormy october night; the shapes of the waves blurred, juxtaposed with the artifacts of digital capture and printing process."

17 February 2016

Lewis Holt - Schneller

by Lewis Holt
128 pages, 19.4 cm x 14 cm
Full Colour printing, 80gsm
First edition (signed)
£15.00 (physical), £2.40 (digital link)

"DIY tattoos made from pen ink and sewing needles, DIY skateparks made with blood, sweat and beers, drinking, traveling, and doing whatever you can or need to enjoy this beautiful art form. Skateboarding is a vast culture full of many passionate and diverse individuals. Schneller is a documentation of this, photographed completely on 35mm film and made by hand. This book has been created with the same love that this art encompasses."

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15 February 2016

Philip Welding - For Internal Use Only

For Internal Use Only
by Philip Welding
60 pages, A4 (unless you decide to print it a different size)
On your work printer / paper
Edition: unlimited
Price: Free

"The photographs in the book depict the office workplace, an environment where there is an emphasis on worker productivity. What is evident however, is that workers continually struggle to fit into this rigid framework, adopting strategies to effectively navigate the working world. Some of these strategies are at odds with the pursuit of productivity, and could be seen (by the company) as ‘time-wasting activity', or distraction from achieving objectives."


To own it, you are instructed to download the book from the website, print it out (double-sided) at work and bind it using whatever materials are available.

Denis Lebioda - Camargue : moment coast

Camargue : moment coast
by Denis Lebioda
20 pages - Format 15x21 portrait
inkjet printing
8,00 € + shipping

"Photographic walk on the Camargue coast in France. As for the Saintes Maries de la Mer, Piémanson, l'Espiguette, Beauduc. Artist's book with monochrome photographs by Denis Lebioda."

Gil Rigoulet - Molitor - été 1985

Molitor - été 1985
by Gil Rigoulet 
Published by (M) éditions
15 film prints, 1 Polaroid, a 44 pages index, 28x36x3,4 cm (11x14x1,34 inches)
Edition 400
Price € 450 + shipping

"To celebrate the 30 years of these unique images of the Paris Molitor Swimming Pool, the (M) éditions and Gil Rigoulet present a very limited edition artist book. Based on 15 film prints shot during the summer of 1985, this handmade box also gathers elements that invite to a dive into the singular atmosphere of the Molitor Swimming Pool. Much more than a book, this box is a singular, hybrid item, that can be owned, shared, given or hung on a wall..."

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14 February 2016

Mara Dani - Almost Bari

Almost Bari
by Mara Dani
80 pages, 21 x 15 cm
Offset printing, two colour process (b&w)
self-published in an edition of 300 copies
€15 + shipping

Almost Bari is an exploration of my hometown in the south of Italy, in a documentary style. I tried to look at familiar places with new eyes, as if gazing an unknown place and discovering interesting aspects which escape the superficial eye of the hurried city dweller for whom those sights and places have become stereotyped."

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10 February 2016

Peter Oey - Pomp & Circumstance

Pomp & Circumstance
by Peter Oey
32 Pages, 13,8 x19,4 cm
Laser printed
Edition 20
Price €16,00 + (tax 6% in EU) + shipping

"It's about merchandising fairy tales. And by this keeping the carousel of dissatisfaction and distress rotating."

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07 February 2016

Tara Wray and Nathan Pearce - All Night Long vol. 15

All Night Long vol. 15
by Tara Wray and Nathan Pearce
20 pages, 8.5 x 5.5 inches
Digital printing
Edition: 25
Price: $5

"Tara shares 10 pictures of dogs in cars and Nathan shares 10 pictures of cows behind fences."

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06 February 2016

Sergey Novikov - ZATO

by Sergey Novikov
56 pages, 28 x 21 cm
digital, HP Indigo printing
edition: 50
20 Euro

" Project ZATO is a visualization of the memories of residents of Russian closed cities and my own experience of visiting these places, inspired by discussions on web forums, announcements by municipal authorities, and publications on social media sites. The photographs are staged, and the project does not contain any photos that I took myself in the closed cities. The only exceptions are several images of municipal infrastructure that I commissioned from local photographers for the print edition of the project, in order to show how these cities look from the inside."

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04 February 2016

Ruben Mália - Dream Inn vol. I

Dream Inn vol. I
by Ruben Mália
Published byTree House Project
36 pages, 14x20.02 cm
Digital Printing
Edition: 250
Price: 5€ + Shipping

"Dream Inn takes us to another dimension where the viewer becomes an observer of life's strange little comedy. Each volume is a different view on the world, freedom and waking dreams."

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03 February 2016

Evelise Millet - Façonnage

by Evelise Millet
20 pages, 195 x 270 mm
Softcover, lasercolor
Edition of 100, in a blister
15 € + free shipping

"The book contains a selection of photographs of objects. Objects of ironworks and objects made by the nature. The title refers to the term shaping."

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Riccardo Vitali - Welcome home

Welcome home
by Riccardo Vitali
60 pages 21x30 cm
digital printing
edition of 20
25 euro

"This project focuses on the concept of home understood not as a physical place but rather as state of mind.According to this vision the dim light becomes a headlight that indicates the direction to find the way back home."

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01 February 2016

Fábio Miguel Roque - Forgotten

by Fábio Miguel Roque
36 pages, 150 x 230 mm
Black and White Digital Print
Edition of 40, signed & numbered
8,00 € + shipping

"This is a photographic project that shows the actual reality of the Portuguese mines, most of them are empty, deserted and forgotten places."

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