30 May 2016

Bertil Nilsson - Naturally

by Bertil Nilsson
110 pages, 30x26 cm (12 x 10 in.)
Offset printing with UV inks
Edition: 500 copies
Price: £30 + shipping

"Naturally is the result of Nilsson’s works over three years, going on adventures into the wilderness and collaborating with male dancers and acrobats to create spontaneous performances documented with the camera. In scenes ranging from mysterious to emotive, the landscape and body is transformed by my addition of red, black and white color pigments. The book, carefully designed and produced by Nilsson in the tradition of an artist's book, bring together images, form and a layered narrative of chaos and order."

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28 May 2016

Patrick Morarescu & Heinrich Obst - Salon Rouge

Salon Rouge
by Patrick Morarescu & Heinrich Obst
40 pages, 17 x 24cm
Digital printing / Soft cover
Edition: 200
Price: 10€ (+shipping: Germany 1,50€ / World 3,80€)

"One might consider the Salon Rouge as a small temporary enclave, an eddy of consideration in which the projected & photographically captured persona comes to the fore... the one between the public face and the mirror gaze, doubtful and self-conscious, but caught in an unguarded moment while outside the city is locked down in a red alert and the world raves on. A classic studio-setup without the intimidating high-tech environment, closing in on that humorous “punktum” that was the original point of departure. A suite of portraits taken at Buktapaktop in Brussels as part of a performance-installation “Zut! Mon Humour” conceived by Patrick Morarescu and Heinrich Obst in November 2015."

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Mauricio Amarante - Buenos Aires XXMIII

Buenos Aires XXMIII
by Mauricio Amarante
editing and conception by Joseph Charroy
96 pages,148 x 194 mm, 77 plates
offset printing on Munken print white 150 gr
soft cover
edition of 300
price: 15 € + shipping

"Drifting in the streets of Buenos Aires."

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Laura J. Padgett - Confined Space

Confined Space
by  Laura J. Padgett
text by Gregory Buchakjian
Published by Galerie Rautenstrauch and Anke Ehle-Barthel
48 pages, 18 x 25,5 cm
Offset printing
Edition: 500 
18 € + shippinh

"The publication of Laura J. Padgettshows photographs that were taken during several travels across the Libanon. The conceptual atmospheric studies tell about the meaning of instability: with the view at a country that is characterized of civil war, destruction and development, the everyday life in temporary solutions."

25 May 2016

Tomaso Clavarino - A Humble Bow

A Humble Bow
by Tomaso Clavarino
Published by The Unknown Books
Editing: Fabio Miguel Roque/Tomaso Clavarino
Design: Nicolas Vargas
84 pages, 24x17 cm
Hard Cover, HP Indigo Print on Garda Pat Kiara 135g
Edition: 200
30.00 € (free shipping worldwide)

"A journey for try to understand how sex and sexuality, dynamics of power, violence and sentiments intertwine in human relations."

19 May 2016

Various artists - Pataphysics: the Mirage issue

Pataphysics - the Mirage issue
Edited by Yanni Florence
Additional contributors: Brook Andrew, Hany Armanious, Del Kathryn Barton, Marcus Bergner , Stephen Bram, Claude Cahun, Mark Cohen, Fiona Connor, Mikala Dwyer, Hans Eijkelboom, Ivars Gravlejs, Janina Green, Eliza Hutchison, David Noonan, Ron Padgett, Barrington Vincent Sherman, Michael Williams, Konrad Winkler

158 pages, 21cm x 29cm
Soft cover
Edition of 400
20 AUD$

"Features: Mark Cohen photographs and interview; Hans Eijkelboom's 1973 In the News Paper, in which he contrived to appear on 10 consecutive days in a newspaper photograph; Ivars Gravlejs' photographs from and interview about his book Early Works; and Ron Padgett writing about his meetings with Man Ray."

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17 May 2016

Edoardo Hahn - Landscape Materials

Landscape Materials
by Edoardo Hahn
Text by Steve Bisson; Nicola Braghieri
104 pages, 20.5 x 26.5 cm / 8 x 10,4 inches
Four colour offset printing
Edition: 500
30€ + shipping

"The landscape is not something whose borders we can control, and define unambiguously the context. We should radically reject the claim, all human, to rationalize the landscape, or to describe it, to own it, to set it aside."

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08 May 2016

Roberto Saba - KYOTO GA

by Roberto Saba
44 pages, 40 photos, 14,8 x 21 cm (5.83 x 8.27 inches)
Digitally printed
Edition: 75 numbered and signed copies
Price: €9,00 + shipping

"Pictures of Kyoto."

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05 May 2016

Attilio Solzi - The Car

The Car
by Attilio Solzi
80 pages, A5
Perfect Bound
HP Indigo Print
Cover - White offset paper 300 gr
Inside - White offset paper 150 gr
Edition of 75, numbered
15,00 € + shipping

"The Car, is an amazing book that shows us a reality for many of us known, but fairly unexplored in the artistic context. Sex in the car!"

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John Gossage - A Dozen Failures

A Dozen Failures
by John Gossage
48 pages, 18 plates, hardbound 9.5” x 11.5”, one fold-out poster 17” x 21"
Tritone printing
Edition: 700
$50 + shipping

"A Dozen Failures is both a singular statement as a photobook and a commentary on a life spent making some of the classic photobooks of our time, among them The Pond, There and Gone, The Romance Industry, and Berlin in the Time of the Wall. Every photograph is in some way perfect (as a technical feat) and in another way a failure (as representational “residue”). So what makes a picture a “failure” – something worthy of further contemplation? It goes far deeper than merely being a mistake. Failures teach us about life and the self in ways as powerful as – and far more confoundingly than – successes."

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Izaac Enciso - Symbols

by Izaac Enciso
112 Pages, 21 x 15 cm, 8.27 x 5.9 inch
Flexi Bound, Full Colour printing
Edition: 500
$38 USD + shipping

"Symbols is the debut photo book by Los Angeles based, Mexican-born visual artist Izaac Enciso, and documents his pedestrian encounters with various urban environments."

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Sébastien Tixier - Allanngorpoq

by Sébastien Tixier
foreword by Stéphane Victor
132 pages, 23x28.5 cm (9.06 x 11.22 inches)
hardcover, 150g paper
offset printing
edition : 500
35€ + shipping

"Greenland is suffering the effects of climate change and over the last few decades its people begin to embrace Western lifestyles and modes of consumption in parallel. Supermarkets and cell phones are slowly making their way into Inuit culture, and traditional outfits made from animal hides are now only used in the North for sled journeys. From the 67th to the 77th parallel north, from modern towns to nights in tent on the sea ice hunting seals, this book provide an artist's look on these contrasts over the country."

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