31 May 2015

Various - Latvian Landscape

Latvian Landscape
by Arnis Balcus, Alnis Stakle, Reinis Hofmanis, Iveta Vaivode, Ilze Vanaga
176 pages, 24.5x32cm (9.6x12.5 in)
hardcover, offset
Edition 600
Price 29 EUR (regular edition) and 35 EUR (signed edition) plus shipping

"Five internationally renowned contemporary Latvian photographers and five scholars have co-created a unique interdisciplinary study of contemporary Latvian landscape."

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Maïté Valcke - Z.P.

by Maïté Valcke
40 pages, softcover, 15x16,7 cm / 5,9x6.6 inches
Digital printing

Edition (if limited) 100 copies
Price: 8€ + shipping

"This book is a break with reality. When the world is falling apart, but mentally. Anxiety gnaws and anger explodes."

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28 May 2015

Frederic Dorizon - Tankwa Town

Tankwa Town
(Chronicles: Small Appointments of a Great Journey Volume II)
Frederic Dorizon
The Unknown Books
36 pages, 150 x 230 mm
digital printing
edition of 40, numbered
8,00 € + shipping

"Tankwa Town is lost in the Karoo desert, Northern Cape Province of South Africa. Each year for a few days several thousands of people meet there for the AfrikaBurn participant-created movement. Tankwa is the Afrikaburn's temporary and magic town of art, theme camps, costumes, music, performances and burns. Welcome to Tankwa Town.

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26 May 2015

Nic McInturff - This Decadence Is My Home Vol. I

This Decadence Is My Home Vol. I
Nic McInturff
36 pages
Digital printing
£9 plus shipping.

"This book sheds light on what I have unintentionally taken for granted. Who would want to see the northern Shenandoah Valley of Virginia? I've asked myself this question time and time again and after many trips across this land I've realized, there's relevant beauty no matter where one resides. This is not the road. This decadence is my home. - Nic McInturff"

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Christian Reister - Alle Katzen Grau

Alle Katzen Grau
by Christian Reister
Edit by Calin Kruse and Christian Reister
80 pages, 20x15cm (7.8x5.9 inch)
offset black/white print, open thread stitching
handmade silkscreen printed cardboard cover
self-published in may 2015
edition: 200 numbered copies
28,00 Euro + shipping

"Berlin by night. A report on a town that seems to have succumbed to a state of everlasting party. The leftovers of the feast: contented one man parties, non-starters, collaterate damages of the need to be entertained. Intimate insights on the fringe and the calm after the storm."

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John Menneer - Plain Vanilla in The Town of Love

Plain Vanilla in The Town of Love
by John Menneer
Softcover, Saddle stitched
32 pages + cover, 210 x 148 mm, ca. 8.27 x 5.83 inches
31 black and white photos
High-quality Fuji Xerox digital printing, 120 gsm off-white gloss
1st Edition: 100
$6.00NZD (~$4.60USD) + shipping

"Plain Vanilla is a short photozine of places in the small provincial town of Te Aroha, New Zealand.
An excerpt from the photozine: ...The photographs are of ordinary places, with ordinary beauty, taken as they happened to be. Many of our chance happenings in life are just like that: ordinarily beautiful. In a town with a name that translates to mean “place of love” where else would you expect to find such a sweet kiss of plain vanilla…"

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13 May 2015

Simone Donati - Hotel Immagine

Hotel Immagine
by Simone Donati
Graphic design: Emanuele Poli
Afterword: Daniele Rielli (Quit the Doner)
14.8 x 21 cm (5.8 x 8.3 in) Hardcover, 128 pages
Type of printing: offset
Edition: 750
Price: €32

"From politics to religion, going from music, sport and television, between 2009 and 2015 Simone Donati crossed his country in search of myths and icons of the Italian contemporary imaginary. This project provides a glimpse into the Italian society with an ironic but also purely documentary look. The resulting book contains a selection of 48 images with the addition of phrases taken from Facebook groups of the various situations photographed. There is also an afterword by writer Daniele Rielli (Quit the Doner), which besides giving an opinion on the subject also comments on the Facebook phrases."

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Andrea Boscardin - 9 The Nineborhood

9 The Nineborhood
by Andrea Boscardin

Cover: Francesco Igory Deiana
Editing: Andrea Delle Case 
Layout and print: Paolo Bazzana.
 92 pages black&white, 24cm x 16,5cm (9,4 x 6,5 in)
Cover: offset (poster 44cm x 20cm). Inside: digital printing, perfect bound.
Edition: 100 copies numbered, published on September 2014 by Rumore Nero (Italy).
Price: 20€ + shipping

"...to notice the existence of boys and girls sitting around, without wondering too much what being young in an outskirt of Milan could be..." -Arianna Sanesi.

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Honey Salvadori - The Goddess Process

The Goddess Process
by Honey Salvadori
24 colour pages 15cm x 21cm
Digital Printing; Saddle Stitched
Edition of 100
Price: £7.50 plus postage

"The Goddess Process tells the story of Olivia Robertson, High Priestess of Clonegal Castle."

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12 May 2015

Nico Baumgarten - How the other half lives

How the other half lives
by Nico Baumgarten
92 pages, 21,4 x 25,2 cm (8.3 x 9.8 inch)
Printing: duotone offset on Heidelberg Printmaster 74
Binding: saddle-stitched half-linen hardcover
Edition: 1000
29 € + shipping

"How the other half lives" is a critical comment on contemporary society. From the stray cat's perspective. In interviews they share their street wisdom, talking about freedom, anarchy, discrimination and loneliness."

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Chloë Alexandra Sugden - Sisters

by Chloë Alexandra Sugden
28 pages, A5 (21x15 cm, 8x5 in)
Digital printing
Edition: 100
Pirce: $10AU plus postage

"Sisters is Chloë’ Alexandra Sugden’s first publication, a collection of portraits, moments shared with friends that speak to trust and intimacy. Chloë is an emerging Australian photographer and the founder of Maia Łódź, an international artist residency program for photographers in Poland."

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11 May 2015

Jason Shechtman - Your Hang-Ups Follow You Like Shadows

Your Hang-Ups Follow You Like Shadows
By Jason Shechtman
Design: Max Fisher and Jason Shechtman
42 pages, 7.125” x 10” (18.1 x 25.4 cm)
Digital Printing, Perfect Bound, Diecut Cover
Numbered Edition of 300
Includes a signed, stamped, numbered archival inkjet print
Price: $30 US, $35 Canada/Mexico, $45 Worldwide (includes shipping)

“In Lisboa, I passed solitary people on the street and began to wonder what they were thinking about, on what reverie they drifted, who they were missing, what secret they were keeping… What were their hang-ups? I thought about objects and places, and the meanings and memories that people assign to them. And then I sought to make photos around the city that captured this longing, this loneliness, these mental and emotional obstacles and associations that most likely are never told, let alone understood by others.”

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09 May 2015

Hester Scheurwater - Sybille

by Hester Scheurwater
34 pages, softcover Zine
A5 14.78 x 20.99 cm / 5,8 x 8,3 inch
full colour
Edition: 100 signed and numbered
Price: €20 + €5,75 shipping

"she: i saw your work, liked it very much (i see it as an invitation for "lets talk openly and freely ) and wondered what i would write to you if i wrote you. the thing that came was: i would like to be your model on one of your projects. would you like to do some work with me as your model?
me: yes."

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Elaine Pessoa - Tempo arenoso

Tempo arenoso
by Elaine Pessoa
Published by Olhavê
19 x 26 cm size, 50 pages, 18 photos
500 copies, signed and numbered
Offset printing, pólen paper
Price: $ 25 + Shipping

"Tempo arenoso (Sandy Time) was constructed by ideas and concepts that involve the questionings of how we see time, of how we believe that time can fictionalize our gaze. Stepping away from a linear narrative, the essay treats the landscape as a thought; it is about the dilution of physical time into the contemplative one, of time captured by photography and converted into memory."

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Flavia Renz - MIRA! MIRA!

by Flavia Renz
Design: Max Schachtner & Moriz Oberberger
28 pages, 37,5 x 52,0 cm / 14,7 x 20,4 inches
 digital offset printing
Edition: 19
Price:13€ + shipping

"A photographic work on three aspects („descargar", „esperar" and „pinchar") of everyday life in Cuba from 2011. These very subjective captures of the status quo of 2011 in the country was beautifully edited as a newspaper, made in collaboration with the graphic designers Moriz Oberberger and Max Schachtner."

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Fábio Miguel Roque - South

Fábio Miguel Roque
44 pages, A5
Perfect Bound, HP Indigo Print
Cover - White offset paper 300 gr
Inside - White offset paper 170 gr
Edition of 50, signed & numbered
12,00 € + shipping

"Imagine that you are a photographer, an artist...
Imagine that you go through a year that completely changes your way of looking at life itself.
Imagine that you go to the South for a period of time, reading Henry Miller and taking pictures...
The result is this book."

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06 May 2015

Sabine Schründer - EVA-04

by Sabine Schründer
Text: Heide Häusler
Design: Sven-Lindhorst Emme
Editing: Sabine Schründer
Hardcover, 20,5 x 27,5 cm, 72 pages + text inlay 8 pages
Offset printing
Edition: 200 copies + 50 copies special edition
Price: € 45,- 
Special edition with plastic plate & fine-art-print numbered and signed: € 130,-

"Eva-04 is many things at the same time, an expedition to and reflection on a foreign mindset. Created in Japan in 1998, so at some distance from a Western European home, the work formulates basic ideas that question the socio-psychological location of the individual in society. Japan was a good place for Sabine Schründer to approach an idea of the individual by photographically exploring the sensitive nexus of individual and group, of group and society". – Heide Häusler

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01 May 2015

Tim Lane - Anima Mundi

Anima Mundi
by Tim Lane
Concertina book when fully unfolded extends to over 5 metres (16 ft) long – folded down it is approximately A5 and fits into a bespoke made hardback slipcase (5 x 21 x 2.5 cm).
Published by Book Works.
£160 (Delivery to UK address (Special Delivery) : £10 // Delivery to non-UK address (International Track + Sign) : £15)

"The title Anima Mundi is derived from the Latin phrase for ‘Soul of the World’ and represents the intrinsic connection between all living things. The layout of the book evades any finite ending as the viewer creates layers of mystery that reject the notion of a linear narrative; in turn the viewer is given ownership of their own personal narrative as they interact with the work."