28 September 2012

Nick Rochowski - The Liminal Points Project

The Liminal Points Project
Nick Rochowski
Soundtrack by Deepsea
Illustrations by Greg Haynes
32 pages, Saddle stitched with copper, soft cover
Edition of 225 and also 25 special editions, signed and numbered
Lithographic print on Fenner Paper Omnia 150gsm, uncoated

"The Liminal Points Project is a re-exploration of Penn Wood, Buckinghamshire and a journey back to a vivid childhood fantasy."

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James Newton - To/From

Title: To/From
Artist: James Newton
Handmade photobook, accent smooth 160gsm paper with handsewn binding
7 spreads/12 images
29cm x 21cm/12" x 8"
Edition: 50
Type of Printing: inkjet
Price: £15 +p/p

"With a gentle hand the most frantic of daily activities, that of parcel deliveries, is slowed. The ubiquitous Ford Transit or 'white van' is photographed in close up to make a mini-typology of patterns created on the van doors. Here, every mark, scratch and smear is recorded and compared offering a joyful analysis of these mini histories. Temporary abstractions captured and in all likelihood never seen again."

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Sara Glahn - Graduations

Titel: Graduations
Name artist: Sara Glahn
Type: booklet
Pages: 112 pages, 14x19cm / 5,5x7,5inches
Printing: xerox, color
Price: €25 + shipping

"Graduations is a booklet with portraits of former students (from year 1974-1978) at the Dutch Art & Design Academy, the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, all found in an unpublished archive at the academy. Along with the portraits a collection of fictional text, which touches upon the time after graduating and the education as an artist/designer."

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27 September 2012

Martine Derks & Xavier Fernández Fuentes - Everybody's Card

Everybody's Card
Martine Derks, Xavier Fernández Fuentes  
60 pages
30.5 x 19.5 cm / 12 x 7,6 inches
Edition: 700
Printing: Offset, FM Raster plates
21€ + shipping

"Everybody's Card is a form study that comments on the generic within 'album' photography. Avoiding the use of personal imagery, intimate photographs become generic due to small interventions; collage, modified poker cards and excerpts from magicians' handbooks are combined to create a narrative that compares a deck of playing cards with any collection of photographs found in a traditional photo album."

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26 September 2012

Sander Meisner - Botanica

Sander Meisner
52 pages
237 x 280 mm
Limited Edition of 500
Colour Offset

"Over the past four years I have been photographing trees and foliage at night. But I didn’t index out with this aim. I was working on images of buildings for another series and found these plants and trees in the course of that work and shot them for my own pleasure."

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25 September 2012

Maggie Harrsen - Kanoa

by Maggie Harrsen
72 pages, 7.75 x 9.5 inches
perfect bound, soft cover
edition of 100, signed
30 usd

"KANOA , 'the free one' – a book of photographs exploring interconnection and the 5 elements of nature that resonate in all living beings -the sea, earth, fire, wind, and sky."

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24 September 2012

Paul Paper - Untaken Photographs

Untaken Photographs
Paul Paper
design by Fred Cave
40 pages
12.5 x 18 cm
100 numbered copies
b/w risograph, b/w & color digital print
text in English and Japanese

"Untaken Photographs is a book about seeing, photography and, ultimately, the (limits of) image."

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Ye Rin Mok - Ceramics Class

Ceramics Class
Ye Rin Mok
14 x 21cm / 5.5 x 8.2in
edition of 100
full color, staple bound

"A collection of photographs taken by Ye Rin Mok at her first ceramics class in Spring 2012."

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19 September 2012

Alex Bocchetto - Fallen Empire

Fallen Empire
Authors: Alex Bocchetto, Valentina Abenavoli
additional contributors: Fabio Settimo
2 booklets, folding map, string and button envelope
28 + 32 pages
128 x 190 mm landscape oriented
edition of 200
Xerox monotone print on recycled paper
15 £

"Fallen Empire departs from two years of wanderings through the ever-changing cityscape of London’s East End on the eve of the Olympics, an ephemeral limbo of destruction and reconstruction, debris nets, random encounters, nameless ruins, a city in the making while it holds its breath before a high dive. This is the 1st edition of the book, born from the ashes of its raw 0th edition, re-imagined by the means of a different sequencing and editing for a completely new meaning."

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Kamila Stehlik, Xavier Fernández Fuentes - Ash

Title: Ash
Artists: Kamila Stehlik, Xavier Fernández Fuentes
40 pages
11 x 19 cm/ 4.3 x 7.4 inches
Edition size: 75 copies, numbered
Type of printing: Mimeograph
Price: 12€

"Ash is the teenage son of the couple starring 'Fantastic Mr. Fox', film by Wes Anderson based on the book with the same title by Roal Dahl. Kamila fell in love with the teen fox, and took screenshots throughout the whole movie, whenever the character appeared. Something like teenagers hanging posters of their fancied celebrities in their rooms, only much more obsessive."

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17 September 2012

Tim Bowditch - Leaf Peeper

Leaf Peeper
Tim Bowditch
56 pages, 3-point singer sewn
134mm x 190mm
Edition of 100, signed and numbered
Indigo print on Corona Natural recycled 120gsm, Duotone cover

"Leaf Peeper is a book about 'Momijigari', the Japanese tradition of visiting scenic places in autumn to see the leaves of the trees as they turn red."

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14 September 2012

Julian Bleecker - Hello, Skater Girl

Julian Bleecker
Hello, Skater Girl
140 pages
7 x 9.5 in (17.75 x 24.1 cm)
Edition of 255 (Hand-numbered)
Type of Printing: Digital / Indigo
$25 + S/H.

“Hello, Skater Girl” is a photography book documenting a year of following eight girl skateboarders. The inspiration came from the desire to document something familiar, yet with a small tweak. Seeing girls skateboarding isn’t necessarily unusual, but it is perhaps unexpected. The photography captures their personalities as much as their performance as skaters.

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Inge Schoutsen - Meike

Author: Inge Schoutsen
Title: Meike
offset print
10 pages
a5 size
5 euros ex shipping

"A little picture story on a young woman called Meike"

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Erik van der Weijde - O. Niemeyer

O. Niemeyer
Erik van der Weijde
104 pages
25 x18,5cm / 9.8 x 7.3 inches
700 copies
 € 24,-

"Rollo-Press and 4478ZINE have joined forces again and present 'O. Niemeyer', the latest artist book by Erik van der Weijde. This time Van der Weijde travelled to cities like Brasilia, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, Milan, Berlin and many others to photograph the architecture of Oscar Niemeyer."

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12 September 2012

Karl-Johan Stigmark - Antonyms

Karl-Johan Stigmark
64 pages
11.0 x 14.8 cm
Edition: 1000
type of printing: Offset

"Antonyms is a small book with a thick cardboard cover that showcases colored photographs and minimal text describing/titling modestly juxtaposed scenarios. The subject matter - a thumbtack on a wall, a note taped to the door, dirty dishes in the sink - is either composed by the artist or captured in its true and found form. Stigmark captures small moments by transcending various objects’ significance, their relationship to one another, and their function in our lives."

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11 September 2012

Laia Abril - Thinspiration

Author & Concept: Laia Abril
Art Direction: Ramon Pez & Guillermo Brotons
Edition Consulting: Cristina de Middel, Silvia Omedes
Photo Book
46 Unfolded Pages
500 copies
Full Color Offset
22€ shipping cost included

"Thinspiration is a book about the Pro-ana community who has turned anorexia (Ana) into its dogma. They venerate the illness giving meaning to their totalitarian “lifestyle”. The project is a personal and introspective journey across the nature of obsessive desire and the limits of auto-destruction, denouncing disease’s new risk factors: social networks and photography."

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10 September 2012

Léonard Pongo - A Certain Kind of Energy

A Certain Kind of Energy
Léonard Pongo
Perfect bound softcover book (160g/sm, cover 200g/sm)
Size: 24cm * 18cm - 9.44" by 7.08" - 58 pages
Printing: Digital BW
Edition size: 30 first copies signed and numbered + little extra
Price: 35€ + shipping

"This personal investigation takes place in a society torn between conflicts, superstition, cult, the unrest engendered by the coming elections and the stranglehold of religion. The project stems from a need to immerse myself in my unknown relatives' lives and to link with them. Project carried out in Congo DR in the fall-winter 2011."

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05 September 2012

Alex McTigue - please look dont hang on the ropes

please look dont hang on the ropes
Alex McTigue
10" x 14” (25x35 cm)
5 page single sheet newsprint
$1.50 shipping or free locally in nyc or trade

"Another life, of the city at nightfall. Another soul, of one who watches the night. I walk uncertainly and allegorically, unreally sentient. I’m like a story that someone told, and so well was it told that I took on just a hint of flesh at the beginning of one of the chapters of this novel that’s the world: ‘At that moment a man could be seen walking slowly down So-and-so Street.’ What do I have to do with life? - fernando pessoa"

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Tammy Mercure - Dukes of Hazzard

Title: Dukes of Hazzard
Srtist: Tammy Mercure
10 pages
Edition size: 30
type of printing: Pigment Prints, letterpress
Price: $12

"TCB Press/Tammy Mercure is publishing a book a month for 2012 on a single topic. September 2012 is Dukes of Hazzard."

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