03 November 2010

Pedro Guimarães - Bluetown

Pedro Guimarães
Introduction by Dr. Tomazs Curvo, short poetic essay by Nikos Efstratiou
24 pages
450 mm x 320 mm
edition of 500 high-quality newspapers
price: £10 + shipping costs

"‘Bluetown’ is, according to Guimarães, ‘a dream of London about itself, a celebration of the beauty of its own alienation and loneliness’. To find ‘Bluetown’, Guimarães superimposed an outline of Queen Elizabeth’s face on the map of London on which he plotted evenly spaced points, a grid of geographic coordinates. Following the route set by this symbol of ‘Englishness’, he then visited and photographed each location. The following photographs are a selection from the one hundred images that constitute the entire project."

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