20 April 2010

Morten Andersen: White Nights

White Nights
Morten Andersen
17 x 23,5 cm. softcover, b/w offset
800 copies

"Rock and Rollers of every stripe - from Norwegian natives Turbonegro to rough-throated crooner Leonard Cohen to punk rock legends like Iggy Pop - populate Morten Andersen's White Nights. Shot in a gritty black-and white that emphasizes the frantic, often intentionally chaotic music of many of these bands this is the product of two decades of work, from 1980 to the late 1990s. But it's the little things that make this collection stand apart from many similar books. Mortensen's cleverest allusion may be to Richard Avedon's famous portrait of model Nastassja Kinski entwined with a python, recreated here with hirsute Norwegian 'death-punk' star Hank Von Helvete."

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