07 July 2010

Phil Underdown - Grassland

Title: Grassland
Name of Artist: Phil Underdown
Type of Publication: Book
Number of Pages, Size: 50 pages, 4x6 in, 10x15.25 cm
Edition Size: 50, signed and numbered
Type of Printing: Bound digital c-prints with inkjet print tipped in
Price: $60

"When an abandoned airstrip was turned into a national wildlife refuge, photographer Phil Underdown began a 5-year process of documenting the contours of this artificial grassland. An archaeology of the present, the images depict the landscape of this time - managed but wild, planned yet unpredictable, expressed not through traces that have left their mark for centuries or millennium, but through phenomena that are more fleeting and ephemeral, some playing out over seasons or years, others lasting a mere afternoon."

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