15 August 2010

Melanie Matthieu - Echoing Patterns

Echoing Patterns
by Melanie Matthieu
17,8 x 23 cm
80 pages, 29 B/W images
edition: 200
Offset printed by Cultura, Belgium on Perigord Mat 150g
Hardcover book, linen wrapped, binded, intaglio of the title on front+spine
price: €30 (incl. inktjet print 15x20cm + A3 poster lasercopy)

'Echoing Patterns is a poetical response to the scientific inquiry into antimatter and focuses on the capacity of photography to visualize the invisible. The book weaves a web of text and images, a venation unfolding different meanings and structures. The patterns in the book are reminiscent of the patterns in bubble chamber pictures -i.e. a vessel filled with a superheated transparent liquid used to observe the paths of charged subatomic particles.'

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