15 February 2011

Lauren Henkin - Silence is an Orchard

Title: Silence is an Orchard
Artist: Lauren Henkin
Additional Contributors: Kirsten Rian (poetry), Sarah Horowitz (etching cover), Inge Bruggeman (letterpress printing), Sandy Tilcock (binding)
17pages, 11" x 15"
Edition size: 30
Type of printing: Inkjet, letterpress, etching
Price: $650

"Silence is an Orchard is a handmade book of photographs taken in 2008 and 2009 in a field within Acadia National Park in Maine. Printed on Japanese kozo paper, it presents the work of five Northwest women artists including Lauren Henkin (photography), Kirsten Rian (poetry), Sarah Horowitz (cover etching), Inge Bruggeman (letterpress printing), and Sandy Tilcock (binding) — whose contributions combine to create a beautiful meditation, a visual journal of solitude and quiet."

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