10 July 2011

Vincent P. - Dormeur (Sleeper)

Dormeur (Sleeper)
Vincent P.
36 pages
21 cm x 25 cm / 8.3 x 9.8
comes in a 10" / 75t vinyl sleeve with an original photo, stickers and a business card
Edition size: 67, numbered and signed
type of printing: screenprinting (serigraphy)
Price: 20 €

"The project originated by chance one night when the my webcam accidentally snapped a picture of me in a deep state of slumber. Inspired by this serendipitous event, I took over 600 photos of myself in various states of consciousness. Then I use all these snapshots to make a 100% handmade book by screenprinting (serigraphy) with black and phosphorescent ink (so it glows in dark, it can be seen at night during sleeping!)."

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