12 September 2011

Jonathan Brooks - New Technology

New Technology
Jonathan Brooks
Starring Glowstoes and sometimes Mojo & Weezy, if they decide to show up.
Anywhere from 16 to 22 pages
DVD jacket sized (6x8-inch/ 15x20cm)
Limited Edition (signed by the photographer and model)
Stain-Resistant Glossy Finish Photobook
$25 plus S&H

"A photo book depicting the struggles of a modern day witch switching from broom to vroom! Each book is as special as its star, it can be anywhere from 16 to 22 pages and contain anywhere from 33 to 53 color photographs. A perfect gift for the witch in your life, the photography or art lover, the technology handicapped, or anyone with a wicked sense of humor."

website - to order

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