08 March 2012

Mathias Grate - Before Silence

Before Silence
Mathias Grate
Afterword by Mikael Timm
64 pages
Soft cover, thread bound
6¾x8½" / 170 x 217 mm
Edition of 500
Tritone Offset

"Mathias Grate’s photographs are less moments of touching down in time than keystrokes in an ongoing script of compressed experience. They seem to be drawn from a journey in the same unfamiliar landscape, a zone (to use a Tarkovskian association) which borders, on the one side, on everyday life and on the other on all that is timeless, other-worldly. (...) The subjects in this series from the zone could provoke grief. But they have been so gently developed (exposed feels like far too brutal a word) that, instead, they are comforting. Exhibited one after the other on a wall they form a short film of still images on the subject of tenderness. On the subject of that which takes place between the words."

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