15 August 2012

Various Artists - Death Mirror

Title of publication: Death Mirror
Artist(s) : Sara Abruña, Heather Benjamin, Mikaylah Bowman, Nina Hartmann, Brittni Hessler, Jimmy Limit, Vinnie Smith
8 pages
8" x 12"
Edition size: 800
offset lithograph
Price: $5

"I curated this selection of artists with no distinct concept in mind, but the goal to document a certain attitude, aesthetic, and special quality that i saw in each artist. When i contacted the artists i told them that Kenneth Anger considered his film Scorpio Rising 'A death mirror held up to American culture.' Somehow the works in this publication are tied together by some sort of unspeakable connection, the mere fact that none of the artists cannot be easily grouped into a category, a general otherness."

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