19 September 2012

Alex Bocchetto - Fallen Empire

Fallen Empire
Authors: Alex Bocchetto, Valentina Abenavoli
additional contributors: Fabio Settimo
2 booklets, folding map, string and button envelope
28 + 32 pages
128 x 190 mm landscape oriented
edition of 200
Xerox monotone print on recycled paper
15 £

"Fallen Empire departs from two years of wanderings through the ever-changing cityscape of London’s East End on the eve of the Olympics, an ephemeral limbo of destruction and reconstruction, debris nets, random encounters, nameless ruins, a city in the making while it holds its breath before a high dive. This is the 1st edition of the book, born from the ashes of its raw 0th edition, re-imagined by the means of a different sequencing and editing for a completely new meaning."

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