26 November 2012

Latvian Photography Yearbook - 2012

Title: Latvian Photography Yearbook - 2012
Artists: Ieva Epnere, Roman Drits, Andrejs Strokins, Zane Fisele, Arnis Balcus
Texts by: David Bate, Sergei Kruk, Ekaterina Vikulina, Elina Ruka, Maija Rudovska, Vilnis Vejs
112 pages
19.4 x 28 cm
Edition of 620
7 Euros

"Ieva Epnere has taken photographs of school children on the first day of school, Roman Drits offers personal impressions on the life in emigration, Andrejs Strokins has documented the mundane everyday in Bolderāja, Zane Fišele has interpreted the attitude of Latvian towards Estonians, but Arnis Balčus has examined the provincial landscape of little Latvian towns. Each copy of the Yearbook also contains one limited edition print".

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