08 May 2013

Juergen Schmidt - Sensible Heat

Title: Sensible Heat
Artist: Juergen Schmidt
36 pages
17 × 21 cm; 6,7 × 8,4 inches approx. (unfolded Leporello: 306 × 21 cm; 120,5 × 8,4 inches)
Edition size: 200 numbered copies
Type of printing: offset duotone
Price: 42 EUR + shipping

"»Sensible Heat« is a series of 33 black and white portraits of young people photographed spontaneously open-air on occasion of several Hip-Hop sessions (2006-2012) and other social events. Taken before a black background the portraits concentrate upon the models faces and their individual expression. The term »Sensible Heat« indicates the exchange of warmth between two systems – in this case referring to the interaction between photographer and model."

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