08 September 2013

Eduardo Nave
 - A la hora, en el lugar

A la hora, en el lugar (At the time, in the place)
Eduardo Nave

Text by Mireia A. Puigventos.
Design by Juanjo Justicia
Photo book

First Edition, 212 pages, 223 x 280 mm, 9 x 11 inches

Edition: 1000

Type of printing: Offset

Price: 40€

"The book collects those common places that were marked by the death in different attacks by terrorist group ETA [Euskadi Ta Askatasuna, Basque Homeland and Freedom] since the sixties to the present. The author subjects himself to the nature of the perpetrated incidents. On the same day, at the exact time, he appears on the precise scene of the event and takes a photograph. Both the framing and time of exposure reproduce the location and endurance of the event. Without the chance to choose the most adequate light or point of view, the author captures raw reality. At the Time, in the Place is a portrait of loss and absence, but above all it is the examination of a world snatched away.


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