15 December 2013

Michel Mazzoni - White Noise

Title: White Noise
Photographs: Michel Mazzoni
text: Michel  Poivert
Graphic Design: Design Dojo
Edited by ARP2 Editions.
Format 195 x 305 mm
32 images, 64 pages, 12 pages
booklet, self cover + red layer covering 200 Gr
Printing: offset on Munken Lynx
Edition: 500 + 25 signed and numbered copies with an original photograph
ISBN 978-2-930115-22-1
Price : 25 euros

"Optical Soliloquy. Removed from sight but subjected to the intensity of visibility. This paradox could serve as an introduction into Michel Mazzoni’s world. Everything seems to have disappeared there; beings leave only traces of their passage, or when they do appear, the concealment of the—always female—faces in this feigned indifference provides the screen onto which desire can be projected. This is as much a journey of initiation as it is an escape into memory, with its images of transcursion and what is traversed: a path, corridor, footpath, an opening, stairs, gaps and roads. They are always mental images, in black and iridescent, sometimes even blinding white—images which come to us after an effort, such as a race or the search for oneself."

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