25 February 2014

Vincent Delbrouck - Some Windy Trees

Some Windy Trees (The Himalayan Project - Part Two)
Vincent Delbrouck
40 pages
24 x 32 cm (9,4 x 12,6“)
First edition of 500 copies Color Offset printed on rare uncoated paper, with red sewing and back-cover hand-titled by V.D. with his red marker
30 EUR + shipping

"'Following the success of his book As Dust Alights, Delbrouck has now published a further instalment of his series of photographs made during several long stays in Nepal. (…) his portraits of trees have the meditative qualities of a Robert Adams picture. But there is another side to this Belgian artist that’s more streetwise and neurotic, something that shows in details such as the title he writes on each book himself, reminding us of his earlier work made in Havana, more raw and punk with a sprinkle of the Stones’ I Can’t Get No Satisfaction that makes this publication all the more exciting.' (Sebastian Hau - FOAM magazine)"

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