03 April 2014

Various Artists - Hungry Still

Hungry Still
Various Artists
Curators: Maria Teresa Salvati, Federica Chiocchetti & Louise Clement
Designed & Printed by: AKINA FACTORY, Valentina Abenavoli & Alex Bocchetto
Printed on Fedrigoni Arcoprint Milk 120gsm
Cover on Sirio Color E20 Denim Black 290gsm
ISBN 978-0-9553538-8-8
212 pages, size 15x21cm
Price: £28 + Shipping costs

"Hungry Still is a special photo-cookbook that combines photography and food so deeply that it creates a completely new multi-sensory experience. The most talented photographers that contributed to the Slideluck London platform, since its inception in 2007, have been invited to revisit their photo-stories, reflect and provide us a recipe that is intertwined with their photographic stories. HUNGRY STILL includes the artists’ photo-stories and related recipes, connected through the photographers’ most personal, intimate, and sometimes fun, anecdotes."

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