02 July 2014

Ross Williams - You can't get lost in Berlin

You can't get lost in Berlin
Ross Williams
Preface text: Lucy Bentham
98 pages
297 x 210 mm (11.6 x 8.2 in)
Limited Edition of 25, includes signed and numbered 8x10 C-type hand print by the artist
Digital Print
£15 including UK shipping

"In February 2014 during a month long stay in Berlin, I walked the scarred strip of land that encircles the city in which the Berlin wall once stood. The selection of images showcased in this book are a poetic document of contemporary Berlin as it attempts to shape its future and they are also a portrait of myself. I tried to lose myself within this unfamiliar environment to gain clarity of Berlin and a better understanding of myself. But you can't get lost in Berlin; you always end up at a wall."

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